Creative writing about my room

The stairs creak as i tiptoe up them to the second floor of my house where my room awaits me. I make my way up to the doorway while tightly grasping the rail. I approach the wooden door and slowly turn the golden knob. Suddenly i am now inside a room with cool air and a fresh scent of cleanliness blowing through my nose. On my way to the crystal sliding glass door, i take notice of how the room is so neat and clean.

The room is a sterilized doctors office where patients have not yet arrived.

The fresh aroma of simmering potpourri and the fragrance of recent blown out candles spills out in every direction. The freshly sky blue painted walls are encompassed with pictures of friends and family members neatly placed in their proper spots in a collage with other pictures. Each picture is trying to stand out and be more noticed than the rest as if they were all running in a beauty pageant.

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The walls are all neatly dressed with their own unique outfit of posters and pictures. The pictures and cheerleading awards overwhelm the room with bright colors and pastels.

With another step, i notice how all the furniture is aligned perfectly with the symmetry of the room like a life size geometry proof. The furniture is identical in color, each piece a fluorescent pink. The vanity and nightstand are clear of clutter with not even a thin film of dust in the smallest crevice.

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The fibers of recently vacuumed carpet stand at attention displaying how clean they are. The bright pink dresser glistens as the sunlight shines through the crystal clear window reflecting off its soft glossy finish.

As i approach the clear glass door, it is shiny and smudge free just like a Windex commercial. Glancing out the window, i receive an immediate sense of relief and comfort. The sun is shining down on the white blanket of snow that lies upon the ground. The falling snow trickles down making it seem as if i were in a snow globe. I sway over to my perfectly made bed and gracefully sit down being careful not to wrinkle the fragile covers. Taking one more look around, i think about my room. It is like my shadow following me on a sunny day. My room reflects my personal interests and talents and really is a part of me!

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Creative writing about my room

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