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We Should Focus on Creativity in Schools, Not Grades
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Ever had your confidence crushed by a failing grade? Come on, show of hands. I know I have, and I don't think I'm alone. I vividly recall the time my 7th grade art teacher gave me a C for the class because my work didn't fit her insane standards. I distinctly recall her lifting up my picture and saying, “This is kindergartener work.” She told me I would be getting a C for the class; the first one of my…...
CreativityEducation IssuesSchool
An Examination of the Validity of the Threshold Hypothesis and the Theories That Explain the Relationship between Intelligence and Creativity
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Intelligence and creativity have long been subjected to scientific studies on their correlation, yet there is still not one clear answer (Jauk, Benedek, Dunst, & Neubauer, 2013; Nusbaum & Silvia, 2011). Intelligence and creativity are two essential constructs that are highly valued in society, affecting the quality of living for humans, and resulting in phenomenal changes (Sligh, Conners & Ewoldsen, 2005). Various hypothesis emerged as a result to explain the relationship between the two mental constructs. The Threshold Hypothesis is…...
Teamwork and Creativity: Making Them Work Together
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Introduction Some have argued that teamwork can offer greater creativity and productivity than working as an individual (Salas E, 2000). From my experience, I would agree with this. Combining ideas and experiences from multiple people can greatly increase the success of a project. In recent years, interest in teamwork has increased. A recent review shows that more than 130 frameworks and models of teamwork and team performance have emerged (Salas E, 2005). Amongst these different theories are some key models…...
CreativityTeamTeamworkTeamwork And Integrity
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The Nature and Development of Creativity
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From reading all three research papers, Jane Henry's research, 'The Nature and Development of Creativity', has had the greatest influence on my thinking. In my opinion, it is a good research model, the information is very useful, practical and also encourages further research in related fields and detailed research into this one. Firstly, it is a good example of design research because of the way the author organized and communicated in her research. For example, the tables and illustrations that…...
Overcoming Writer’s Block
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Abstract In this paper, I will be discussing about the strategies to tackle and overcome writer's block. Writer's block is a condition or the situation where there is a difficulty for a writer to write down the things he/she wants to share or express. If the cure is not found to tackle the writer’s block then there is a possibility of giving up as a writer and the story will never reach the mass like the writer had hoped for.…...
CreativityImproving Writing SkillsOvercoming ObstaclesWriterWriting
Initiatives Towards an Education for Creativity
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Pages • 3
A traditional school is known for its efficiency in producing ‘factory-manufactured students’ with a basic uniformed-standardized education. The usage of only the left hemisphere of the brain is prioritized where students are taught to think based on logic, mathematics and deducing exclusively based on concrete scientific evidences. They are not given an opportunity to explore the other dimensions of the subject, to think out-of- the-box, to find solutions for problems. In today’s fast changing world one will not be able…...
Group Value and Group Creativity
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Witnessing the thriving of businesses in collectivistic countries as well as Western organizations’ increasing dependence on work groups, many scholars suggested that organizations should start endorsing collectivistic, instead of individualistic values, to better adapt to current working environment. Indeed, promoting collectivistic values within a company does have many potential benefits, such as increased harmony and cooperation, and reduced employees’ tendency to shirk responsibility. However, the downside of endorsing collectivistic values, especially the risk of constraining creativity, has not been investigated.…...
CreativityGroup Work
Managing Creativity in Organisation
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From time to time organisations have evolved in terms of determining the core elements to perform business and in today’s day and age the concept of being “Creative” deems to be the center of attention for all. Creativity is said to be an individuals disposition to create ideas, thoughts, options and opportunities that can be meaningful in solving issues and communicating (Franken, 2006). Each individual possesses a different propensity of creativity and it is an organisations responsibility to cater this…...
