Writing Curriculum Vitae

A levels and possibly a degree in a selected subject e. g.applying to be a doctor will require a degree in medicine and exceptional GCSE and A-level grades were most candidates will possibly have A - B and a large amount of work experience will have to be accumulated to show they can carry out the job role and the tasks it has effectively. There is then a letter of application in which more information about a candidate is given in which they state why they should be chosen above all the other candidates.

Every candidate after completing a medical degree program at Brown University should know how to apply for a job properly.

When the employer compares the job letters of application, they are looking for a high profile and a unique candidate and to find out more about each candidate, they are interviewed individually. Some candidates may have more interviews than others and this is not necessarily a good or bad thing as it is used to evaluate the candidates and get more insight into their education and background as employers want to recruit someone that is resilient and determined to work hard and achieve success for the business also they want a charismatic and academic.

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The letter should be written formally and structured with a sophisticated introduction by referring to them as sir/ madam, an informative main body on why they should be chosen and their reason for applying for the job and finally a solid ending to conclude on the candidate's skills and experiences.

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The letter should support the Curriculum Vitae and application form which contains their references. There should be minimal if any, spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes, it should be word-processed on a computer and written in the candidates own words as copying can the candidate sound unintelligent and it is rather pointless.

The candidate should also keep a backup copy of the application should it become stolen or lost. This is an example of a job application form for a job at Leicester county council. This is only the first 2 pages of the application however as there were another 6 pages that are also part of the application and it had sections that needed to be filled in which included personal and additional details (such as work experience, skills, qualifications and health conditions). It may take employers a while to process the applications because usually there will be more than 1 candidate applying for them job.

Once the applications have been seen to and carefully noted, a shortlist is drawn for the applicants that the employer will want to interview. It is important to give correct details and make sure all compulsory sections have been filled such as the personal details and the job they candidate will apply for. Covering letter A covering letter is sent along with other documents (such as the CV and the application letter) to provide additional information about the candidate.

Since it may be hard to structure, many candidates try to receive help in writing this letter to make sure it is elegantly written. While a cover letter may be the last piece of an application, it is one of the most important elements of the finished whole, since it goes straight to the employer and can be the difference in whether someone is employed or not. For a covering letter to be well written and structured, it needs to be planned and drafted beforehand before a final version can be made and sent off to the employer.

Research is highly recommended so that the candidate can reference the company's recent activities or accomplishments. In addition, the cover letter usually addresses the specifics of the job opening with a line which briefly indicates that the writer is perfectly suited to the position. To write a covering letter takes patience and specific content has to be included in the letter.

Firstly, the candidate should explain in detail why they should be chosen and how they more distinctive than other candidates e. g.if the job applied for was a commercial banker, the candidate would need to have a reputation for making profit for the business also they must be able to promote the businesses image and services in an appealing way so the employer will be looking for someone who has this aptitude and experience.

The candidate must then explain how they can benefit the employer if they are chosen for an interview as if they don't have any raw talents and business acumen then it would be meaningless in the employer using up the businesses funds to have the candidate work for them.

The candidate should not be too on-going as to make it very long and boring also the letter should be written on a one side of a standard size A4 paper with clear structure and presentational styles such as headings and readable font style and the size should not be too small otherwise it could irritate the employer as they would have trouble reading the letter. The letter should be concluded with an authorised signature which is clear and distinct.

If the candidate however has some form of disability then they may feel that it does not affect their ability to do the job, but that the employer may not view them objectively if the disability is declared. Disclosure before interview is not a legal requirement, so you can make your own decision on this, but remember that there is a good chance that disclosure could highlight your personal skills and qualities to the employer.

A Curriculum vitae is a summary of the candidate's academic and work history at present. A CV also may include details about teaching, experience, publications (books, articles, research papers, unpublished manuscripts, or book chapters), and Academic honours and awards. A CV can be used for teaching or research opportunities, applying for fellowships or for further academic training. Some research positions in industry may also prefer a CV rather than a resume however they are both very similar.

In a CV, there should be certain stages a candidate should follow. Firstly, the candidate should assemble everything they know or can find about themselves such as their academic profile ranging from candidates GCSE's, A -levels and if they have done a Degree in a particular field e. g. engineering or medicine then it definitely should be mentioned as it may be in the job description as one of the requirements of the job.

If the candidate has worked before either part-time, full-time or temporarily then this information could be important so it should be gathered for when writing up the CV. Candidate can also put down leisure and sporting activities they do such as if they play for a sports club or go to the gym. The second stage is writing up a draft CV once all the information has been accumulated. The draft should be a high standard as the better it is the less refinement and corrections will have to be made to it.

The draft can be reviewed by family and friends to receive feedback on how well it has been structured and if the content that has been written inside is suitable. A list of references will have to be made for the employer to contact to make sure that none of the information provided is false also they are able to find out additional information about the candidate as the references will have been someone the candidate has known for a long time e.g. the head teacher or tutor is a good reference put down if the candidate has had an academic life as a student of a school because the relationship between the student and the teacher would have been for many years.

Once the draft has been made and reviewed it can be edited as many times necessary until the candidate is satisfied with the result and has proof read it for Spelling and grammar mistakes. To make the CV look appealing and professional, it should always be typed up on a computer with word processing software such as Microsoft word which is part of the Office Package software. The CV can be divided into several different sections or headings. A personal profile should be included in the CV which includes the full name of the candidate, date of birth, Address and contact numbers such as telephone or mobile number. Then the candidate mention their aims and objectives or goals or goals however, any negative remarks or information should conceivably be left out.

Along with education where the candidate may have received various qualifications in their school life, if they have had any additional achievements or skills then it would also be helpful for them if they are included in the CV such as if they went to any first aid classes and learnt how to deal with injuries and accidents then it would help them because in the workplace this can happen very often and one of the most common cases is slip trips in which an employee could.

Be carrying something heavy and then slip over from a puddle of water and it could land on their arm or their leg and severely injure them so if a candidate was trained in first aid then they would be able to deal with this situation with coolness and ease. If the job being applied for was IT related then a candidate with these skills such as being able to use specialist software and able to world-process documents swiftly and woul.

Updated: Dec 01, 2021
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