Sample: Proposed Area of Study When Applying for a Scholarship in Fiji

I would like to expand my knowledge in the field of Medical Science as a Doctor since it is a very exciting and challenging profession where I can become an integral part of the medical profession and hence work in a fast paced environment solving problems and providing results for medical treatment. Since childhood, I have always been interested in experiments, chemicals, as well as finding how things work in nature. Thus, my interests directed me in taking science at school.

Now I would like to take my curiosity to an entirely special stage which will involve working with people to discover solutions intended for problems and providing treatments for the sick people.

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Doctors look after the general health of the people. Doctors study about Anaesthesia, Medicine, Obstetrics & Gynaecology and even about Surgery. They look inside the body through analysis of blood, tissues and other samples from patients to reveal the presence and severity of diseases.

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Modern medicine depends on the diagnostic work of Doctors seeing that they are an essential component of the health team in the hospitals and communities. By enlightening the occurrence and sternness of diseases and finding ways to heal them, I anticipate making enhancement in the health of the people in Fiji.

Over the last decade there has been a much greater emphasis on understanding and maintaining a person’s general health therefore I see myself as becoming a good qualified Doctor because I enjoy interacting with people and I have a high level of aptitude in science-based subjects and a strong interest in health and a sense of social responsibility.

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Being a developing country, Fiji needs expertise in the field of science and medicine. More important is the fact that expatriates are being employed. Therefore there is a strong demand for qualified Doctors in Fiji. With a wide range of specialties and new scientific discoveries, I look forward to play a significant role with the intention of making a profound change in the manner people live and work. By providing me this opportunity to study, not only will I assist in the steady flow of Fijis benefits but as a Doctor, I will take into consideration the disadvantaged and special-needs patient populations and therefore I will serve with further enthusiasm because these are my very own people.

Updated: Feb 22, 2021
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