Living in a big city or in a small town

As we become adults, we come across the broad decision of choosing a place we can call home. Many factors need to be taken into consideration other than just finding a place comforting. Some basic but important factors a person must consider are job opportunities, access to services, and transportation. A big city like New York City meets all important factors and offers a greater life experience than a rural town like Groton, Vermont. Moving to a city might seem frightening, but the long-run advantages make cities a perfect place to live in.

If you do not come from a wealthy family, or you are not wealthy enough, you cannot live without a job. Most people opt for their desired job and to work for a well reputed company where their salary surpasses their expenses. Most of these jobs are available in developed cities and not in rural areas. For example, a student graduating medical school is ready and prepared to work in the real world.

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Opting to work in a city, a medical student has the advantage of earning a bigger salary due to frequent visits to the doctor of the thousands of citizens living in a city.

Even if a person is working at a chain restaurant, that person is earning a higher wage than a person working at the same chain restaurant in a small town. Companies and business prefer to settle down in cities due to the profit they expect to make. With a wider range of customers, businesses are able to make more money even if the price to operate is higher than other places.

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Cities offer more opportunities to businesses and these businesses offer job openings to more citizens.

In comparison, rural towns are a better option for retirees rather than for people who are starting a career. The lack of economic diversity makes it harder for people to find a stable job in small towns. My family comes from a rural town in Mexico and they have managed to survive, yet, my parents decided to move to the United States in search for a better future. Small towns like the one where my parents lived are deprived of economic growth; they offer jobs but these jobs only provide employees with minimum wage. If a medical student decided to settle down in a small town because of its marvelous landscapes, he/she would not be able to give his/her full potential. Every city and town requires employees, but a city gives employees the opportunity to put their full training to use.

Another important factor a person should consider when choosing a place to live it is ease services could be obtained. Cities are more convenient when it comes to obtaining necessities such as food, clothes and medical help. For people living in cities is easier to buy food and necessities; there are numerous grocery stores and supermarkets located in cities and many are as close as a walking distance. Apart from supermarkets, there are plenty of places such as cinemas, theaters, restaurants and sport arenas, where a person could spend his/her leisure time.

Citizens are given the opportunity not only succeed in their chosen field but also the opportunity to socialize in different ways. In case of an emergency, the people who live in the city are also given the option to obtain a better and more advanced medical treatment. If a person is unable to commute to a hospital for assistance, there is the option of an ambulance. A city is able to provide its citizens with a more convenient way of life.

On the other hand, it may be difficult to obtain necessities at a small town on a daily basis. Many rural areas do not offer a range of variety of places to shop or visit. Many stores and supermarkets are located far from town and if a person does not have a car to commute, he/she would be having a hard time obtaining daily needs such as food and clothes. Also, a small town may only offer one source of entertainment; an old-fashioned restaurant or a theater. People may enjoy the local restaurant or theater at first, but for those who seek something different would have to commute to the city where there a myriad options of entertainment.

Public transportation is the main source to commute for those who are unable to own a car. However, for those who live in a big city, public transportation is the most convenient option to move around due to traffic. When someone mentions the word city, traffic is the first thing that may pop up in anyone’s mind, therefore many people opt for public transportation. Big cities like New York City offer a variety of public transportation such as the subway, ferries, taxi cabs, and buses. Cities offer many options of transportation to accommodate all the needs of every citizen and they also offer a flexible schedule. Some citizens may choose taxi cabs over buses for privacy and to arrive to their destination sooner. Many times public transportation in big cities is perceived as dangerous and unsafe, but one thing is for sure; it takes you where you need to go with the convenience of being fast.

In contrast, small towns do not offer a variety of public transportations and it is more convenient to own a car. A rural area does not have the monetary resources to accommodate its citizens by offering different types of public transportation. Therefore, it only offers local transportation and many times the schedule is not flexible. Compared to a city where a public bus may come every fifteen minutes, a public bus in a small town may come thirty minutes to an hour.

Citizens living in small towns and who do not own a car should not depend on public transportation on a daily basis since it is not reliable. Owning a car in a small town is more convenient due to the ease to commute between places since public transportation may not even reach a certain area of the town or outside town. A car could be seen as a luxury when living in a small town due to the salary earned by many. Many people work under minimum wage and buying a car might not even be considered or able to be afforded.

To conclude, both cities and small towns have their advantages and disadvantages.

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