True Friends vs Fake Friends: What are the Differences

There are two types of friends we meet in our social life: True friend and False friend. A true friend is a brother from another mother, supports me in making the right decisions, and protects me from any harm, also a true friend is honest with me; our relationship is characterized by absolute trust, we share the disappointments, achievements, and secrets. But a fake friend is like shadows: always close to me in our brightest moments, but not seen in the darkest moments.

There is difficulty in distinguishing between real and fake friends. I think I have real friends, but in reality, they do not have the characteristics of true friends. We all have many friends, but there should be only one friend we trust. From the sayings of Imam Ali: “Beware of your enemy once and your friend a thousand times”, so a false friend is more dangerous than an open enemy. Francis Bacon had taken up all the points and sum up all of them in one sentence that, "A false friend is more dangerous than an open enemy".

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I agree with it completely because an open enemy can be easily defeated because he doesn't know about you more than what your other enemies told him but a friend whom you trust, you share everything with your such friend. He knows all of your secrets and your far planning and eventually can harm you more badly than an enemy can. The enemy for me is someone I feel hate about someone I don't care about.

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For me, a friend is totally opposite to the enemy.

Although they may be friends now, they can turn into enemies at any moment. Sometimes a friend can be fake. You are always attentive to the actions of your enemies and are ready to defend yourself from any attack, emotionally or physically, from them. There is no curtain on emotions and weakness in front of friends, we are completely open to them and if these friends turn out to be fake so they can hurt us deeply, then the wounds that last a lifetime. Don't be afraid of the enemy that is attacking you, but the fake friend who embraces you! Every person must have suffered betrayal from one of their friends at least once in their life. It’s that painful strike, right through your spine causing a ferocious flurry of feelings to come bursting out; anger, sadness, betrayal.

Being attacked by an enemy is expected but from a friend, that’s just incomprehensible. So, in truth friends can end up being your greatest enemies but not all friends are like that though. Honesty and trust are two ways street. So, in order to ensure that your friends are loyal to you, you need to show them your loyalty. Such like we have seen this in the article that a friend is no more a friend when he starting using you for their own benefits while you were trusting them and when you need their support they are not there which can cause you to harm more and more badly you thought. So, I believe in this quote after reading the whole article.

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True Friends vs Fake Friends: What are the Differences
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