Pharmacy Inventory System Essay

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Pharmacy Inventory System


A pastor named Ferdie Sinense together with his wife Marisa Sinense who works as an auditor, established Rapa Generics Pharmacy on September 23, 2011. The main branch of this Pharmacy is located at Las Piňas-Zapote Road in Las Piňas City. Anthony Rudil, a licensed pharmacist and Jennifer Robela the assistant pharmacist are currently managing the business. In addition to that, the business opened its door to three more branches located in Pulang Lupa, Las Piňas and Marikina. The advent of new technology, most company nowadays is using computers in their transactions. Pharmacies in particular, are now making their systems computerized since that helps them minimize the time and efforts consumed by using manual system. Point-of-Sale Inventory System is one of the essential components of a successful business. It is a modern replacement for cash register in retail applications. It can help to record securely all the sales and customer’s orders and track products.

A sale refers to the exchange of product or services for an amount of money or its equivalent while inventory, on the other hand, is the total amount of items and the act of counting them. A pharmacy owner must know the precise number of items in their storage areas in order to place orders and control losses up to date. Hence, computerizing both Sales and Inventory System will make an easier and faster transaction among the customers as well as monitoring the stocks of the products. Furthermore, the system also gives the person up-to-the-minute and detailed information on each item in your inventory. He/she will know exactly how much inventory comes in; is on-hand now, and where it goes. In fact, most entrepreneurs these days find that computerizing a system gives them a far wider range of information with less effort.

Sales and inventory programs now on the market allows one to track usage, monitor changes in unit costs, calculate items when you need to reorder, and analyze inventory levels on an item-to-item basis. In contrast, using a manual Point of Sale (POS) with Inventory System can affect the whole business process in terms of sales and security of confidential documents since it is not reliable enough. Common problems like slow inventory process, lost records, inventory shortages, and high risk of errors can affect the whole business as a whole. Point of Sale with Inventory System makes a particular business much more efficient, lowering the costs of running the business while improving customer service and making the business more pleasant to work with. It also helps the management to control the inventories, lower overall operating costs in the areas of labor, facilities and logistics as well as improve customer service metrics and fulfillment rates.


1.3.1 General Objective

The purpose of this study is to create and design a Point of Sale and Inventory System which will make every transaction easier, fast, secured, efficient and reliable by increasing information reporting accuracy transaction monitoring of Rapa Generics Pharmacy.

1.3.2 Specific Objectives

* To concentrate automated inventory and sales reports.
* To provide a better security for pharmacy inventory management system for pharmacy inventory management system. * To save manpower and at the same time increase the daily activities. * To build an inventory system that includes transaction process, so it will enable to calculate the stock balance. * Helps to make sure that product purchased from a supplier is correctly dispensed to the customer.


This study aims to develop a Point of Sale (POS) Inventory System which will address the following problems of Rapa Generics Pharmacy: * How might a computerized system differ from a manual system for processing a transaction? * How a computerized system can reduce human effort and errors in processing transaction? * How can be the inventory records arranged in proper order? * How accurate the information of a product if it is available? * What is the assurance for the security of a record?


This study will help the Rapa Generics Pharmacy for keeping track of the sales and the inventory. Specifically, this study aims to give benefit to the following: Owner. Using computerized point of sales and inventory system is efficient to use so the benefits of it is the owner can search the products availability faster and also they can check the sales and inventory records easily. Customer. They can save time when they buy large quantity of products especially they don’t need to fall in line. Stock Clerk. They are updated the availability of a products. They can easily change the prices of a product.


This study focuses on making a computerized point of sale and inventory system to alter the manual/traditional way so that transactions in the field will become more reliable and to resolve some problems that were encountered using the old / manual system. This study will be conducted in Zapote Road, Las Piñas City particularly in the field of Rapa Generics Pharmacy. It will cover its employees as well as some members of the said Pharmacy. It will involve fieldwork, several interviews with the owner, some employees, and customers as well as observing their activities which may contribute to their existing problem. This system is limited only for recording data and calculations in the pharmacy. It can’t be use or any other records like information system and payroll computing. The system will also not accept a credit card as payment and our proposed system is not online or web base transactions.


