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“Never Let Me Go”
Words • 1069
Pages • 4
In The novel “Never let me go” about the clones, Kathy, the protagonist and narrator in the story, protect her best friend, Ruth throughout the story. Because they are grow up together in the same place. They were sharing their experiences, motions and secrets. Moreover, they just like family; she wants to protect Ruth from the smallest things. She defended Ruth when she got questions about her pencil case. When they have Norfolk trip,… and became Ruth’s carer. To keep…...
Never Let Me GoPencil
“How Fast Does a Paper Cone Fall?”
Words • 2272
Pages • 9
Six paper cones will be made, one with a radius of 2cm, one with a radius of 4cm, one with 6cm, one with 8cm, one with 10cm and a final one with a radius of 12cm. The cones will be made by using a compass to draw a circle on a piece of paper. According to the radius required, the compass point's distance from the pencil will be measured and changed using a ruler. Once the circles are drawn they…...
My brother is the manager of a super store
Words • 924
Pages • 4
My brother is the manager of a super store. He has being using paper base spread sheet so he writes his information on paper, This very easy to lose the problem with the store is that they need a spreadsheet so they would be able to re correct their information instead of writing every thing all over again and also this would show how much profit that they have made. The requirements that my brother ask me to do is:…...
BrotherComputersMy BrotherPencilSoftware
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The role of art of painting and creativity
Words • 2122
Pages • 8
Introduction Art is the continues creativity river and it kept going till the twenty first century and until the twentieth century, art history goes back to the industrial product to prehistory and it extends to all cultures. The western art has affected the Japanese, josh, Islamic, Afreician, Indian and Chinese art and vice versa. In the newfangled period, the medieval painters worked in the art of the church and the privileged aristocracy. From the Baroque era, the law received private…...
ArtCreativityDrawingPaintingPencilVisual Arts
Marketing chapter 9 bank
Words • 925
Pages • 4
T/F: Coca-Cola launched Coke Zero to avoid cannibalizing current sales and to attract new customers in a segment they might not get with Diet Coke. TRUE cannibalizing current sales: new products out sell old products When a marketer adjusts the marketing mix to give customers a clear, distinctive understanding of what the product does, the marketer is engaging ... marketing repositioning (market positioning) T/F : For products like pencils and paper clips, marketers should probably use an undifferentiated targeting strategy.…...
BankMarket SegmentationMarketingPencil
Chromatography Lab Questions
Words • 304
Pages • 2
A pencil is used rather than a pen to mark the “starting line” in step two because a pen or marker while be used to place a small dot of ink in the center of the X that is made with a pencil. Capillary action is filling of pores in a solid with a liquid. Capillary action is caused by spotting or absorption and is allowed to seep or flow through. The type of pen that will probably give better…...
“The Death of the Moth” Rhethorical Analysis
Words • 533
Pages • 2
English author, Virginia Woolf in her powerful essay, “The Death of the Moth”, illustrates us with the struggle between life and death when observing a moth. Woolf's purpose is to help humans learn the value and understand as well as grasp the concept of death. She adopts a solace tone in her essay in order to help the readers be more comprehensive on the struggle that not only the moth faced but that we also, as humans, face. Virginia Woolf…...
DeathEssayPencilVirginia Woolf
The Concept of Beauty
Words • 469
Pages • 2
Littering is the filthiest thing ever. It destroys the beauty of our campus. The problem is many students throw things out the window or just throws trash on the ground and hallways.Here are a few reasons why you shouldn't litter on your campus or just in general. Students are so lazy; they dump their garbage wherever they want. The don't have any kind of pride for their school. Students don't even have a consequence for their actions. These students spend…...
BeautyLitteringOur TownPencil
Helicopter Experiment
Words • 491
Pages • 2
Prediction: As the mass on the helicopter’s copters increases, the speed taken for the rotors to spin down faster, this is because there will be more downward pull from gravity, as the terminal velocity for a paper helicopter is low. Variables: Independent variable will be the mass that we change throughout the experiment. The dependant variable will be the time that we measure for the helicopter to reach the floor. Finally the controlled variables include, the helicopter itself. As well…...
The Pencil
Words • 1768
Pages • 7
Silverpoint is a graphic medium which preceded the typical lead pencil. Rather of lead a point of silver wire is repaired in a wood holder. Because this will leave but the faintest trace on an ordinary paper surface area, a special ground should be prepared. A paste of powdered bone or chalk blended withwater and gum or starch is spread out with a stiff brush in thin coats, each coat being enabled to dry prior to another is used to…...
Faber-Castell Company Assignment
Words • 4364
Pages • 16
Introduction-Faber-Castell Company Faber-Castell was founded in 1761 as a pencil factory which is owned and managed by the eighth-generation family member Count Anton Wolfgang von Faber-Castell. It is the world's oldest manufacturer of writing instruments, makes nearly 2 billion pencils a year. Faber-Castell Malaysia was established in 1978. It started to produce natural rubber and PVC-FREE erasers back in 1980. It has become one of the largest eraser manufacturers in the world producing over 500 million pieces of erasers a…...
Ballista Physics
Words • 383
Pages • 2
This experiment is to determine what projectile for a Ballista will travel the furthest, to do this two variables will be changed through the duration of the testing period. These variables are: the angle and the different materials the projectile is made of. The three different materials being used for the projectiles are a pencil, a bit of wood and a replica of an original Ballista bolt. The Results of this experiment is hypothesised that the replica Ballista bolt will…...
The Use of Charchoal Ink
Words • 861
Pages • 4
Charcoal one of the earliest known forms of ink, was used as early as 30,000 BC. The first of its use documented in the continent of Europe. It may be a bit primitive to these modern times but still very useable for those who want to try it. The recipe of making it however is similar to those inks made by ancient civilizations such as the ink used by the Ancient Egyptians. We propose to make charcoal ink as a…...
ActivityAncient EgyptHistoryPencilPeriodScience
Test for enzyme activity Lab
Words • 794
Pages • 3
Purpose: The purpose of this lab is to test for enzyme activity, look at enzyme specificity, and how temperature affects enzyme activity. Hypothesis: I believe that the room temperature activity will produce the most activity. Materials: 3% hydrogen peroxide, a household blender, potatoes (3 medium size potatoes, that are peeled and quartered), tap water, 8 test tubes, 8 transfer pipets, sugar packets, salt, a small saucepan, a refrigerator with a freezer, stove, 4 clear plastic cups, tongs (to remove test…...
The story of the history of “Magnificence”
Words • 646
Pages • 3
The story “Magnificence” started when a man, particularly a bus driver, comes to a house of two children to tutor and help them with their school works. The family of the children thinks that the man is good and their children are in good hands. They also think that there is nothing to fear when he is around. But in the end, the man’s true intentions were revealed. This story shows a man’s longing for pleasure at the same time…...
Defining the Occasional Essay
Words • 1488
Pages • 6
The Occasional Essay: Redefining Value As a writer sits and processes, they hold the strongest thing in their hand which is a pencil. A pencil allows a writer to express their true feelings towards a subject and struggle through a topic together. This pencil is our friend in this process. Contemplating where are we going in this journey or even in this broad topic? A pencil is our aid in the chaos of our mind, and helps us decide which…...
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