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Feet Descriptive Essay

Categories: Descriptive

My Feet By Chris Grace Resting on the floor when I look down is one of the least favored parts on my body, my feet. The marble-like color of pink and tan blended together and the almost engraved looking marks around my ankle from wearing socks all day make them just make up some of the characteristics I hate about my feet. From the bottom of them being as rough as sandpaper and flowing into the top where it is smooth as a baby’s face to the tops of my toes coming to a ball shape like an aliens fingers there is just something weird about them.

Another thing that characterizes them as weird would be all of the odd shapes and curves they contain. There are the shapes of the muscles of each toe almost shaped like straws under your skin. Along with them are the toes. They vary from being very plump and roundly shaped like the big toe to the long slender shape of the toes next to it or even to the short mangled shape of the pinky toe.

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I would also characterize my feet as being gross.

The dark black hair sprouting out of the tops of my toes is very unappealing. Along with that is the smell of my feet after a long day of work. It is almost as if somebody let a dead animal rot in my shoe and I smell that. Another thing that makes my feet gross to me is the way that they sweat when it is scorching hot outside.

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I take off my shoe and they remind me of how my feet would be after just stepping out of a shower.

The last thing I would characterize my feet as would be amazing. Although they can be gross and weird they are an amazing part of my body. The way you can see all the muscles tighten up and release while walking along with the tendons pulling on your toes is very interesting when you watch it. It makes you wonder how something so odd, disgusting, and very useful is never taken to notice in our lives.

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