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Sibling and Sisterhood

A sister is more than just family; she is a best friend that can never be replaced. She is the sunshine that brightens our days, and the rain clouds that bring the fiercest storms. When two sisters grow up together they have more things in common than most people ever find with someone else. She is more than just another member of the family. The bond with her is one none can break or bend when two sisters truly love each other.

She is the therapist people pay thousands for, the comfort a blanket cannot provide, a place of refuge when the world is hectic. Sisters are much more than what most people think.

Throughout the years sisters have their times of ups and downs. During the early years in a sister-to-sister relationship, the two girls learn what to do in order to push each other’s buttons. According to the Oxford English Dictionary a sister is a female who share the same parents, but is also defined as a female in relationship to another person (1989).

After living with someone for so long knowing what to do in order to annoy her is as easy as breathing. This is the growth period of a lifelong relationship. In order to fully get along in the future there has to be a time of disagreement and frustration between the two sisters. However, even though there are differences during the first years there are also times of joy and great bonding. To an adolescent everything is new and getting to experience these events with a sister brings them closer together.

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In the North American Journal of Psychology Michele Van Volkom researched the height of sibling rivalry, the closest siblings in age during adolescence had the most competition between each other (?). This statistic explains the fighting that occurs during this stage of life.

It will all change in a matter of years for these two girls. Once the two sisters grow up and begin to mature their relationship changes dramatically. Instead of fighting and competing against each other during the younger years; the two sisters can learn to support one another and get along. The years of friendship are the years they will always remember. This is the time of staying up late, laughing, sharing everything with each other, hugging, experiencing new times together, and declaring one another as their best friend. Having a sister that is also one’s best friend is the greatest joy someone could experience. She is always there when needed and does not expect anything in return. Sisters look out of each other; when the world is against whatever one does her sister will be there to back her up. She will be very hesitant when a new boy comes into her life. Only the best guy will be able to win over the sister, she is one of the toughest critics.

Through any situation a sister will be there. No matter what happens she cannot just disappear from her sister’s life. A sister is there to support her sister for the long run. Their relationship will be life long if they both work at getting along and compromising. Sisters need each other more than they know; she is the person who knows her sister better than anyone else. They have been with each other from the start, knowing exactly where the other one came from. Sisters share more than DNA; they share handfuls of memories that only they can understand.

A sister is the one to keep that keeps her sister motivated when she really needs it. At times words do not even need to be spoken in order for a sister to understand what the other sister is thinking. While going through a rough patch a sister is the person that will always be there, she is someone to laugh with and to bond with. When the rest of the world does not care, she will, she will always be there for her sister because she knows that her sister would do the same for her. By these terms one can conclude that given the circumstances a sister is not just family but also a life long best friend who share more with each other than anyone could ever imagine.

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