Creativity and Repetitive Copying in the Entertainment Business
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Pages • 2
There is a very evident nature of copying in all forms of fields, be it science, arts or anything. People have got so involved in using someone else’s idea and representing them in their own way that it directly reflects the lack of originality and creativity. Keeping this aspect in mind, let us talk about the repetitive copying that happens in the world of Entertainment Business. We are very much aware of a particular industry copying the works of other…...
How Nature And Trying New Can Make You More Creative?
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There are times when we lose flow, when ideas doesn't come as fast as it used to, when nothing no longer inspires you. When this happens you need to find an outlet to release the inspiration once again. It could be by painting, writing, coding, dancing, strategizing etc.. When you experience this moments, try to cultivate an environment where creativity can spring forth. The lightbulb moments can come anytime. But if you wish to to open the inspiration channel more…...
CreativityInspirationInspiration From Nature
The Why, What, and How of Management Innovation
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When we look at the above examples of innovation in their respective fields we can pinpoint some of the driving forces behind innovation as a process and a skill. The technological revolution, social media explosion, necessity, market shift for newer products are all instrumental to innovation; at the same time fostering an effective innovative model in any institution enforces innovation among its community. Advancement of technology is a major driving force behind innovation (Klevorick et al., 1995, Cohen and Levinthal…...
CreativityInnovationInnovation And Change
Thinking, Memory, Problem Solving, and Artificial Intelligent
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Computers versus the Human Brain The human mind and computer are both interfaces that help with a person’s ability to complete multiple task. Though each can achieve many similar things they are extremely unalike. The human brain is complex and is the center for storing information just like a computer. The human brain is essentially an innovator. Without the human brain the material things we enjoy or use every day would not exist. The brain distinguishes itself from computers for…...
BrainCreativityDementiaHuman Brain Vs Computer
How To Become A Graphic Designer?
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Pages • 4
”Graphic design is the paradise of individuality, eccentricity, abnormality, hobbies and humor”- George Santayana. Being a graphic designer requires more than just being creative, it requires loving designing and be optimistic about it. People who are exposed to different forms of art, oftentimes like more the originality that a certain artist possesses. At times, it can be challenging to always become up with numerous ideas to design something original and appealing to the public. As a result, many graphic designers…...
CareerCreativityDesignDesignerGraphic DesignWeb Design
What Defines Us As Human Beings?
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Pages • 2
The human being is certainly endowed with a power that makes him handle his life in relation to himself and to others. This power is central to people’s life, to which humans are always trying to give sense. Yet, the question of what makes life meaningful has to be answered personally. One cannot rely on others to determine what will be meaningful. Meaningful lives are for extraordinary people: great thinkers, artists, scholars, scientists, doctors, activists, explorers, national leaders…. Whereas to…...
Being HumanCreativityHumanPhilosophyPsychology
The Importance of Risk Taking in Everyday Life
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Explain ways in which risk is an integral part of everyday life Every day people take risks, risks are an accepted part of everyday life. Travelling on holiday Catching the bus Driving Smoking Under-training and over-training Mixing alcohol with energy drinks Walking to the shop Risks are associated with our: Wellbeing Employment Health Education Safety Security Using equipment and resources Individuals that are disabled or older are usually the ones discouraged from taking risks within employment, financial and daily living…...
CreativityHuman rightsRiskTaking Risks
Why Should High School Students Wear Uniforms?
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It can be traced to 1910 that students started to wear uniforms in Taiwan. During the Meiji Restoration, the Japanese government in order to help people build a healthy body, the government combined physical education with the school subject. In addition, the sailor uniform started to catch on in Japan in the 1920s because policies of Westernization so it was also adopted in some schools in Taiwan. ( In recent years, more and more students have negative opinions about whether…...
CreativityHigh schoolSchool Uniform
Employee Profile
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Pages • 2
I am a results-driven nexter with a dynamic attitude towards demanding work environments. In undertaking projects, I prefer to have an immediate idea about the project’s objectives so that my actions would all be geared towards the achievement of those goals. I like to have a specific target so that I will have a solid focus in what I am doing. Consequentially, I tend to lose a significant amount of interest when a particular project that I am undertaking does…...
