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Tulane University Application Essays and Admission Process

Types of Tulane University Admission Letters

When it comes to the admission procedure, Tulane University explains this process in detail on its main website. There are two separate ways to cope with the admission procedure, including a Common Application and a Tulane Application. Such flexibility guarantees that all prospective students can find a way to submit all the required documents. Because of those two different ways to initiate the procedure, it’d be helpful to elaborate on how Tulane University handles essay admissions. Let’s look closer at what essay types are most common in this educational institution and handle them easily.

Tulane University has been quite vague regarding the admission letters for students. In this sense, one can be a bit confused when finding an appropriate list of admission essays. Instead of focusing on a single motivational letter, which is an obligatory part of the admission procedure, Tulane University has a different approach.

Instead, it offers all prospective schoolers to submit two Tulane supplemental essays. The truth is that all such documents of the supplemental character are essays, in one way or another. These papers will be beneficial for some students since some of them will also apply to other universities across the United States. Either way, let’s dive deeper and find out what Tulane University expects to receive from applicants.

Tulane Application Entrance Letters

If students choose an option to choose the Tulane Application form, they’ll be presented with a different list of documents than on Common App. In this sense, it’d be wise to review and analyze what the university’s application form requests to fill in from all applicants. In this scenario, students are expected to prepare a total of two Tulane essays. The first one usually revolves around elaboration on your extracurricular activity, work, or any other experience. It is quite common for Tulane to highlight that this institution highly values the skills, which can be obtained outside the academic body.

The usual requirement for this type of assignment is to write from 20 to 250 words and closely elaborate on one or many extracurricular activities. Please keep in mind that if you’ve chosen a Tulane Application form, this form is a must and should not be misunderstood with Common Application documents. The second written assignment for Tulane University specifies that prospective students have to write 50-800 words on a predefined topic. This topic asks to elaborate why such students are particularly interested in Tulane University in the first place. In other words, this written assignment is basically a Why Tulane essay, which is similar to dozens of other admission papers in other universities. Because of the considerable word count, it’s always recommended to stay on the topic. A general recommendation for all applicants is to research more about Tulane before wrapping up all the personal motivations and ideas.

Common Motivation Letters to Tulane University

Since Tulane is quite flexible in accepting various formats of application essays, there’s always an option to apply via the Common App. Please note that if you choose this option, you won’t be required to submit the mentioned earlier Tulane University application papers. At the moment of writing, the Common Application form has enlisted seven prompts on its official website. The topics range from the accomplishment discussion and what makes you happy to learn from your mistakes and identity peculiarities.

From a particular perspective, it’s up to all prospective students to stick to either a Tulane Application form or the one offered by Common App. The significant difference is that the latter option requires you to submit just a single essay against the two papers of the Tulane Application form. Regardless of what approach you choose, introduction essays are just one of many steps you need to take to complete the admission procedure.

Applying to Tulane University: Other Details

Except for preparing a statement, one should remember that Tulane requires other documents and proper steps to apply there. As it happens in other educational institutions in the United States, there are binding, non-binding, and standard application forms. The non-binding one is also called the Early Action process, which does not oblige a prospective student to withdraw all other applications after getting admitted to Tulane. The Early Action binding one has a deadline a few months later than the non-binding one and requires staying committed to studying in this university.

Lastly, there is a Regular Decision form, which revolves similarly to the procedures in other US universities. Please note that the Early Action forms specify that you must pass the ACT or SAT by October. In turn, a Regular Decision form needs students to pass one of the standardized tests by December. Before deciding to continue with admission via the Common App or Tulane application forms, these steps are a must. After all the required documents are submitted, you can check the status of your application in the official online status portal. There, you can also review all relevant information on financial aid via the Gibson Online platform.

Cover Letters and Recommendations for Home-Schoolers

It is also worth mentioning that a Tulane University application for home-schoolers is alike for regular schoolers. Still, Tulane has an additional list of recommendations and requirements for home-schoolers. In particular, this university requires homeschoolers to:

  1. Submit all relevant information on dual college enrollment
  2. Prepare two additional letters of recommendation from people who are not relatives
  3. Get ready for additional admission interviews, which are highly encouraged

Even though such requirements apply, the admission procedure for home-schoolers is alike to regular schoolers. A vital recommendation is to get ready for additional admission interviews, which will surely be handy during the admission procedure.

Introduction Essays for Transfer and International Students

Besides the traditional admission procedure and a set of rules for home-schoolers, this educational institution is open for transfer and international students. The university’s website points out that nearly 175 transfer students join the Tulane community yearly. Still, the procedure is a bit different from the usual college admission process. In particular, all transfer students have to submit the following documents:

  • High school transcript
  • Optional ACT or SAT test score
  • College transcripts

For international transfer students, the obligatory documents to submit are:

  • Certification of Finances form
  • WES Evaluation if you were studying in a non-American university

The list of documents is a bit different from other application forms for this university so please double-check if you’ve submitted all of them beforehand.

General Tips for Writing Tulane Statement Letters

If you have some admission experience before, you know how complicated it can be to surprise the commission. That’s why it’s no shame, even for the most ambitious students, to seek professional help. On our site, academic specialists have gathered a wide array of Why Tulane essay examples. You are absolutely welcome to review them for free, which can be of good use for your writing in some time.

Alternatively, a generally helpful tip for all applicants to Tulane is to buy a paper from one of the competent writers. If you feel that such type of help is needed for you, don’t waste any more time and contact one of our writers. In just a few days, you’ll have a perfectly tailored essay, which will be suitable for either a Common App or Tulane application form. In some cases, such help is most efficient for students who might stress a lot, which is common for such stressful periods as admissions.

Except for offering our help, there are other recommendations, which helped lots of applicants in their adventure to the Tulane community. The university itself is a solid research institution with a strong emphasis on research facilities. If you have any relevant experience in this field, it should be highlighted in the first place. Do your best to integrate your research skills the real-life situations to show how you can work with applied academic methods.

Another useful recommendation to deliver a top-notch Tulane application essay is to stay brutally honest and personal. There’s no better way to get things done with the admission than to write everything as it is. It applies not only to your experiences but also sketches for research plans and extracurricular activities. Take your time to do some research on what might interest you and think closely about how you can combine your experiences with available opportunities. Once again, please note that lying in a Tulane supplement essay is a terrible idea. Staying honest and straightforward can boost your chances of getting all the way to the Tulane community while lies and exaggerations don’t.

Last but not least is to remember that you’re competing against hundreds of motivated applicants. That means you should do your best at every step of the admission procedure. It is exceptionally true for writing a Why Tulane essay, which is a great chance to speak about your academic dreams in this educational community. That’s why you should get ready beforehand, take a look at all Tulane University application examples we’ve gathered for you, and write a perfect essay. On our side, we’re happy to share all the relevant sample examples and be helpful in your way to Tulane. Please don’t forget that you can order an inexpensive essay from our service if you feel that you need some extra help with the admission procedure. Besides that, we can only wish you the best of luck in making it to Tulane, a truly great place for academic and career endeavors.

About Tulane University

Tulane University is a prestigious educational institution, which has been operating as a comprehensive university since 1847. As a whole, Tulane is organized as ten separate schools, which are all based around sciences, liberal arts, and related disciplines. With a total of ten schools, ranging from Liberal Arts and Science and Engineering to School of Medicine and Law School, there is plenty of room for prospective students. At the moment of writing, Tulane University is ranked #42 in the list of national US universities.

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