Ancillary Business. This term describes any business enterprise created by a law firm or lawyer that offers law-related services to their clients and to those new clients who are not customers of the lawyer or law firm being provided. It is also referred to as “dual practice” business. Centerpiece. This term is something in a central position and most important feature. Generics. This term described any products as a food, drug or cosmetics that can be sold without a brand name. Interactive Voice Response(IVR). This term allows customers to interact with a company’s host system via telephone keypad or by speech recognition and it also a technology that allows a computer to interact with humans through the use of voice. Missouri’s Ozark Country(MTM).This term is a country located in South Central Missouri in the United States. The county was eventually renamed to Ozark County after the Ozark Mountains and was officially organized on January 29,1841.

Medication Therapy Management(MTM). This term is a service or group of services that optimizes drug therapy with the intent of improved therapeutic outcomes for individual patients .Formulating a medication treatment plan, monitoring efficacy and safety of medication therapy, enhancing medication adherence through patient empowerment and education, and documenting and communicating MTM services to prescribers in order to maintain comprehensive patient care. Niche. This term is the habitat supplying the factors necessary for the existence of an organism or species the ecological role of an organism in a community especially in regard to food consumption; a specialized market. Patent. This term is a legal document affording full protection for any new or useful device. Design or other invention: open to public knowledge.

Pharmaceutical. This term is related to pharmacy or pharmacists; “the pharmaceutical industry” And also related to drugs used in medical treatment; drug or medicine that is prepared or dispensed in pharmacies and used in medical treatment. Pharmacist Clerk. This term describes to the one employed to keep records or accounts or to perform general works. Point of Sales. This term is a modern replacement for the cash register in retail applications. It can help to record securely all the sales and customer’s orders and track products. A sale refers to the exchange of product or services for an amount of money or its equivalent. Practitioners. This term is a person engaged in the practice of a profession or occupation and also a person who practices something specified. Probiotics.

This term is a live microorganisms that may confer a health benefit on the host. Probiotics are also delivered in fecal transplants, in which stool from a healthy donor is delivered like a suppository to an infected patient. Rox Express Delivery. This term is a UK delivery. Orders under £50 are shipped via Royal Mail Signed For with a shipping time of 3-5 working days after dispatch. Stock. This term describes as a supply of something; a store of goods in a shop, warehouse. Synergy. This term describes as the interaction of multiple elements in a system to produce an effect different from or greater than the sum of their individual effects; it also means working together. United States Route 66. This term also known as the Will Rogers Highway and colloquially known as the Main Street of America or the Mother Road, was a highway within the United States Highway System. One of the original United States Highways, Route 66 was established on November 11, 1926—with road signs erected the following year. Widespread. This term describes as a spread over a wide area or extending over a wide area.


2.2.1 Local Literature

Rose Pharmacy is one of the Philippines’ top pharmaceutical retailers with over 183 branches it was established in 1952 in Cebu City with the customer being the centrepiece of its corporate plans, Rose Pharmacy has streamlined its branch operation by installing advanced point of sales system in all branches thereby providing not only fast and efficient computerized service but also accurate accounting and inventory monitoring. Rose Pharmacy’s also enhance customer service thru on-line product inquiry and ordering and other on-line services.

2.2.2 Foreign Literature

Beginning in the late 1970s, a number of vendors began developing software systems to manage paper-based documents. These systems dealt with paper documents, which included not only printed and published documents, but also photographs, prints, etc. Later developers began to write a second type of system which could manage electronic documents, all those documents, or files, created on computers, and often stored in users’ local file-systems. The earliest electronic document management (EDM) systems managed either proprietary file types, or a limited number of file formats. Many of these systems later became known as document imaging systems, because they focused on the capture, storage, indexing and retrieval of image file formats. EDM systems evolved to a point where systems could manage any type of file format that could be stored on the network. The applications grew to encompass electronic documents, collaboration tools, security, workflow, and auditing capabilities.

These systems enabled an organization to capture faxes and forms, to save copies of the documents as images, and to store the image files in the repository for security and quick retrieval (retrieval made possible because the system handled the extraction of the text from the document in the process of capture, and the text-indexer function provided text-retrieval capabilities). While many EDM systems store documents in their native file format (Microsoft Word or Excel, PDF), some web-based document management systems are beginning to store content in the form of html. These policy management systems require content to be imported into the system. However, once content is imported, the software acts like a search engine so users can find what they are looking for faster. The HTML format allows for better application of search capabilities such as full-text searching and stemming.