The modern market
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Pages • 4
The corporate culture within organizations has been modified through advances in technology. Smith (1994) believes the 'Information Revolution will create the thousand points of light of an entrepreneurial culture, where power and creativity are dispersed, decentralized and democratized' (Wood et al 1998:39). Creativity and innovation are rife in this new corporate culture, as they are becoming vital to the competitiveness of corporations in the modern market. At Proctor and Gamble, for example, top managers influenced the culture of their organization…...
Business ManagementBusiness SuccessCreativityEconomicsFinanceHuman Resource Management
The Creativa Interiors, LLC Ccompany Philosophy
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Pages • 1
Creativa Interiors was created in 2003. Creativa is a bed linen catalog company which deals in the Primor brand. Since its creation, Creativa has been a leading force in the industry, consistently providing its customers with quality products and excellent service, and its employees with an amazing opportunity to own their own companies and excel. Quality, integrity and innovation are the cornerstones of Creativa Interiors. We never compromise on the quality of our wide range of wonderful products. (more…)...
Personal Project
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Paper Type:Personal essays
There is no way to describe the Personal Project better than to say it is a one in a lifetime experience to mark self growth and personal development with a tangible piece of evidence that displays devotion and the MYP student's ardor for exploration of the unknown. For me it was just that. I carefully contemplated the subject for my project. I decided that my high school career was coming to a close faster than I thought and I wanted…...
CreativityMy InterestsPersonalPersonal Interests
People should read only those books that are about real events, real people, and established facts
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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? People should read only those books that are about real events, real people, and established facts. Use specific reasons and details to support your opinion. All of the millions of books published over the years can be divided into two major categories: fiction and nonfiction. Although it is generally acknowledged that people should only read books about real events, real people and established facts, this can hardly held true in many…...
A Book I Have ReadBooksCreativityEventsHuman NaturePeople
Strategic planning and aiming for long term objectives
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Pages • 3
In today’s globally competitive industry, sprouting and even established business companies couldn’t help but figure out an innovative way so as not to be left behind. Innovation seems to be the prime solution in order to continually entice different target markets and gain more profit. People would never get tired of exploring new things as curiosity is a basic human instinct. However, what most people do not understand is the value and appropriateness of a certain product or service and…...
AimCreativityEntrepreneurshipInnovationWorld Wide Web
The Tendency Of Managers To Ignore Critical Information Is Not As Serious As The Existence Of Incomplete Information.
Words • 1925
Pages • 8
Programmed decision-making is possible when managers have the information they need to create rules that will guide decision- Nonprogrammer decision-making is required for neurotic decisions. Nonprogrammer decisions are decisions that are made in response to unusual or novel opportunities or threats. These occur when there are no ready-made decision rules that managers can apply to a situation. ; To make decisions in the absence of decision rules, managers may rely upon their intuition or they may make reasoned Judgments. When…...
Factors that Affect Structure and Design of Organization
Words • 1881
Pages • 8
Before delving deep into a discussion of the factors which affect organizational design and structure, it may help facilitate the discussion if we were to firstly describe the fundamental connotations relative to the terms which we hope to expound. Put simply, we need to firstly appreciate the implication and meaning of organizational design and structure. On the one hand, organizational structure refers to the manner by which certain group, of any nature and established for whatever purpose, arranges its people…...
CreativityDesignOrganizationOrganizational StructurePolicy
Creativity and innovation management
Words • 3162
Pages • 13
Creativity and innovation management Establishment of an enterprise entails making profit through production of products that satisfy the customer and at the same time maintain the social and environment effects of the production. The growth and development of enterprise will thus have supportive elements that ensure that each period in production brings a difference to the business. The comparison of the first automobile in the world cannot be compared to the current automobiles. There Is a difference In the safety…...
