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On writing pays off
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Being a good writer does not come naturally. Although some people naturally have such a talent and it may be easier for them to write, but they still need to put in the work to be a good writer. Stephen King was not the best writer when he first started. He would get rejection letters so many times. It was not until after so many attempts to being published did he finally get accepted. Writing should be done because you…...
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My Own Way to Write
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I was in kindergarten when I was introduced to writing. I was a misunderstood kid that did not want to listen to my teachers. Whenever it was time to count or write I acted out. One day my teacher called my mom to the school to come see about my behavior. I was unaware that she was watching me the entire time through the classroom door. I honestly felt my teachers made it a point to aggravate me more than…...
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My Writing Reflection on Internet
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Writing my roles and responsible for my role as a help desk agent. Something that, I do every day at my job, now, I have to put into mt own words for my internship, it took a lot of time to make notes and to take mt notes and put them into a sentence. Following up with some research on the job, I perform on a day to day bases. with that thought on my job, I have more responsibility…...
Advantages And Disadvantages Of InternetCreative writing
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Creative Writing – A love so true
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I had never seen her so depressed. Tears were running down her face as I walked towards her. I would have given my life to stop these tears in her eyes but there was nothing I could do. Nothing can console a person who has lost a loved one. She probably did not know it then, but she meant the whole world to me. I wanted to talk to her and gather her in my arms and tell her that…...
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Creative writing – Involving War
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Pages • 6
The wailing sirens struck fear into the struggling crowd of panicking civilians. The adrenaline rush filled me as I barged passed all the strangers and knocked an old man off his feet, he tripped into the puddle beneath him launching muddy water into the others surrounding. Nobody cared, I could not help unless I wanted the same to happen to me, but as I turned around an aircraft shot past, a thundering rumble followed and shook the ground. As the…...
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The Assassin – Creative Writing
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Pages • 3
It is hammering down with rain. Clouds? You could not see them, the rain was so thick. There is a man on the side of the hill checking he his surroundings. A black sports bag sits next to him. He is lying in soaking wet bracken; he is just outside the forest line. He then looked through his black and white binoculars that he had hanging from his neck. You can hear the focusing of the binoculars; he looks through…...
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Alone – creative writing
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Pages • 4
Oh my god not another clear blue advert, is everyone pregnant? There she was sitting in the doctor's surgery, watching the white clock on the wall, ticking away. She had never felt so alone, she wished her mum was there with her, to give her support and show that smile that said everything was going to be alright. She was wondering if the other people in the surgery could guess, she looked normal enough with her smooth blond hair tied…...
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Creative Writing – Darkness
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Pages • 3
I suddenly awoke. It was three in the morning. It seemed like the whole world was sleeping but me. The silence, sinister. I felt the weight of the darkness pushing on me. My mind darted from one nightmare scenario to the next, the fear of the unknown overwhelmed me and I was paranoid about vicious intrusionsMy bedroom door was wide open. My eyes darted around the room, hunting for anything different, any dark silhouettes lurking in the darkness. I failed…...
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Creative writing in non-fiction
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Pages • 5
Innovative nonfiction (also referred to as literary or narrative nonfiction) is that branch of composing which employs literary Styles, techniques and artistic vision typically associated with fiction or poetry to create factually precise narratives on actual individuals and events. Innovative nonfiction contrasts with other nonfiction, such as technical writing or journalism, which is also rooted in precise reality, but is not primarily written in service to its craft. It is a hybrid of literature and non-fiction since it consists of…...
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Creative writing about my room
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The stairs creak as i tiptoe up them to the second floor of my house where my room awaits me. I make my way up to the doorway while tightly grasping the rail. I approach the wooden door and slowly turn the golden knob. Suddenly i am now inside a room with cool air and a fresh scent of cleanliness blowing through my nose. On my way to the crystal sliding glass door, i take notice of how the room…...
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Belonging Creative Writing
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Pages • 4
Frame the story with comparable characters/ setting/ symbol/ remark at beginning and ending Use a restricted amount of time = sense of urgency (24 hr, one morning, a season, a term, an interview) taking off a minute-- 15 minutes Use a single context or setting Explore no more than 2 essences re belonging Focus on moments and feelings Have a 'twist' at the end Program don't inform (' She smiles' = belonging, without more remark() Usage flash backs and flash…...
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