2.3.3 Local Study

Healthcare industries today are looking for opportunities to improve their daily operations efficiencies by reducing costs without effecting patient care. In addition, for these industries to function better they require accurate medical supply and equipment orders, tailored to the patient’s needs, and delivered on-time. Inventory is a subject in business that is hope can maximize profit. However, in many cases inventory has turned into a major cash flow constraint that cause necessary to optimize inventory using analytical and statistical methods in manual approach that is using papers. This will lead to paper wastage. In healthcare industries, inventory management system can handle their inventory especially in pharmacy department. This includes all the activities that run in a pharmacy such as transaction, order items, items movement tracking, and generate reports.

2.3.4 Foreign Study


The health care in modern days has become more complex sophisticated and more expensive in terms of cost of drugs, surgical equipment and hospital stay. With rise in per capital income of general population and also with rise in the level of general information and education of people, the demand for more sophisticated medical care has come up. However, the rise in hospital costs has been substantially more than the rise in general consumer price. “Since 1950, the cost of one day’s stay in a hospital has increased more than 1,000 percent compared with 135 percent climb in the consumer price index”. Economics of materials control is a matter of self presentation in today’s competitive environment.

Materials control is a matter of rupee control; it is axiomatic that stringent controls must be placed on higher value items. The management of inventory pares the avenues for optimizing the costs of Medicare services besides making available materials to the patients which increase the quality of health care services. Out of materials, drugs consume a major portion of hospital budget. The basic social issue confronting medical practice today is how to improve the organization of utilization of the fruits of medical knowledge, the technological advancement and managerial innovation in Health Care Institutions on most economical terms.

The rising hospital cost and methods to contain this have attracted the attention of one and all be it the professionals, the public and private sector management and even the trade union activist. The hospital management has to ensure the availability of various drugs round the clock as these are essential and vital for patient care. The Pharmacy Departments are most often charged with responsibility for managing drug and delivery system costs. Systems should develop to utilize drug and delivery resources in a cost effective fashion.

The pharmacy management team should focus on developing effective strategies to maximize leverage of drugs and human resource cost. Since there is widespread concern about the cost of health care, a variety of cost containment initiatives have been pursued. The main health concern now-a-days is allocation of resources on a rationale basis. Management must therefore lay stress on the cost analysis and formulate guidelines for the definitions of cost and established standards through cost analysis. Cost analysis is a research tool for the financial management in a hospital. The objective of the study was to analyze the drugs stored in Drug and Pharmacy of Sher-i-Kashmir institute of Medical sciences according to their cost and criticality.



The research method used in this study is the interview method. This method helped the proponents know what would be the appropriate system be used in making research work easier. This also helped in describing the existing manual system and explaining how the system works. The survey and observation method was used in determining what is the confusing question or situation that is difficult by the users.


The study was conducted in Rapa Generics Pharmacy Zapote Road, Las Piňas City to gather data and information. The proponents decided to improve the manual checking of the product, the manual receipt, and the sales that happen in a day, and monthly sales by creating or by developing a new highly computerized Point of Sales and Inventory System that eventually helps the company in the future.


The proposed system was made by gathering information from the internet, pharmacist, respondents and thesis book made from the previous students to give the proponents an idea. First, the proponents interviewed the Pharmacist at the drugstore who used the manual process of checking products, giving manual receipt and the proponents observed that pharmacist/employee exceed time to check their products, the remaining and expiration date of the products and eventually take risk of using the manual system.

Second, the proponents gave a survey questionnaire answerable by Yes or NO to the customer to gather some information if they encounter or not a problems by using manual system of Rapa Generics Pharmacy. After the survey, the proponents analyzed the answer of the respondents based on the questionnaire provided. The proponents tallied the result of the survey conducted at the Rapa Generics Pharmacy Zapote Road Las Pinas City. Then last, the proponents searched in the internet and different thesis made by the previous students to get more idea for the system.


The proponents gathered data and information through the internet, after the proponents made the propose system, keep the aforementioned helped or checking the in or out of the products and issuance of the receipt.


