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Every year students face the exact need to apply for university. The choice is broad, but here comes the tricky part — everyone has to write application essays and provide the universities with a perfect portfolio with SAT or ACT scores. Some might find the task easy and won’t stress about it that much, but for another half of the learners writing part is a complex assignment. To qualify for college, students have to turn in an essay or a couple of them, telling why they chose a particular graduate school. The answer for Gallaudet University is obvious, but putting it into words will take some time, won’t it?

On this page, you will find some essential information about the school itself, its values, and its mission, which will help you to get into details while completing the Gallaudet university application essays. Also, if you can’t get through, lack creativity due to anxiety, or have any other problem, we’re ready to help you! Our services aim to support you while providing the statement and filling up the application form. We know all the essay tricks and promise to provide high-quality research before returning the written paper. Otherwise, students are free to try their skills using our tips and advice without the need to buy a completed assignment. Quality essays examples from our site will assist you to apply to Gallaudet University. By cooperating, you will definitely get to the Gallaudet University of your dream.

Introduction to Gallaudet University

The story of Gallaudet University starts long back in the 1816. The place was established by the emigrants from France, Laurent Clerc, and Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet, who had the sole purpose of opening the first school for deaf people. Later, with the support of President Abraham Lincoln and Congress, they extended their ideas and founded the University.

Gallaudet school quickly became the top choice for bachelor’s and master’s degree students. The programs were perfectly tailored to visual learning and language. They promoted social justice and the rights of deaf and hard-of-hearing learners. The school still maintains its vision and mission, supporting the founders’ original goals. It has grown way beyond expectations, offering the best services and experience.

Gallaudet University is an exact place for your prosperity. It values each individual and helps you develop in various domains and find your own uniqueness. Here, students can leave all their doubts behind and fully embrace themselves!

Vital Missions for Graduate School

Since the beginning, Gallaudet University has aimed to become a reputable institution that provides deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals with higher education. Today, they offer the most diverse, bilingual, and multicultural programs, teaching in American Sign Language (ASL) and English. The school maintains a proud tradition by:

  • preparing students for the rapidly changeable future
  • training them to stand out in a competitive and technological society
  • teaching how to get various career opportunities


Gallaudet school set a precise goal to be the university of choice for most deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing learners from all around the world. In return, they teach and pursue careers among the most diverse and qualified group of students. Providing undergraduates with knowledge and practical skills is also a priority task for professors. They help everyone individually to achieve professional and personal goals in today’s local and global communities.

Admission Process: Entrance Essay of Personal Statement

To get to know the applicant better, the admission committee asks them to write a short essay on the given topic. Although, sometimes, writing an essay isn’t one of the Gallaudet university requirements, and the theme of your text might vary according to your preferences. Yet, the task is an amazing opportunity to demonstrate your skills, show how consistently and clearly you express your opinion and put it into words. It helps the applicant tell more about themselves apart from the exam scores and school grades.

You can think about what else you want to distinguish and share, tell your unique story. In case you’re too anxious and lost in a wide range of topics, you can pay a certain price to use our online prompts and choose the one that suits you and resonates the most. Gallaudet University essay word limit goes up to 500 words, meaning you should meet the requirement. But remember that the goal is to develop the chosen topic and not strictly stick to the full possible size of the essay. You can stick to it in case you feel like you want to tell more. However, you’re not obligated to.

Background Story

Learning more about future students is a joy for the admission committee. If you have any interesting and unique hobbies, skills, or talents, feel free to tell the entrance bureau about them. Stick to those interests that you believe could complete your application and make it presentable or put you in a better light.

Life Lesson

Another option is to share the life lesson that has changed your vector of development and is considered the foundation of your nowadays’ success. Try to remember a time when you faced a setback, challenge, or failed something important. Tell the committee how this situation impacted your life and affected your point of view. Make sure to mention what you’ve learned that day.

