Own Observation of Successful Classroom Management

Classroom management is a collection of various techniques and strategies that teachers use to inspire effective learning and teaching. A well-managed classroom leads to less distractions in the classroom. Teachers should practice an excellent classroom management to achieve a fruitful and conducive learning environment for teaching and learning. An excellent classroom not only maintain the learning of the students and the teachers teaching. It also effects the student’s behavior as an individual person. It effects the student’s behavior through the leaning process.

This assignment is a part of the Educational Assessment and the purpose of this assignment is to discuss the issues of classroom management. There are two parts to this assignment. The first part (Part A) involves how the teachers managed physical space of the classroom, teaching and learning of the observed lessons. Similarly, behavioral issues the teachers faced during the lessons and the techniques they used to manage those behavioral problems, the second one (Part B) is my own philosophy on classroom management.

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Part A of this assignment are the various ways how the teachers managed physical space of the classroom, teaching and learning of the observed lessons. Similarly, behavioral issues the teachers faced during the lessons and the techniques they used to manage those behavioral problems will be included.

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Each of these will be discussed and briefly explained.
Part B of this Assignment includes my view of classroom management. It includes a clear description of behavioral issues identified from my observation. Also my recommendations to manage those behavioral problems will be included.
Finally a brief conclusion is given, which follows the list of References.

Part A -Report
To do this report I have observed four different lessons. One lesson of four different teachers. My observation was done on four different days. I observed the lessons of two different grades. Two lessons from grade one and another two lessons from grade two. From grade one I observed an English and Dhivehi lesson. Similarly from grade two I observed Maths and Creative Arts. All four lessons were taken by different teachers.
The classes were decorated delightfully. There was a beautiful well organized reading corners in the classes. The reading corners was made in a very relaxing way so the students would enjoy their reading times efficiently. The things in all the class were arranged in an order. In reading corners there were both English and Dhivehi books. However there were some difference in seating arrangements of grade one and two. In grade one students were seated in small groups of five and they were using small tables. In grade two also, students were divided in to groups of five. But in the groups there were around six students.
In the classes of grade one teacher keeps a mat in front of the white boards. In the sharing time students sit on it. In grade two students sit in their places while the teacher explains the topic. All the classes had different corners for the subjects. In the corners some works of students and several teaching aids were displayed. In the front wall there were “our works” in each classes. In “our works”, students paste their individual works. In addition there were specific corners to display the works students do in their groups. In each class there was a projector, so the students could enjoy their learning through technology.
First of all I observed an English lesson of grade one (Teacher A). The duration of the lesson was for 35 minutes. In the classroom there were total 32 students. The students were divided in to five different groups and they all were seated as groups. In each group there were minimum 5 students. To start the lesson teacher asked the students to come and sit on the mat. Then the teacher started to count. The teacher had a rule of counting up to 10. Students were asked to sit on the mat before she counts up to ten.

