Home or Away: Balancing Independence and Support in University Life

Living at home or moving away from families while studying at university?

In many cities, lack of universities with a wide range of studying fields forces students to leave their families and move to other places. However, there are many students who continue their education in institues and colleges in their own town while living with their families.

Both of these catogories have their own pros and cons which will be brifely discussed below. Students who live apart from their families face more challenges than those who live with their families. They have to stand on their feet and solve problems, ranging from fixing such as plumbing to even emotional problems like loneliness. In contrast, those who stay at their hometown, may do not suffer from many of those problems, or even if they do, have already hands to help.

In fact, they can rely on their family members help. However, living alone during studying has its own advantages. Experiencing complete independence and facing life's challenges increase one's self-esteem.

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This also may cause of students become more confident about their abilities. In addition to this, students can make many friends who probably some of them will become as close friend as their family members. Not surprisingly, those who still live with their families hardly can gain such valuable experience at the time of studying.

To sum up, students studying in a city different from their family city experience much more difficulties but benefit from being independent. By contrast, although those who live and study with their parents would face less problems, they probably cannot gain living experience as much as the first group during their study.

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Updated: Nov 30, 2023
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