Pharmacy School Personal Statement

As one of the aspiring pharmacists in the country, my personal and career goal is to be in line with the top-rated practitioners in pharmacy. Hence, it has always been my dream to serve the public, most specially those who are sick and in need of appropriate pharmaceutical assistance. I am aware of the fact that this career demands more of my time because serving these people matters the most. As such, I can say that the work environment in this occupation would never be easy.

Moreover, as a postulant in this line of work, I hold on to my oath by rendering quality services for those people who require pharmaceutical aid.

As one of the aspiring professionals in pharmacy, I am well guided by my mission and desire to render my quality service for the patients and for this profession. Likewise, assisting people with their pharmaceutical requirements in the most effectual way is one of the most efficient sources of motivation in performance of my duties and responsibilities as medical personnel.

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Certainly, witnessing people and patients receive the ample service they deserve serves as my primary source of inspiration to move forward and feel optimistic in this field.

Ever since I was young, my dream of being a pharmacist in the future is clearly evident as I usually envision of this dream every time my mother gave me medicine to take when I am sick and eventually I would feel a lot better after being administered with the correct type and dosage.

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Since then, the question of how such specific medicine could work in the human body to cure diseases and other health problems had guided me to find out more about pharmacy. In addition to this, I just attended a program at Texas A&M University and received quality training that would definitely be helpful for me.

Apart from this, my enthusiasm in pharmacy is already evident during my younger days as I have broad interest in science. As such, I have been through different formal courses about science in order to improve my medical capabilities and broaden my knowledge, skills, and abilities, which could definitely help me in the achievement of my goal in the field of pharmacy. Particularly, I would state that I am ready to undergo the rigorous training under the doctoral degree program in pharmacy in consideration of my work ethics and actual hours of rendering pharmaceutical services.

Thus, I acquired useful and relevant experiences in pharmacy through my former training where I worked as a pharmacy technician. Thus, through these experiences I learned how to work closely with my colleague in achieving a unified goal in pharmacy. Nonetheless, this actual work had taught me how to get along with the patients that I consider a key factor to achieve success in the work place. As I undergo a series of actual pharmaceutical practices, it is perceived that these practical experiences have taught me meaningful insights for this specific line of work.

Apart from being well-equipped with formal academic knowledge in pharmacy, being into various actual pharmaceutical practices has helped me well in improving and developing my sense of responsibility and enthusiasm as a pharmacist. Hence, this opportunity to work as a pharmacy technician had given me the chance to experienced valuable actual practices that would be advantageous for me when the time comes that I apply for doctoral degree program in pharmacy. In addition to this, getting involved in various civic activities that has the goal of helping other people enables me to combine work, passion, and volunteerism.

Nonetheless, I am given the sense of pride and worth through these activities. In the end, in able to achieve this specific goal of mine, I accept the fact that I have to undergone formal doctoral pharmacy degree. Certainly, I truly believe that through this higher level of learning, I would be able to acquire necessary knowledge that could help me in improving and developing positive characteristics in order to become an outstanding and well-rounded pharmacist. Nonetheless, I hereby submit myself to receive the needed degree in pharmacy in aid of my pursuance to my career and personal goal.

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