Living in Rural Area is better than living in Urban Area

First and foremost, the tranquil surroundings and environment attracts me a lot. The village is always described as a quiet and peaceful paradise, which is a perfect place to unwind and escape from the rat-race and Hustle and bustle of the city life. Besides, the rural areas are less crowded because there are not many people and cars. The scenery in a village is beautiful as the beauty of nature is still well-conserved. Thus, people who live in the village can enjoy nature and have a peaceful mind.

This condition is completely different with the city dwellers, who lead a hectic life and often feel annoyed due to great stress in their daily life. The environment in the rural area is less polluted. The air in the village is fresh and clean as there are plenty of undeveloped areas and greenery. In the rural area, there is less air pollution since there are not many factories and cars around . The air in the city is seriously polluted and thick with smoke and haze which can affect a person's health.

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The people who are recovering from illness will also find a village an ideal place to stay.

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Life in the countryside is also fun and enjoyable. Fishing enthusiasts can go fishing in the river and spend their entire day there. Besides, people in the village may have picnics by a waterfall or just relax themselves beneath a shady tree. They can enjoy leisure in life and do not need to spend a lot of money because life is simple and the cost of living is low.

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Some village folks only spend very little on food because they can plant their own vegetables or rear own chickens and goat. Furthermore, the people are more friendly and hospitable. They are helpful to their neighbours and always willing to assist anyone. The villagers are like a big family as all of them usually celebrate any festivals together. For instance, they celebrate Christmas Day together. They are kind and often lend a helping hand to anyone who is in trouble. Living in the city may have its benefits such as better facilities and education. However, I am still in the opinion that living in the rural area brings more advantages than living in the city.

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Living in Rural Area is better than living in Urban Area
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