The lesson was on nouns. To begin the lesson teacher asked individual students to look around the classroom and tell what they can see from the classroom. After that teacher asked one student of each group to tell their favourite place and some were asked to tell the name of their best friend. Teacher wrote their answers on the board. After that students were asked to identify the differences between the words. Teacher brainstormed student’s ideas and asked the students to guess the topic. Then the teacher gave a worksheet to each student. A time limit was given to complete it. Most of the students were doing their work very quietly. But then I started to notice that few students started to stand and some started to talk with their peers. Furthermore, some started to disturb the other students.
As a result of it, the classroom became noisy. Teacher went to the students and asked them not to stand and to behave well. Then the students replied the teacher by saying that they don’t know how to do the work given in the worksheet. To assist the student, teacher asked some students from his/her group to help him/her to complete the worksheet.
To sum up the lesson, teacher played an interesting activity. Teacher distributed some word cards of nouns to each student. Students were asked to show there card when the teacher says a noun. For instance when the teacher says name of a place, then the students those who have the card with a name of a place have to stand and show their cards.
After my first observation, in the next day I observed a Creative Arts lesson. The lesson was taken by an Art teacher (Teacher B). The topic of the lesson was to paint on tiles. To start the lesson Art teacher asked the students to sit on the mat. In the circle time teacher showed a power point presentation about paintings. The presentation includes different designs of paintings.
Before assigning the task teacher gave an instruction about the task. Students were asked to paint on tiles. Instead of brush, students were asked to use their fingers to paint and one pack of paint was given to each student along with a pallet. Students wore a big T-shirt to cover their uniform from the paint. Before activity all the tables were covered by old newspapers. So the tables stay cleaned.
During the activities almost all the students were engaged with full interest. Students were making amazing paintings. Some students completed their tasks within one period. They were asked to wait till all the students complete their work. Teacher asked the students to wait because; she/he can’t send individual or two to three students to wash their hands and pallets. Students who finished their task were getting bored and some of them started to play with the paints. Some were putting paint on their both hands.
After seeing them disturbing others, teacher asked those students to help their peers to complete the task. In last 5 minutes teacher took all the students to the washroom to wash their hands and pallets. The students went to the washroom and came. Some students took more than 5 minutes to come back. Furthermore, some student’s uniforms were wet while they came back.
My 3rd observation was done for a teacher of grade two (Teacher C). I observed an Arabic teacher. The lesson was the second period of the week. So the teacher started the lesson by recalling the previous lesson. Since all the kids loves to learn Arabic they always look forward for that period. From the classroom it was seen by the students’ excitement for the lesson. The lesson was about days of the week. Arabic teacher taught days of the week in Arabic.
Teacher started the lesson by questioning about the previous lesson. Teacher reinforced the students for their answers. Afterwards students were asked to make pairs. Students had to sit on the tiles with their partners. After making them seated, the teacher explained them about the task and distributed a worksheet to do. It was a very simple worksheet to do. So almost all the students finished their works within 5 minutes. Once they finished their works one by one student started to call the teacher.
Then the teacher asked the students to draw anything they want in their Arabic exercise book. There were students who was happy to get a chance to draw. Even though there were some student who was not willing to do it. Those students started to play with their peers. Some students started to draw on their tables and some started to play with their color pencils. Teacher just did not care about the participation of students those who completed their task brought their books to the teacher to show their works. Very few of them raised their hands to stand. The rest of the students ran and walked to the teacher without following any rules. The teacher also did not say anything to those students. Without monitoring the students, the teacher was sitting in the classroom till the bell rings.
At last I observed a math period. I observed a teacher (Teacher D) of grade two. The lesson was on subtraction. Teacher introduced the lesson by showing a video. Students were instructed to be attentive. For the main activity teacher gave a group work. Students were asked to solve the subtraction sums. They were advised to use the blocks to solve the given sums. Since the activity was planned for 15 minutes, each student got a very less time to use the blocks. It made some students bored and restless. They took the blocks from their peers and started to argue.
They argued by saying that they got very less chance to use the blocks. Teacher solved the problem by saying in the next lesson she will give more time to use the blocks. Students were very happy to know that they will be allowed to use the blocks once again.
Part B
“Today, we know more about teaching than we ever have before. Research has shown us that teachers' actions in their classrooms have twice the impact on student achievement as do school policies regarding curriculum, assessment, staff collegiality, and community involvement .We also know that one of the classroom teacher's most important jobs is managing the classroom effectively” (Marzano, 2003).
In my view, Teacher’s plays several roles in the classroom.one of the most important role is being a classroom manager. A good and an effective teaching can take place in a well-managed class. Effective learning and teaching cannot take place in a poorly managed classroom. If the students of the class are disrespectful, disorder and if they don’t follow the classroom rules then the classroom environment become loud.
From the very first day itself, teachers should make classroom rules. In addition teachers should always remind the students to follow the rules. The learners of the poorly managed class learn much less than they should. However, a well- managed classrooms provide an environment in which teaching and learning can flourish.
From my observation, I found various misbehaviors and also several ways how different teachers attended and solved those misbehaviors. From my first observation, I saw the participation of students. At the beginning all were so keen to learn. However, the worksheets were not suitable for all the levels of the learners. In my view teacher A should make the worksheets according to the level of the students. For each level teacher can prepare different activities. For instance, for the students those who don’t know how to write, they can draw.
The lower level students can be motivated if they get the chance to do the works of their levels. It makes them engaged in activities rather than giving them chance to misbehave. To achieve the teaching and learning goals, the participation of every student is very important.
From my second observation I noticed that, the lesson was interesting and students was well engaged in the lesson. The misbehavior occurred when students had to stay in their groups without doing anything. Especially when they had to wait without washing the paints in their hands and pallets. It’s good that teacher asked the students to help their peers. But in my opinion classroom would be managed well, if the teacher explained the rules set for the period and if the teacher C tells them what happens if they put paint on others.
Teacher C should advice the students the paint might get even if they are wearing the old T-shirt and also tells them it would be difficult to clean it and how their parents would feel to see them making their uniform untidy. Manage such issues, teacher can give one pallet to each group. It will save the time of both the teacher and the students too. The student who finishes at last, can wash the pallet, so the others can just wash their hands as by they finish. By doing it, teacher have to send few students at a time and also can monitor the students. Additionally, teacher can provide an additional work for the students to do once they finish.
To solve the problems that occurred in my 3rd observation, I suggest that instead of giving free drawing teacher can provide varieties of activities for the students. For instance, teacher can give puzzle, word search or some other activities that are related to the topic. So all the students will always try their best to complete their tasks and they get less chance to misbehave in the classroom. In addition, always a teacher should fix rules for her/his students. In the lesson of teacher C, some students were not following the rules and they were not asked to not do it.
To manage the classroom, it is very important we as a teacher to maintain the rules. We should always remind the students to follow the rules. Also if the students didn’t follow the rules, at the moment teacher should remind him/her about the rules.
From my last observation I noticed that the teacher D was well prepared. She used concrete objects in her teaching. However, the misbehavior occurred when the students were not able to explore the activity as much as they should. Instead of giving blocks to the group, teacher can give an individual work to the students. There are many things that the students can use to solve subtraction sums. Students can use their colour pencils. Also prior to the lesson teacher can ask the students to bring bottle caps and can collect it for the lessons. Students should get chance to engage in activities to their fullest.
From my all the observation, I found a very positive relationship between the student and the teacher. Students was motivated to learn. Even though, teachers faced various issues in the classroom and they all solved it at their level best.

“Teachers who have the best managed classrooms are those who spend the first two weeks of class teaching and practicing their procedures and routines (Pickering, 2003). To create an effective learning environment, it is very important for teachers to have a positive relationship with their students. Teachers should cater the needs of all the students. Fortunately, there are techniques that have proven very successful for not just managing problem behavior in the classroom but minimizing it

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Own Observation of Successful Classroom Management
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