The proponents used survey questionnaire answerable by Yes or No or quantitative method of research as an instrument to gather more information. A self-administered questionnaire was distributed to the customers. The questionnaire was structured in such a way that the respondents will be able to answer it easily. In this type of questionnaire, the respondents will give five questions. Make some questions to be answered by the pharmacist and the owner regarding the advantages of manual system and our proposed system because this is the convenient and the easiest way for the proponents, for the customer and for the Pharmacist so they will not disturb for what they doing.


At first the proponents find a company who are using manual system. The proponents explained and discussed to the staff about the intention of the researcher to their company. Then, the researcher asked permission to the one of the employee if it is ok to them if the proponents make a computerized Point of Sale and Inventory System for their company with a promised that all the information gathered is confidential. It’s only for the researcher’s thesis. After the proponents got the permission from the owner of Rapa Generics Pharmacy. The proponents conduct a title defence if it would pass to the proponents’ professor. After the title defence the proponents started to study the flow of the manual system by interviewing the Pharmacist at the drugstore who use the manual process of checking products, giving manual receipt and the proponents observed that pharmacist/employee exceed time to check their products, the remaining and expiration date of the products and eventually take risk of using the manual system.

Second, the proponents gave a survey questionnaire answerable by Yes or NO to the customer to gather some information if they encounter or not a problems by using manual system of Rapa Generics Pharmacy. After the survey, the proponents analyzed the answer of the respondents based on the questionnaire provided. The proponents tallied the result of the survey conducted at the Rapa Generics Pharmacy Zapote Road Las Pinas City. Then last, the proponents searched in the internet and different thesis made by the previous students to get more idea for the system. After that the researcher started to make the computerize Point of Sale Inventory System and its documentation.


The Pharmacist said that she estimate their customers every weekends like Friday, Saturday and Sunday are 100 to 150 customers in Rapa Generics Pharmacy. Out of the said estimated customers, the proponents got 50 respondents of Rapa Generics Pharmacy to gather information. 50 respondents answered the survey questionnaires made from the researchers. The proponents used the Incidental Sampling in choosing those costumers of Rapa Generics Pharmacy who are most available to be asked. The total respondents are 50 out of many customers who encounter a problem by using a manual system of the said Pharmacy.


For gathering information from Rapa Generics Pharmacy, the proponents used an Incidental Sampling. This is a sample which is taken because they are the most available. The researcher simply takes the nearest individuals as subject of the study. The proponents used Incidental Sampling because this is the most convenient and not hassle especially to the customers. The following questions are answerable by YES or NO.

1. Do you prefer to use generic type of medicine?

Figure 1.1 Shows the distribution of respondents in terms of using generic type of medicine in and out of 50 respondents 39 people or 78% of the respondents answered YES and 11 people or 22% of the respondents answered NO. Based on some research, the generic medicine is a copy of the original branded product. Once the patient for the original product has run out, the pharmaceutical company who developed the medicine no longer has the exclusive right to produce and distribute the medicine. Other pharmaceutical companies are able to create their own version of the medicine.

The type and quantity of the active ingredient in the generic product is the same as the branded version, but the inactive ingredients are slightly different. The generic medicine is sold under a different brand name and it may look different (e.g. in color or shape) to the original. Without properly understanding the similarities and differences between generic and branded medicines, it is easy to become confused and anxious about taking a new medicine. This is particularly the case when someone is used to taking a certain medicine and is introduced to a new medicine that has a different name and appearance but is ‘the same’ that’s why some people preferred to use this type of medicine. (Source: Virtual medical center) 2. Do you prefer to use Branded type of medicine?

Figure 1.2 Shows the distribution of respondents in terms of using Branded type of medicine and out of 50 respondents 13 people or 49% of the respondents answered YES and 37 people or 51% of the respondents answered NO. According to ( The Perceive Benefits of Generic Versus Branded Medicines ; University of Pretoria) Branded medicines are originator products or medicines that have been discovered by a company and are patented to maximize any economic gain that may result from being the sole company producing a new drug treatment for a particular illness or disease condition. This is the avenue for the company to recoup their expenditure in the area of Research and Development (R&D) of the drug. For a period of time after the patent is granted, no one else can produce a drug that is the same as the patented drug; the medicine belongs exclusively to the original company.

