My Own Way to Write

I was in kindergarten when I was introduced to writing. I was a misunderstood kid that did not want to listen to my teachers. Whenever it was time to count or write I acted out. One day my teacher called my mom to the school to come see about my behavior. I was unaware that she was watching me the entire time through the classroom door. I honestly felt my teachers made it a point to aggravate me more than usual that day, just to ensure I gave my mother a reason to be upset.

The end of the day came and my mother stormed in the classroom and pulled me out by my arm. I was extremely embarrassed and started crying. When we got home she immediately sat a notebook on the table and wrote a list of sight words and insisted that I copied them. I did not attempt because I quickly conceptualized that it was an impossible task.

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My mother gave me this sinister look and I already knew what to expect next.

In the black culture it’s all right to not spare the rod. My mom popped me so hard on the arm. Before tears could even form in my eyes, my nose started bleeding on the paper because she put so much fear in my heart. Actually hypertension caused my nose bleeds as a kid. However the sight of all that blood frightened my mom and made her feel bad for punishing me. I felt bad for not telling her what was really going on with me.

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Beyond that my parents’ expectations for me were extremely high. My parents are very knowledgeable people and they assumed I was just as smart because they breed me. I realized that I was not advanced as the other students in my class. Every time I misspelled a word they laughed and made mean jokes about me. They made me dread attending class. Refusing to feel ignorant for the rest of my life, I opened up to my grandma about the problem. She is such a patient and understanding lady. She taught me how to read and write. She studied with me on a daily basis and made sure I got it down pack. For Christmas that year she bought me a diary and made me promise that I would write in it everyday.

My personal strength as a writer is creative writing and proofreading. Writing and reading poetry, letters, and short stories are some of my most favorite things to do. Creative writing is more intimate to me and allows me to reflect on my feelings and emotions within. In my opinion it is also very easy because you can make up your own rules. It is very clear and straight to the point. When writing I tend to read over my work a lot. Some days I’ll write things and love the outcome but as soon as I proofread on a later date I start rewriting and making changes to my work. Majority of the time my changes are not made because I didn’t like what was said but if I can spice my word usage up and make it better; I most definitely will. It is important to truthfully keep the reader intrigued I feel proofreading is a great way to avoid silly errors. In the lesson our instructor said something about reading every sentence backwards. I feel that is a great tip to dodge spelling and punctuation errors. Additionally giving you the opportunity to focus on the strength of each sentence and not the essay as a whole.

My flaws in writing are using the right punctuation. It has been so long since I’ve wrote to be graded and I must admit that I am rusty. Honestly I’m seeing that I don’t even know how to use commas and semicolons appropriately. That issue alone leaves me with numerous amounts of run on sentences. I’m aware that punctuation sets a path for the way the message is read and comprehended. Being able to master the correct punctuation use will be fantastic; because how can you tell stories through paper if you are confusing the readers.

The strategies that I am going to take to get back into the grove of writing literature will be practicing. I am so delighted that we are doing this course so early on. I am going to read difficult books like novels to extend my vocabulary and mimic their punctuation styles. I will make it a point to write and read more everyday. Using tools like Grammarly is great for spotting out writing mistakes. I am a very busy person but if I finish early enough I will start submitting my papers into the library to get further assistance.

Writing is a unique form of art that allows people to express their feelings, emotions, and thoughts using alphabetic systems that represent the languages that we speak. Reading and writing goes hand in hand with one another. Those two things are so important because they are incorporated so much in our daily lives. Writing can relieve you from negative thoughts. It is a great brain exercise that should always be practiced. For me, writing allows me to address things that I want to elaborate on out loud but cannot or sometimes shouldn’t. It gives me a chance to connect with others and myself on a deeper level. My favorite topics to write about typically revolve around love, culture and history. Being since I am back in school I feel as if I’m being granted for a second opportunity for growth in what I love to do.

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