Kinship is better than friendship

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Nowadays, friendship usually appears to be good, but a kinship is always the best bond. A friendship can be a great connection in life, but it takes time to adapt to it and cultivate a good relationship. Kinship is more valuable than friendship because relatives give an unconditional support and accept their relative’s differences. First relationships between relatives are less superficial and more trustworthy than friend’s relationship. Relatives are in all rough times with their family. For example, my mother and I support each other in all aspects and hard situations.

I help take care of my siblings at home when is necessary. Because my mother works long hours, I often help clean the house and I help prepare the food too. In times of economic crisis, I take responsibility to help my mom with expenses and other domestic tasks.

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When other family members get ill or get depressed, my relatives and I try to help them physically and mentally.

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We help pay their medical expenses and we help them regenerate completely from their illness or depressive crisis. In addition, we always watch out for our relatives objectives. We often help them reach their goals and ambitions. Because we have an absolute support for our relatives, we always help encourage them and we teach them to be successful in life.

In conclusion, a friend’s loyalty is not as trustworthy and supportive as a relative’s because relatives have known them since birth.

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Moreover, while friends expect their friends to have things in common, relatives accept their relatives as they are. Relatives respect their relative’s thoughts and feelings more than friends do. For instance, my parents make me feel comfortable because they never judge me for the way I am. They appreciate me even sometimes I act irresponsibly or immaturely.

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Kinship is better than friendship

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