Application for a GOI-IES Scholarship

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I am of the opinion that education is a lifelong process. Although texts and studies play a vital role in a student’s learning process, real learning happens beyond a classroom.

As a member of my regional Toastmasters’ club in Oman, I have had the opportunity to not only hone my communication skills but also have the chance to interact and learn about the cultures of members of different clubs. And so, I would engage in setting up a local Toastmasters’ club for fellow scholars and students and create a forum to discuss and learn about each other’s cultural experience and background while improving their communication and leadership skills.

The club presents an occasion to all the international scholars to take back the cross-culture experience and raise awareness about the GOI-IES scheme to their respective home country.

The music society at the university’s student centre is where I would maximize my cultural experience. I am very passionate about music, and through it, I am able to converse with folks easily.

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I believe that music brings people together and only one of the best areas to share each other’s culture through the different genres of traditional music and songs. It also provides several opportunities through the various musical events to spread awareness about the GOI-IES scheme. I have studied the Electronic Keyboard from Trinity College London, and I have been part of many choirs in Oman and India. My choir group in India had won second place in the University’s fest.

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I would be thrilled to bring my experience and affection for music to this society and be able to learn much more, not only as a member but also through contributing as part of the society’s committee.

Being a catechist has given me values beyond religious practices. The morals of discipline, teamwork, and kindness have been ingrained in me which is the very fabric of Ireland. I want to impart these morals to fellow companions. I am always open to helping other young students get on the same path as I am to help them focus on academics and other learnings of life while making the most of our time in Ireland learning more about the Irish cultures and practices.

As a third culture kid, who was raised in Oman by Indian parents, I have been influenced by both Omani and Indian traditions from a very young age. I am proud to have both the traditions embedded in me. From my time spent in both countries, I would love to support fellow peers to share my unique culture by helping them experience new areas about other cultures. I would find common ground such as having a potluck with individuals bringing a meal from their tradition as well as to inviting to host the locals from the Irish society back in Oman and India, thus strengthening and blossoming Ireland’s ties with my home country. Thereupon, extending the experience of the GOI-IES scheme beyond Ireland.

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