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Acts of Kindness Small or Big Can Change the Attitude of Mankind 

Categories: Kindness

Kindness is a very important personality trait every human carries. It is a complex term to apprehend yet simple to realize. Too often people underestimate the influence of kindness because any kind gesture can brighten a person’s day. My best friend told me a simple ‘thank you’ or ‘hello’ is her way of showing kindness. Saying thank you is something you say to someone to show your gratitude for someone’s kindness. Thank you is something that has been said throughout history that inspires kindness.

As it comes to people’s minds, they immediately turn to define how a person shows kindness. Kindness is being nice, concerning, caring, affectionate, empathetic, gentle, sympathetic, considerate, and friendly. It is that and more, it is not limited to only synonyms of the word.

I not only see kindness as a simple gesture but also as an action that changes individuals mindsets. It is doing a service to a person, your community or around you in general that inclines benevolence.

In another sense, it’s showing or being kind to someone or the world around you to motivate others to do the same. With this increased ability to respond compassionately, by allowing kindness to become a natural response for every situation, true success will follow.

Imagine if the whole world were a kinder place, it would make a big difference. Practicing kindness isn’t just about spending time looking for kind things to do, but showing compassion and thoughtfulness towards others. Last week a professor from another class before mine had brought donuts for her class because donuts bring deeper meaning to her.

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When her class was over she had many donuts leftover. Instead of taking them all with her, she welcomed students in my class to take one. It was an on the spot act of generosity that the professor did not think twice about. Sharing is a form of being kind and her generosity probably made her feel good and that simple act of kindness definitely had a ripple effect. Her good deed flowed into the students’ stream of consciousness and now those students have an example and opportunity to look for kind gestures.

At its depths, kindness is about empathy, being aware of your environment to discover ways to selflessly enrich the lives of others and by giving to others benefits the giver as well. It causes the spirit of a person to prosper as it shifts the inner focus from themselves to others. Two weekends ago when my mother was in town we went to the fifth avenue mall. A homeless man had held the elevator door for us and asked for a few dollars to get a coffee. Without hesitation, my mom opened her wallet and gave the man five dollars. Later on that day I asked her why she did it, as it was not her fault the man was in his position. She had told me “It is cold outside, I wasn’t going to stand by and let the man go cold when I could simply allow him to get a coffee.”

So I leave you here with kind thoughts and actions. Carry out every bit of solicitude to whomever or whatever that sparks it in others. Kindness is a gift everyone can afford to give to help the world flourish.

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