For this reason, branded medicines are the most well known and most trusted type of that particular medicine. (Google: Virtual Medical Center) as we can observe branded medicine is Pharmaceutical companies making branded medicines spend a lot of money building their brands, that is, that of the corporate image and those of their individual lines of products. 3. Did you experience to wait a long time when you buy a large quantity of medicine? Figure 1.3 Shows the distribution of respondents in terms of experiencing a long time when buying a large quantity of medicine and out of 50 respondents 35 people or 70% of the respondents answered YES and 15 people or 30% of the respondents answered NO. Previous research shows that the objective and subjective waiting time have negative effects on affective and cognitive waiting time evaluation. Taylor (1994) says that service delay will significantly influence the feeling of anger.

Moreover, Pruyn and Smidts (1998) find out that the perceived waiting time will affect the cognitive aspect of the waiting time evaluation. Consequently, perceived waiting time will influence on customers’ waiting time satisfaction. There are other reasons that will determine waiting time satisfaction. In psychological theory, during the waiting period, consumers face uncertainty about how long they have to wait, and experience stress (Bielen & Demoulin, 2007). Some researchers suggest that any information provided during the waiting period can reduce the uncertainty of the wait and lower the level of stress experienced by consumers (Bielen & Demoulin, 2007; Maister, 1985).

Moreover, the uncertainty waiting time will influence customers’ emotional responses, and then the customers’ emotional responses will affect their service evaluation to this restaurant (Bielen & Demoulin, 2007). For example, in some restaurants, when customers arrive, at the beginning, the host will ask them to wait around 30 minutes, but this 30 minutes just for waiting to get the beeper. After customers get the beeper, the host will tell them to wait another period of uncertainty time, in order to get seats. This situation will make customers feel this waiting period never ends and cause their anxious feeling.

4. Did you experience a long line when you buy a medicine?

Figure 1.4 Shows the distribution of respondents in terms of experiencing a long line when buying a medicine and out of 50 respondents 36 people or 71% of the respondents answered YES and 14 people or 29% of the respondents answered NO. The study investigates consumption time when waiting in line; especially the negative aspects associated with consumption time. To describe what is viewed as negative, wasted or unproductive consumption time spent in waiting lines, the term “regret time” is used. This allows the exploration to determine if an individual who does have “regret time” would alter his/her behavior (in the shopping situation) to reduce “regret time” and, if so, how this individual would alter his/her behavior. Thus, the hypothesis tested is: For individuals exhibiting different regret levels (ranging from high to low): A. Individuals with high regret levels will spend less time in grocery store waiting lines and thus alter their shopping behavior* by buying fewer groceries and spending less time shopping in the grocery store.

B. Individuals with low regret levels will spend more time in grocery store waiting and thus not alter their shopping behavior. *Altering shopping behavior might also include: switching grocery stores in the future, leaving the grocery store and returning at another time. (Advances in Consumer Research Volume 11, 1984 Pages 41-45 5. Did you experience an incorrect amount of change when you buy a medicine? Figure 1.5 Shows the distribution of respondents in terms of experiencing an incorrect amount of change when buying a medicine out of 50 respondents 31 people or 69% of the respondents answered YES and 19 people or 31% of the respondents answered NO.

This may be the cost of using manual system of giving a receipt for the customers and there are several factors that can be attributed to this problem First is lack of knowledge of the employee in terms of giving the right amount of change Second is because of the influx of customers. In many cases inventory has turned into a major cash flow constraint that cause necessary to optimize inventory using analytical and statistical methods in manual approach that is using papers. This includes all the activities that run in a pharmacy such as transaction, order items, items movement tracking, and generate reports.



4.1.1 Flow of the Existing System
In their manual existing system, the pharmacist writes down the products on the receipt in their transaction. The existing system uses manual process for searching the availability of the products for their inventory they are also using manual system. The pharmacist manually counts the products to know how many stocks are still available that’s why she exceeds too much time for checking and searching their products. And also it takes another time consuming by updating their inventory because the user also needs to record their sales when the day ends, to make every transactions’ recorded so that the owner can review their daily sales if their business is still going right and by doing all this needs much time to finish, effort in writing and focused on what she is doing.

