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Descriptive Essay: Alundra

Alundra is my second child who is 16 years old. She’s been with me since she was two and I couldn’t ask for it to be any different. I know everything about her including her personality, behavior, and character traits. I know some parents aren’t close to their children, but Alundra and I are like best friends before anything. We come to each other with all of our problems and secrets therefore I know how she handles certain situations and how her emotions would escalate during those situations.

Alundra has been around me for so long that I can describe her in a heartbeat. Some things I know about my daughter is that even if she is shy and quiet, she will use her strength to protect her family and friends in any way possible.

Alundra stays to herself because she has social anxiety. I remember a time where we went to the grocery store and I had forgot to grab some things, so I told her to wait in line for me.

I wasn’t gone for more than three minutes and when I came back, she told me that she couldn’t breathe or talk to the cashier who was talking to her. I didn’t know what was going on, i thought she was overreacting but turns out that she couldn’t be by herself around big crowds of people. I would have never thought that I would have a child with anxiety but even though Alundra does have anxiety I don’t see anything wrong with her.

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I believe some parents let mental challenges change the way they see their child but with this case, that’s not it. Alundra is the type of female that will rock with somebody until enough is enough. She sees the good in people even when they’re doing wrong. She doesn’t care about a person’s flaws, imperfections or anything of that such. My daughter has the best personality that I know of, it’s kind of like God knew exactly what he was doing when he created her for me.

Alundra is a strong young lady who is very intelligent and strong minded. She has very strong opinions meanwhile she cares about other people’s opinions too. Alundra strives for the best and she doesn’t settle for the quicker things. To me, Alundra is going to be somebody big in this world. Her work ethic and the way she carries herself is amazing to me. In my eyes, Alundra has no flaws, but she thinks her stomach and arms are too big, she thinks she’s too short and that her feet are too big. She is perfect no matter what she says, that’s the way I see it. My daughter has overcame a lot of obstacles for her to only be sixteen, she’s struggled with bipolar depression and anxiety and for her to be progressing in a great way just shocks me very much.

In conclusion, I could never ask for a better daughter. Alundra has taught me so much in her years of life and for me to be forty it makes me thank god that I can learn things from my daughter. Seeing my daughter strive to be the best person she can be, and just try to make me proud is heart-warming. In this essay I stated the physical characteristics of my daughter, her personality, and her character traits. Alundra is a wonderful human being and I am so proud to call her my daughter. I think everyone needs an Alundra in their life because its only right.

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