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After I graduate in electrical engineering

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Essay, Pages 3 (614 words)



Essay, Pages 3 (614 words)

After I graduate from HCT and get a bachelor’s in electrical engineering, I will begin to achieve three goals which are:-

  • The first one is to start a small business for an Event photographer on 2029.
  • The second goal is to work in Dubai municipality as an environmental engineer on 2024.
  • The third goal is to take a master’s degree in Environmental Engineering from Khalifa University on 2023.

My purpose: to be an active person in UAE society, being an autonomous person and serve my country.

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My vision: is to leave a good impression of myself among the people and to be a better person

My mission: is to develop the renewable energy sector and raise awareness among people about environmental conservation.

The Three keys questions that guide my choice:

What kind of job do I love?

I like Environmental engineer because I want to raise awareness among people about the environment, being an active part in improving the society, protect the environment and natural sources.

What is my ambition?

To reach a stage where people can understand the importance environment by my job and I want to raise awareness among people about the environment, being an active part in improving society.

How could I make my family and country proud of me?

By being a successful person and do something that serves my country that will keep my family proud of me.

How to be qualified in obtaining a scholarship:

  • I should gain at least GPA 3 from Bachelor program and score in IELTS 6.

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  • The opportunity that I could have it, after finishing my master’s degree likes
  • Work as a Green Building Engineer in Dubai municipality.(1)
  • Get a master in Renewable Energy Engineering from the National Research University in Russia.(2)
  • Work as an electrical engineer in China State Construction Corporation in Dubai.(3)

Positioning statement:

My name is Wasayef Saeed, I am a student in Higher Colleges of Technology. My specialty is power engineering. In addition, I learned from my major how to arrive my target by hard-working and Challenge and insistence to overcome difficulties and how to organize time as an engineer also I am ambition student; I have a strong desire to learn new things, improve my skills and take part in developing my country. I got an Appreciation Certificate from design thinking course because of my project also my GPA is good

There are some external factors could affect my success for example:

  • lack of confidence
  • lack of skills
  • Depending on others

To minimize the risks:

  • I should do a lot of volunteering
  • Presentation in the classes to overcome the low self-confidence.
  • Participation in summer training to be an independent person and attending a workshop to improve my skills.

As a student in SWC, I practice ethical principle in my daily life likes:

  • Not cheating at exams.
  • Respect my teachers.
  • Respect my classmates.
  • Being honest, polite and fair in dealing with others.

I consider my mom, my younger sister Aisha and my friend Afra as mentors. For many reason which are:

  • Firstly, I chose my mom because she always encourages me to do my best and shares her experience in life with me to learn from it to be a better person.
  • Secondly, I Chose my younger sister Aisha because she is an hopeful, person and I usually discuss with her about anything regarding to my life to know her opinion.
  • Lastly, my friend Afra is an excellent student, intelligent, sometimes help me doing my tasks and gave me some advice for successes in college.

To conclude, I consider myself an environmental engineer, hardworking student, and responsible citizen, ambitious, successful, Loyal.


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