4.1.2 Examination of the Process

Users who use manual system had a hard time in making transactions to customer, to check the products and its availability. The proponents observe that using manual system is not appropriate in the pharmacy. As the researcher observed they need many things to do and it consumes time by only doing those things like searching products in their manual list. They need to scan all their files to find what the customers need, and because of that it can cause to have a long line or the other customer waiting for their turn to buy a medicine. Waiting at such time some buyers didn’t have a long patience some will go and find another Pharmacy which they can buy faster at less time.

4.1.3 Comprehensive List of the Problem

There are some existing systems just like the hand written system which are not readable and, hence, cannot be understood checking the product. It is definitely hard to retrieve records through manual; in reference to this, the Pharmacy is contemplating how they could provide the best way of meeting customers need, wants and demand conducive to them and to the Pharmacy, respectively.

4.1.4 Data Flow Diagram of the Existing System

Manual Product Searching
When the customer buy a medicine they can ask to the Pharmacist and the pharmacist will search the product manually and give it to the customer . After the transaction the customer will pay and the pharmacist will provide a manual receipt.


4.1.5 Process Diagram of the Existing System
Selling Products
Receive Order

4.2.1 Overview of the Proposed System

After two months of hardship to complete this thesis, The proponents able to make a system which is Point of Sale and Inventory System for Rapa Generics Pharmacy to improve and help the employees and owner to easily check the availability of the products faster than their manual existing system. The proponents provide a system to help them make their work easier by making transactions and searching products. It is much faster and efficient than what they did before. Point of Sale and Inventory System is a computerized system also like their manual but this is much more user friendly to use and it is also secured because of having an account which only the admin can operate first before the employee, the employees can also make an account by the help of the admin so that they can also operate the system anytime.

Through this system once you type what you need to search it automatically shows the product what you need and once you make transactions the sales automatically updates the inventory, it counts the sales of products in the pharmacy every day, update the number of products or shocks they still have. The pharmacist can also add new products and delete some items and it can also record the delivery of products daily.

4.2.2 Flow of the proposed system

The flow of the proposed system revolves around two people, first is the pharmacist and the second is the administrator. Pharmacist must enter his/her password in the login form and when she/he entered a correct password then the program will automatically open but in a limited access, he/she can access only the form used in selling of products and also the printing of the receipt. Administrator, when the administrator is signed in, she/he can use all forms used in various transactions like suppliers from, product form to input new product, returned form to manage the product return, sale form, product display to form to search for an existing products, and the print form to monitor and create reports on list of products, product expiration, product warranty, sales, and returned products.

4.2.3 Benefits of the Proposed System

This proposed system will benefit the user which is the costumer, employee and the owner of the said Pharmacy. Through this system the user’s will not spend more time to check and update the availability of their products and also can help them to give the receipt for the costumer on time. This system can help them to do their task fast and easily.

4.2.4 DATA FLOW DIAGRAM OF THE PROPOSED SYSTEM Data Flow Diagram for Pharmacist

Product Search
Enter Password
Begin Transaction
Print Receipt Data Flow Diagram for Administrator
Check the Stocks
Check the Sales

Customer ask the
Pharmacist about the
Products he/she wanted to buy
Begin the
Password Process Diagram for Pharmacist
After searching, the pharmacists tell the customer if the products that he wanted to buy are available or not
The Customer tell how many product he/she needed
Pharmacist search the products
The pharmacist, compute the total cost and get the payment of the customer and give the change if there is a change Print the
Receipt Process Diagram for Administrator
Check the
Enter Password
View all the details that the admin wanted to know

Feasibility Analysis
In this generation people knew that it is a very high technology because of many gadgets existing, like android cell phones and very updated operating system so that the proponents thinks that creating an Point of Sale and Inventory System is possible by the help of computer application like the proponents use which is the visual basic enterprise 6.0, starting with brain storming on how this system flows so that the proponents knows where to start to make the system.

4.4.1 Operational Feasibility

The proposed system can be easily employed by the user since it is user-friendly and can be managed in a convenient way. The system is fully automated and everything can be attained by just clicking a certain button. Thus, users need not to worry anymore for the reason that the proposed Point of Sales and Inventory System is operationally feasible.

4.4.2 Technical Feasibility

The proponents applied new technology through using computerized system. The proposed system is compatible in windows XP and windows 7 and the software requirements in visual basic. The recommended hardware requirements are processor that must be Intel Pentium IV 1.5 GHz and the Random Access Memory should be 512 MB or higher and the hard disk drive should at least 100 MB if free space or higher and the operating system is Windows XP or any higher version. The proposed system will really help the Rapa Generics Pharmacy because of its efficiency in using and processing transactions by applying the technical requirements mentioned earlier.

