Application for a Scholarship to Study Business

I find myself in a society where expectations are woven into the very core of the societal fiber. One is always expecting to gain something in the place of school work, social gatherings and even places of worship. In school, both parents and students expect to acquire top-notch education and academic excellence. At social gatherings individuals expect to have a platform to entertain themselves and at places of worship people expect to find a haven; a source of relief and solution to their problems.

However, I tend to work beyond and focus on the fact that “to whom much is given, much is expected.”

My goal has always been to fully explore the field of finance to achieve my dream of dedicating my life to entrepreneurship, to help enrich lives. My natural liking and passion to apply strength, creativity and problem solving disciplines associated with innovation and entrepreneurship are to become beneficial to society and enhance quality of lives, as I consider them as key to the development of the human society and the adaptation to the environment.

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A natural liking towards applying creativity, innovations and strength to enhance quality of lives, inspired me to pursue a Business undergraduate degree at tertiary level. And I hope to accomplish this goal by gaining the requisite knowledge in finance from a well reputed school of Business, which I trust will be a crucial step in my professional life.

Sometimes I ask myself, “Is scholarship really important?” But how am I going to fulfill all these dreams when my parents can’t fund my tuition? First and foremost, with scholarship received, my parents who have been struggling to give me a good educational background will ease their burden.

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As I came from a poor family, my parents can barely afford the high tuition fees in the university. Besides, I have 4 siblings who depend on my parents for survival. My parents are retired and are currently living on pension allowances. The presence of scholarship will help me a lot to reduce my tuition fee. It is beyond a shadow of doubt that scholarship is indeed much needed in my studies.

Addition to my strength and passion is my ability to combine academic work and extracurricular activities. With this that I intend to also pursue my love for volunteerism, networking, soccer and other activities outside the classroom that will help me achieve my goals in life.

I was admitted into high school at the age 15, and I was puzzled whether I can combine academic work and extracurricular activities. But with commitment and time management, I pursued my love for soccer by joining the school’s soccer team. I was then elected as the school team’s captain. This leadership role was meaningful to me because it helped me foster a sense of accountability and responsibility and gratefully, I was able to play countless tournaments and won awards and also at the same period, excelled in all my academic works.

Moreover, I am a member of the Light of the Youth Ministry (Rebirth). This is a non-denominational youth Christian network which seeks to propagate the good news of Jesus Christ among the youth through Christian entertainment programs and charitable donations. Since its conception the Light of the Youth has been able to successfully organized three youth concerts and has also been able to carry out one donation to the Ayikuma Memorial M.A. Basic School, an underprivileged school in the Eastern Region of Ghana. In all this I participated as a member of the organizing committee.

With the government of Ghana making efforts to find sustainable solutions to support most financially struggling businesses in Ghana, it has being a hassle for me in my first year in the university, as an organizer and fundraising officer of a Christian Youth and Charity Club to produce funds or resources with which the organization can get off the ground, expand its operations or continue to do the work it does. With my good communication, organisation and negotiating skills and ability to work under pressure, I had been able to lead in the raising of funds and putting up three youth concerts and a donation to an underprivileged school in the Eastern region of Ghana.

I am convinced that Brown’s global contributions in research, creativity and innovations in solving problems and improving lives will inspire, provide excellent opportunities and connects me in to make positive impact in people’s lives in society and the environment. This scholarship opportunity would not only offer me a great holistic academic experience, but will also give me a chance to give off my time, dedication, skills and intellect in all aspects including academic, spiritual and community life of the college.

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Application for a Scholarship to Study Business

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