Pharmacy Personal Statement

I selected pharmacy as a career because I believe that it is caring, it is an art, a science, client centered, holistic, adaptive, concerned with health promotion, health maintenance, and health restoration and most of all I firmly agree that pharmacology is a helping profession. It is the pharmacist’s responsibilities to take care of the client who are in need of health attention. We should be able to help the client relieve his feelings of pain or in other words to alleviate the sufferings of the client.

Moreover, the PharmD also further my learning in pharmacy that will make me more competitive and equip so I can serve my clients efficiently and effectively. On the other hand, I am an extremely goal – oriented person. I am a kind of an individual too who finds education very significant to man’s life. I set goals for myself in order to be successful in everything I do. I am not afraid to venture on new things as long as I know it is for my growth and development.

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If I am failure of something that I do, I do not pout in the corner and easily discourage. But instead, I try again and always think positive. I constantly remind myself that everything happens to me has a purpose and I should take things easily. I am not critical on things that are not on my side and even not critical with the people around. I would say that I am a hard- working, persistence, and patient individual.

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These characteristics have helped me to do my best to pursue my career goal no matter what difficulties have existed on my way.

In addition, I make my baby girl as my inspiration to pursue my dream a pharmacist someday and later a pharmD. She is 10 months old now and I am hoping that before she starts schooling, I already obtain my desired degree because her future depends on it. Yes, I have a husband who supports our needs however he does not make much money and on top of that he likes to gamble on. So with these, I am more encouraged and determined to strive hard so I can help my family and my future clients/patients.

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Pharmacy Personal Statement
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