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I would like to apply for the Ed. D program in your esteemed institution which has proved its education efficiency overtime and gained recognition in the entire globe. Having studied Leadership under masters’ degree, I have seen the dire need to major on a particular field of interest on the same. I would therefore like to specialize in organizational leadership which is an inborn desire and motivation. Gaining knowledge on this specific area will help me achieve my long term objectives and be effective and efficient in providing leadership in given areas.

My major plan is to use the knowledge I will gain from the doctorate to achieve my life goals which include: to provide leadership in managing various sectors especially schools and colleges/ universities; to be able to successfully manage my private business and also local and international organizations. The attainment of an independent study will indeed be my greatest joy and I am very ready to have an independent study since I have approved traits which include being goal oriented, working under minimal supervision, honest, risk taking and self-controlled.

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All these traits give me the confidence that I can make it at Rutgers University. There are several instances where I have been able to work independently. For example, my masters’ degree project involved researching more on leadership in my country. It was involving as I engaged in a lot of traveling, surfing and reading various books, and the writing of my thesis paper. I did all this independently until the successful completion of the project and I went ahead to excel on completion of it all.

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I hope that you will consider my application favorably and I look forward to your favorable response.

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Application for Ed. D Program

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