Creative Intelligence
Words • 903
Pages • 4
Introduction: In the present era companies strive to bring out the best of their employees. In the current competitive situation it is important to actually realize the potential of your assets. Your employee is one of your assets and it is important to identify the creative ability and creative intelligence of your employees. The styles of creative intelligence can be categorized under four broad categories each having certain similarities and differences. They are explained below: Intuitive: this is when an…...
Reflective Essay On Business Strategy
Words • 1531
Pages • 7
Critically analyse the proposition that strategic management is a creative process through which business strategy emerges over time All organizations are faced with the challenges of strategic decisions: some to overcome issues, others to grasp new opportunities. In a fast changing environment, there is an increase need to understand how do strategies form in organizations and how strategy evolves over time. Many perspectives on strategic management have emerged the last twenty years. There are two main schools of thought: some…...
Creative Self-Concept (CSC)
Words • 2413
Pages • 10
Batey and Furnham (2006) make a point there is no universal definition of creativity. A general underlying theme found throughout the literature suggests creativity is a product considered new and useful by an appropriate person and a product of cognition, ability, motivation and environment (Batey & Hughes, 2017). In lieu of a perceptible product which cannot be subject to external validation of novelty or usefulness, creative self-concept is a useful construct in measuring creativity. Creative self-concept (CSC) has been studied…...
My Childhood and Goals
Words • 680
Pages • 3
A few days ago, I recalled my childhood again and how growing up with poor parents denied me the basic needs. This left me in tears. Although, my father supported my brothers and me, the little way he could before his passing. After secondary school, though young and inquisitive, I was left with complex choices of what exactly I wanted to study. I loved to explore devices, honestly machines generally. And each time I did, my father would say 'it's…...
The role of art of painting and creativity
Words • 2122
Pages • 9
Introduction Art is the continues creativity river and it kept going till the twenty first century and until the twentieth century, art history goes back to the industrial product to prehistory and it extends to all cultures. The western art has affected the Japanese, josh, Islamic, Afreician, Indian and Chinese art and vice versa. In the newfangled period, the medieval painters worked in the art of the church and the privileged aristocracy. From the Baroque era, the law received private…...
ArtCreativityDrawingPaintingPencilVisual Arts
Words • 554
Pages • 3
It is quite time we take play a bit seriously. Play is often being confused with hobbies and relaxation, free time, and sometimes play is all-to-often perceived as the exact opposite of work. But it's not. Agree with me to say the opposite of play is depression! In fact, play has a lot to offer in the workplace. Play provides a means by which people explore, learn and adapt in order to deal with uncertainty.Effective communication is the foundation of…...
The Origins of Creativivty
Words • 1190
Pages • 5
Do you believe that everybody on the planet can be creative? Based on the book " The Sources of Inventiveness", by Pfenninger and Shubik, creativity is a genetically encoded aftereffect of the advancement of the brain, upheld by ordinary assurance, yet affected commonly of each individual. This book examines creative ability through brain science and logic and also with the responsibility of art, science and neurobiology, out of the blue offering the exposures of current neurobiology as an astounding effect…...
I find myself in a society where expectations are woven into the
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Pages • 4
I find myself in a society where expectations are woven into the very core of the societal fiber. One is always expecting to gain something in the place of school work, social gatherings and even places of worship. In school, both parents and students expect to acquire top-notch education and academic excellence. At social gatherings individuals expect to have a platform to entertain themselves and at places of worship people expect to find a haven; a source of relief and…...
I fell in love with music at an early age Sometimes I
Words • 1058
Pages • 5
I fell in love with music at an early age. Sometimes, I sit back and watch some hilarious videos of me playing music on the piano that was recorded when I was five years old. Playing the piano always thrills me, and I remember admiring different composers' orchestral compositions on the piano. My father, who was an experienced piano player, taught me how to play the piano at home since I was five years old. As I practiced, my piano…...
