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Dating Your Best Friend

Categories: Friend

I ask myself sometimes why now and not then, I think this was how it was meant to be the whole time. We met in first grade and became real good friends right from the start. I remember playing a lot together with our friends. We also lived just across the street from each other so imagine, seeing each other at school and after school play even more outside after our homework was done, it was a great way of spending time together.

Unfortunately after first grade, we somehow had to go to different schools, but we still got together after school and played together.

It wasn’t until after 4th grade that I moved to a new neighborhood and didn’t see him again until 8th grade. We saw each other and recognized one another and again we became inseparable. We had a few classes together and we were always partners whenever we were assigned to grab a partner. Also that same school year, all the rumors started; that we liked each other, we were going to end up going out, we were always together and so on.

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I did think about it but we were just fourteen year olds who had no age and no intention of dating. We were the best of friends in middle school and kept going strong.

Our high school years came real quick as we kept on growing up together and watching each other blossom into young adults. We were still the best friends ever, and the same rumors still kept going around.

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We somehow managed to have classes together which were very good for the both of us because we never wanted to be apart. We still had no intention of going out, because we didn’t want to break that wonderful friendship we had made and kept for so long. It wasn’t until Valentine’s Day of freshman year when I started feeling a little something for him.

He sent me a valentine with the following message “Happy Valentine’s Day! Thanks for being an awesome friend! ” I thought at that moment “Oh, friend” but I let it slide because I felt it was not a big deal. Sophomore year rolled around, we were still the best friends ever, and the rumors and gossip continued. We had classes together again, nothing special happened until the very end of that school year. We were saying goodbye to each other and we hugged, but we hugged each other for a while. I honestly felt that “spark” between us.

I thought he felt the same (he told me later on that he did). We parted ways and kept in touch a bit in the summer, and didn’t see each other again until next year, junior year. That year I couldn’t hide what I felt for him, I was actually becoming more and more in love with him. I can tell he was also falling for me as well. It’s one of those things a girl can tell without being told anything. We were still the best of friends, and the rumors were still going (I was very surprised, yet a bit amused). This year was different because we’re now sixteen/ seventeen and had grown up more.

Yes we were inseparable, but those feelings were becoming more noticeable to everyone except to one another. Yet nothing happened and we were still the best of friends. Senior year was a big year for us; it was the last year that we might be together. My feelings for him were now stronger than ever, I wanted to be more that friends, but for some reason he always seemed to avoid me and not talk at all. I don’t know why, I was hoping for him to say something to me, since I had heard from many that he actually did love me.

But nothing happened, so I gave up on him in that aspect of us. I had revealed to one of my good friends that I did love Isaac and wanted more. He revealed to that same person that he loved me too. I found out from her and I went to talk to him, he immediately got upset and denied everything. With that being said I also denied everything because I thought to myself that was his chance and he blew it. We got really mad at each other and said “we are friends and that is it”. We didn’t stay mad for that long; we got back to talking again.

I decided to date a guy that year; it was going well until I saw Isaac. He saw us holding hands, I saw his face turn red with anger, and just walked away upset. I knew it upset him but I had no idea why, we had settled on being best friends. We still enjoyed all the senior activities like prom, boat trip, and finally graduation. We both graduated and saw each other for what could be the last time. He was going off to college and I was staying home. After those four years in high school we proved everyone wrong about going out with each other, or at least that’s what we thought.

Time passed and I had broken up with my high school boyfriend and I started dating another guy here at ECC for a few months. I never heard from Isaac once during that time, I was a bit upset but I didn’t pay attention to it. It wasn’t until February 12 that I was on Facebook and I got talking with Isaac again via chat that night. We were talking and asked about my boyfriend, I told him I didn’t have one and that I had given up on guys for the moment. We kept talking and talking and then I asked him “For April Fool’s we should put as our status that we’re going out”.

It took him a few minutes to say “Why not actually make it a reality? ” I was shocked! I swear at that moment I had an instant flashback of our childhood all the way through high school. I had waited for so long for that moment that I said yes, it also took me a while to respond back. At that moment he confessed that he had loved me since the end of sophomore year when we said goodbye to each other. I was so happy that everything went the way it did. Unfortunately he was away at school and I wouldn’t see him until our one month anniversary when he came home.

I didn’t mind, I did not wait all that time in high school for us to finally be together as a couple and not have the relationship work. We changed our Facebook status that we were officially a couple. It was an explosion of “It’s about time! ”, “I knew it! ”, and “I told you it would happen eventually! ” We didn’t care though because we were just happy that our dream had finally come true. A month passed and it was our one month anniversary. We went out to dinner and had an amazing time together. That same night he took me to his home and I met his entire family.

Since then me and his family have gotten along very well and we are practically like family. We definitely enjoyed that week together but he had to go back and I wouldn’t see him until May. My birthday came along and it happened to fall on a Saturday, which was nice because I planned to have a party. Isaac drove all the way home just for my birthday and surprised me. He called me before and said that he had sent a present. Then at around five in the afternoon he called and said that my gift has arrived and I had to open the door, sure enough it was him with a bouquet of flowers.

I cried of joy, no one had ever done something like that for me. It was an awesome way to celebrate my birthday. The relationship has been going very well, and I’m positive that it will continue to stay like that. It just comes to show that that myth about how dating your best friend is bad isn’t always true. It can happen to anyone, and yes it doesn’t work out for some people, but in my case it worked out for the better. As I said before, I don’t think we were meant to be best friends, just something more.

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