Reflection of a Belief or an Idea

Bring up an idea or a belief that you doubt. Picking this prompt for the Gallaudet university essay, you should go into deep research and explain to the university bureau what steered you upon this. Add facts and reflect on the main ideas of the chosen topic. At the end of the paper, make a short conclusion showing the outcome of your work.

Motivational Story

Telling the initial motivation story is also a good choice. You might narrate about someone who has surprised you with something, making you happy or thankful. Again, reflect on the situation and write how it influenced and motivated you. Explain why you have decided to follow the example of the person from your story.

Personal Growth Story for College Admission

Everyone has been through a changing situation. It might be an event, an accomplishment, or simply the fresh realization that impelled personal growth. Maybe you have understood something new about yourself or any other area of your life. Feel free to share the experience and leave all the doubts behind.

Captivating Idea

Describing an idea for internship that inspires you to plunge into research and thinking works perfectly as well. Write to Gallaudet University about a concept or other essay topics that make you forget about the time. Tell the committee why you’re sparked by this and why it captivates your attention. What is the outcome of this process, and what positive changes do you notice afterward?

The Topic of Your Choice

You can either use our essay examples to write a quality entrance letter to Gallaudet University or are free to choose the topic without depending on online offers. To make the task easier, you can pick something you have already written before. This way, you’ll be more confident about how your paper resonates with others. Here everything is up to your special design and taste. Show the entrance bureau how creative you are! Use our essay examples to write a quality entrance letter to Gallaudet University.

Successful Cover Letter: General Tips for Applying to Gallaudet University

Applying for graduate school is a stressful period. You don’t know whether your grades are good or the motivational letter is decent enough to get in. Learners might also try different types of financial support in case it’s necessary:

  1. Scholarship programs
  2. Student loans
  3. University financial aid
  4. Personal scholarships

Mostly, Gallaudet University requires a particular list of documents that can be found on the official website. If you’re not sure about your own skills, don’t be afraid to apply to our experts — they will deliver complete high-quality papers in the short term and for relatively cheap rates. A well-written admission essay for Gallaudet University might change the admission committee’s opinion to the best. In addition, you might explain why you need to apply for scholarships by providing documents about a family condition or certain personal causes, such as the unique knowledge and experience the University might give you.

Further, you will find some prompts on how to write a proper statement letter for university:

Avoid drama

Many learners are used to writing teary stories, thinking it will help them get through the admission. Yet, Gallaudet University is about strength and a strong wish to develop what you’re capable of. Try to show yourself on the positive side, describe exciting events, and prove that you need to be among the freshmen of a new semester. Although, if your conditions are necessary to mention, share them but remain consistent with this part.

Stay realistic

Don’t be ashamed to tell about your achievements and projects that you have successfully organized. The only remark here is don’t exaggerate. Understandably, everyone wants to seem worth the place at the school but inventing events that have never happened is inappropriate. Often, smaller milestones are more cherished than a big story.

Be fair

Lying is much easier to detect than it seems. The entrance committee values the real you, your thoughts, views, and goals. Show them that you’re not crying for help but firmly staying on your feet, confidently looking to the future. They will see your potential and a desire to achieve a set goal.

Emphasize the benefits for both sides

The University bureau likes motivated students. Tell them your plans: both short- and long-termed. Try to describe the importance of the knowledge you’ll get in the school, and mention the possible outcomes of you being a student, particularly of Gallaudet University. The committee has to understand your plans and know what to do next.

Motivation Essay: Final Thoughts

Getting through University admission is a tough time. Scholars have to complete the portfolio with exam scores and write a presentable cover letter. It’s a challenging task to put all the thoughts in 500 words. But students can leave all their anxiety and doubts behind with the support of our services! No matter what, we’re ready to supply you with useful samples and pieces of advice or even write an application essay for low prices. Together, we will help you to get through all the rounds and unexpected complexities of essay research. Remember, you don’t have to put too much stress on yourself and deal with it alone!

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