The Barbican Young Poets
Words • 569
Pages • 3
Throughout centuries the view of the world changed drastically. What a person sees now is so different than what he saw decades ago. The revolutions, development, evolutions and other phenomena, drastically, changed our environment. New technologies created the world much easier when it comes to working, studying, traveling and communicating. However, this change does not help people become closer to one another. Life now is much faster, and sometimes it is hard to keep up with this always running world.…...
CreativityPoetsSocial Media
Personal Branding
Words • 1441
Pages • 6
My Strengths Creativity - I think about myself as an inventive individual. I had published two research papers in the field of automobile designing in international journals. I believe that I am pretty good in 3d designing on computers, therefore whenever an idea clicks in my mind, I express those ideas through my designs. I cherish defying and twisting the guidelines to make individuals think in modern manners. Going out on a limb and pushing limits are something I figure…...
The Future of Art Education
Words • 1873
Pages • 8
Introduction "An Arts education helps build academic that help them with their school subjects, skills and increase academic performance, while also providing alternative opportunities to reward the skills of children who learn differently." Art classes in school are beneficial for students. They are as education and fun for the students. As they allow the students to use their imagination and in the same time improve their skills. For decades, teachers have proclaimed that arts schooling is important. However, with the…...
Succesful Managers Research
Words • 1000
Pages • 4
Based on the above four activities (communication, traditional management, networking and human resource management) that Luthans (1988) has found he concludes and defines the two types of ''real'' managers; the successful - this ''who have been promoted relatively quickly''- and the effective - this ''who have satisfied, committed subordinates and high performing units''. Luthans (1988) noticed that successful managers spent most of their time performing networking activities and the least on human resource and traditional management activities while the effective…...
Invenire Artifex.
Words • 860
Pages • 4
The entertainment industry is a group of sub industries that produce different forms of entertainment that are distributed to the population around the world. The entertainment sub industries are in control for providing to the general public a wide range of amusement or enjoyment. Live entertainment consists in concerts, comedy performances, sporting events, and musical theatre performances. Music, art and the entertainment in general are rarely studied, but everyone has somehow been influenced by this topic in some form. Over…...
Child Nursing
Words • 530
Pages • 3
To pursue a career in Child Nursing, it is prominent to have plenty of patience, knowledge, commitment and a resilient mind-set. All of which I believe I fulfil, considering I was an active participant in both the rounders and football team where I pursued the role as captain, enabling my team to become victorious in our matches; I volunteered in a pre-school and nursery for a couple of months as well as helped care for my little sister when she…...
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How Nature And Trying New Can Make You More Creative?
...Exploring new views and sights can open your mind to lot of things. Sometimes our brain can turn off my seeing the same people, hearing the same sound. Venturing by going out of your path to focus can help you see what you've been missing. It also ex...
The Why, What, and How of Management Innovation
...Design thinking is a great way to acclimate young scholars to an innovation culture. We can inspire and train graduate in the cognitive mapping of innovative process and encourage them to create projects. Complacency kills innovation. Collaboration i...
How To Become A Graphic Designer?
...There are certain aspects that justify why an individual would like to become a graphic designer, but their unfavorable elements as well. One of these elements is finding a company that go with the preferences of a certain graphic designer can someti...
What Defines Us As Human Beings?
...The point, then, is not to identify altogether new sources of conduct so as to try to explain or justify some of them. The choices should rather empower us to find and understand our own inclinations and tendencies. However, in case we disagree, we a...
Why Should High School Students Wear Uniforms?
...Wearing uniforms has a whole lot of advantages. For instance, it can not only saves lots of money and time but also more safety and convenience. What's more, the study shows that a uniform promotes commonality among pupils, improves concentration, an...
I find myself in a society where expectations are woven into the
...I am convinced that Westminster College's global contributions in research, creativity and innovations in solving problems and improving lives will inspire, provide excellent opportunities and connects me in to make positive impact in people's lives ...

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