4.3.3 Economic Feasibility

The researchers are certain that the proposed system is economically feasible because it can be afford at a price ranging from 10,000-15,000php. The technical requirements can be available in the nearest establishment selling computer parts and accessories that is why it is very accessible. The proposed system contains all in one package of a Point of Sales and Inventory System, hence users do not need to buy anything that will just add to the expenditures of the organization.

4.3.4 Schedule Feasibility

The proponents created and designed the proposed system within 3 months. The proponents constructed a computerized system and it took a lot of time for the team to accomplished it, never

4.4 System Development Life Cycle

4.4.1 System Planning

In system planning, first, the proponents provide different titles and conducted a title defense. The proponents got curious on the computerized Point of Sale and Inventory System. Second, the proponents interview the employee of the Pharmacy and study the flow in their existing manual system. It easy to plan on how to make a computerized system that will help to the staff for transacting to the customer. It will help also to easily find the availability of the products. The proponents planned to make a computerized Point of Sales and Inventory System at Rapa Generics Pharmacy because they are still using manual system.

4.3.5 System Analysis

In system analysis the proponents conducted an interview in the Rapa Generics Pharmacy with the branch Pharmacist to gather information regarding the existing system. The proponents conducted a survey to the customer to get their opinion about the existing manual system. If they encounter any problem for using a manual system of the Rapa Generics Pharmacy.

4.3.6 System Design

The proposed system is designed to handle the transaction in selling medicines in Rapa Generics Pharmacy. this system was created in many purposes and the first is for security purpose, this proposed system includes a login form to ensure that only authorized personnel are allowed to use the system just to make sure that the data is secured and aside from that the transaction in selling medicines are become more faster because this system the proponent included the database of all available medicines in the pharmacy so that the pharmacist do not consume time in searching the appropriate medicine needed by the customer or the availability of the product.

4.3.7 System Implementation

The proponents gave a request letter to Rapa Generics Pharmacy to ask their permission to use their company for the proponent’s research locale. The researchers conducted an interview to the owner and his pharmacist to gather some information needed to start the proposed computerized system and after that the researcher’s created a survey questionnaire that serve as a tool to gather information coming from the costumers of the Pharmacy. The one hundred survey questionnaire gave to the costumer of Rapa Generics Pharmacy. The proponent’s analysis and tabulated the data gathered in survey and displayed it in a graphical form using a graph. Once again conduct an interview to the owner and pharmacist to know those problems encountered using a manual system, base from the problem, the proponents produced a solution and applied it to the proposed computerized system.

4.3.8 System Support

In system support, it will explain on how the program will flow and will be used. The proponents provide a system which is user friendly for the staff and also to the customer.


5.1 Summary

Having a Computerized Point of Sales and Inventory System has the productive activity or application featured required to run a Pharmacy. Computerized Receipt and Inventory System alter the manual/traditional way of transactions between receipt, return products, and inventory that has a facility to generate report to analyze the daily and monthly sales. And the field will become more reliable to resolve some problems that were encountered using the old manual system. Computerized Point of Sale and Inventory System is the perfect way for managing a business with less time that can increase the total income produce by the sources. This study aims to change the current manual system that would be accurate and much easier to both customers and staff to use. The proponents use diagrams to implement the flow of the proposed system.

5.2 Conclusion

The proponents therefore conclude that creating and designing a Point of Sale and Inventory System can help to improve every transaction easier, fast, secured, efficient and reliable by increasing information reporting accuracy transaction monitoring of Rapa Generics Pharmacy. This system also concludes that having a concentrated automated inventory and sales report can provide a better security for their management. To save manpower at the same time can increase daily activities includes transaction process, so it will enable to calculate the stock balance. Helps to make sure that product purchased from a supplier is correctly dispensed to the customer

5.3 Recommendation

After studying and analyzing the flow of the existing system of Rapa Generics Pharmacy, the proponents would like to recommend the following: The system proves to have a fast and accurate monitoring of the availability of the products, efficient and reliable for the process of transaction. The system could also save time, and make every transaction fast and make the work easier.

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