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Why Rutgers university?

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, offers lots of study programs for bachelors and for master’s degree students. It is one of the most diverse high schools in the USA that has a broad experience of interdisciplinary studies and courses. Rutgers is also famous with its great opportunities for scholarships.

According to their site, 74 percent of the enrolled students receive financial aid. The Rutger’s diplomas quickly pay back: the survey of the alumni community shows that 83% of the fresh bachelors are being employed during six months after graduation. The median starting salary of more than 58 000 US dollars, which is a decent start for internship or first job. The University states that the cost-benefit analysis of their study shows that it is one of the optimal places for the student to be. Having such a salary without a significant tuition debt may give young adults great advantages at the start of their independent life.

Another important thing both for students and for professors is a powerful research base. Rutgers University is a leading health care provider in the state and public research facility. It allows the students to get rich practical experience and become valuable specialists after their graduation. The custom requirements don’t allow you to use any other essay — Coalition or Common App — to copy and paste it. Still, you may use the ideas of those prompts to recombine them.
If you have any doubts, our writers are ready to help and make a perfect and tailor-made paper for you in a couple of days. We do hope that our collection of Rutger application essay examples will help you to create an excellent text.

The mission of the University consists of the three main theses:

  • providing for the instructional needs of New Jersey’s residents through its undergraduate, graduate, and continuing education programs;
  • conducting the innovative research that contributes to the medical, environmental, social, and cultural well-being of the state, as well as aiding the economy and the state’s businesses and industries;
  • performing public service in support of the needs of the residents of the state and its local, county, and state governments.

Rutgers University harbors more than 530 000 students in the three major cities of the state. This division is one of its main peculiarities: you have to check the differences between the different campuses and decide which one is the best for you.

The Rutgers undergraduate application process and admission essays

The three universities of Rutgers are situated in Camden, Newark, and New Brunswick. Be very attentive while choosing the right one, don’t just pick the closest to your home. Though they share a single application form, with Rutgers application essay and a list of documents, they have different admission terms, different majors, and other slight differences. So, if you are prepared for College Camden, it doesn’t mean that it will do for Newark without any adjustments.

To get started you have to create the profile at the Rutgers application portal. Lots of people wonder does Rutgers use the Common App for enrollment, but, unfortunately, the answer is no. It has its own admission system, so if you apply to several different universities, you’d have to write your Rutger admission paper from scratch. The good news is that the Rutgers essay prompts are very similar to Common App or Coalition ones, so, with a few adjustments, you may use your previous text.

The application process may look tricky, but we’ll try to explain each of them. Here’s what you need to get enrolled:

  • Create your Rutgers Community ID (remember, there is no such thing as Rutgers University Common App account, but you still can copy and paste all the relevant information)
  • Rutgers University will need your Self-Reported Academic Record (or SRAR). You have to list all your courses and grades from 9 to 11. It’s a good idea to list the 12th-grade courses even if they aren’t finished yet and you don’t have the final grades. Remember, that you should add an official transcript to your SRAR if you have already finished high school. Any differences between them may result in your application being banned. Double-check all the figures before submitting them!
  • If you have earned a GED, the Rutgers admission commission will need its results, too.
  • SAT/ACT test results are optional because no one can be sure of test dates. We don’t know how the presence or absence of the test results may influence the graduation process (we still recommend submitting the test result if you can do it though), but the Rutgers university site states that full admission is still available for students without tests. The admission committee states that they accept the official tests, sent directly from the agency only. The writing components are not required, the internal Rutgers application essay will be evaluated instead. Rutgers doesn’t have any preferences for SAT or ACT, both test results are equal.
  • Advanced Placement tests aren’t required until the admission is accepted by the student. But if you have the results, save them for later.
  • The admission commission expects you to write a single Rutgers supplemental essay. Again, it’s very similar to the Common App essay, just with a slightly less word limit, around 500 words. The essay is optional for students who transfer from other universities.
  • You may list your extracurricular activities, volunteering, and other relevant personal experiences in the corresponding field. The admission committee states that any papers about extracurricular activities sent separately won’t be considered.
  • When your application is submitted it’s time to pay your application and enrollment fees. Keep in mind that some fees may be non-refundable and you won’t get the money back if you are not enrolled.
  • Check your application at the Rutgers Community site. They may still need some credentials except the main ones listed here. Fill them and wait for the official admissions announcements.
  • You should accept an admission offer, so don’t plan long vacations while you are waiting for the decision.

The internal Rutgers entrance essays

The Rutgers supplement essay is mandatory for first-time applicants and optional for the transferring students, as a possibility to tell more about their personalities. They should be included in the application form together with all the documents. The papers submitted separately won’t be considered. Rutgers University asks to clear the formatting before copying and pasting the text into the application form field. Writing right at the site may shift the formatting and punctuation and your Rutger admission essay may look worse than it should be.

The Rutgers college essay prompt is so similar to the yearly Coalition and Common App ones that we wonder why isn’t Rutgers on the Common App. The main difference is the word limit. Rutgers undergraduate application maximum character amount is 3800. It is roughly about 500 words. Be careful with the character limit, because the admission form may discard any extra characters and your Rutgers essay will look unfinished.

A smaller word limit might be a challenge. You can’t just take your Common app paper and use it as is if you have used all the 650 words there. Cutting down an already proofread and finished text is always a tricky task, because every sentence seems polished and right where it needs to be. If you have troubles with it, you may use a wide variety of our Rutger essay examples gathered at our site. Or, you may ask our professional writers to shorten your Common App paper or create the shining Rutgers admission essay from scratch, using the personal information you provide.

If you are determined to write your Rutgers college essay by yourself, here are some hints and tips that will help you create a magnificent paper:

Make it personal

Don’t try to describe the abstract principles even if they fully align with your mindset. They want to know about your personal experience and the practical proof that your values are important to you. Find a good illustrative case, show its premise, tell what you felt during it and the lessons you learned from it.

Reflect on this case from your current vantage point

Who would you have been without that event? Did it help to shape your feats or skills that you can use in your future life? Did it reinforce your beliefs or made you doubt them?

Be careful with humor

Cracking a joke or two can make your essay stand out, but don’t try to impress the admission officers too much with them. Don’t use the memes and tropes that are funny for your generation only: the admission committee usually consists of tired people who are slightly older then you. If you have some doubts, try to let someone of their age read your Rutger admission essay.

Motivation Letter Requirements

It may take a bit more time, but you are constrained by your word limit. You have enough space for one idea only. If you have more than one, just write down every possible variant and let them cool down for a day or two. Then read it again and take the most appealing draft to turn it into a full-fledged paper.

The golden rule for the short texts is one idea — one sentence

Each phrase should move the plot further and tell the reader something new about the subject. You don’t have extra space for sentences that are just beautiful, but not practical. Don’t try to repeat yourself. If you want to underline a pivotal idea, use stronger words or stress this with a kind of punchline, but repeating it twice isn’t a great way to express yourself in such a short essay.

Ask your friends to become the test audience

Find at least a single person to read your essay and give you feedback. Don’t try to get reassurance from them and try to take critics well. The more errors you’ll correct before submitting the better chances you’ll have when the actual admission officers will read it.


Rutgers application process isn’t very tough. The hardest part is gathering documents, but the requirements and deadlines are pretty lenient. You don’t have to run circles and hurry up the test agencies, the admission committee will understand if the text isn’t ready yet. The hardest part, as always, is the Rutgers admission essay you have to submit at the university’s admission portal.

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