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I like thinking ideas when I am out of class. The ideas of three patents I published during my Undergraduate are all from my daily life. There was one time I was falling from a treadmill in the gym. When I stood up from the ground, I found my arms and legs were injured seriously. After I had arrived home, I searched for this kind of accident caused by the treadmill. The results shocked me. Many fitness lovers also experienced falling from treadmills, especially the elders.

So, I decided to design a safe controlling method which can detect the real-time gesture with ultrasonic models and micro-controller STM32F103. They are really and normal and cheap. The technology of detection by ultrasonic is also mature.

Getting involved in variable activities, workshops and seminars is a part of my campus life. I remember Mizzou College of Engineering was holding a Townhall student forum, which is about the financial budget. I was the only international student who attended that forum.

The reason I took part in was I really wanted to contribute my strength to a better college. I believe I am one of the family members of my college, and I would like to share my ideas with others. I am eager to know more, and communication is a good way to learn more things. Using professors’ office hours to talk with them is one thing I do enjoy on campus. I spend my most time studying at libraries or capstone lab during weekends instead of staying at home.

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In my capstone lab, I want to figure out things by self-learning. I know I must be creative because lots of problems that I will be working on have never been done in the past. Volunteering and serving are also a part of my colorful life. I was happy to speak with American kids who are interested in Engineering and showed them how amazing the small engineering experiments can bring to them. Through this, I can let more kids know the power of Science and Engineering. When I saw the smile on their faces, reminding me of my childhood. That feeling satisfied me a lot. Teamwork and group study are my favorite part of studying in the U.S. Talking with others is a way for inspiration collision. Actively participation can explain my own opinions to other team members. My happiest time is when my work has been affirmed by the people around me. Including my previous on-campus job. I was having a part-time job for the campus dining service. When I accepted that position, I chose to work the hardest task which all other students escaped, washing dishes. The workload of it is much heavier than other tasks, but I took up it and filled in that vacancy. I feel that it is a privilege to be able to use my energy and do the responsibility in the places where I was needed. All the things are deserved, and the hard work I did was worthful to others even though just a little help. Working with others makes me feel grateful to all the students I worked with. I tried my best to cooperate with others in every team I joined in the past.

No doubt to say Engineering is always busy and full of stress. It really, not easy. But being stressful is a good thing that can accelerate the development of Engineering. Nothing was having come easy in our lives. I don’t want it easy. I still could not forget the semester I was enrolling 23 credits seven courses with doing research at the same time. That period is a really hard time. Now when the scene flashed in my mind again, I will say all are from I love challenging things that make life colorful and meaningful. I love to plan things in advance, and I believe determination is the key to be successful. My phone is always used as the memorandum to-do list instead of an entertainment device. I like that function and when I cross out all the things I have done during the whole day, I feel satisfied and relaxed. Facing a lot of difficulties like a game, when I click the “start”, the exciting journey coming. Take on challenges when I can, like I will choose very heavy lift weights so that my muscles can get grown by it when I am working out in a gym. For me, the more challenges I face, the stronger and smarter my brain becomes. I believe in my abilities and intelligence. That’s not vanity but a kind of confidence. Because I trust ‘far ways to go and no limit beyond.’

That was a project about urban E-bike. I do enjoy the processing. My task is soldering thirty 18650 battery cells together, ten cells in serious and three sets are in parallel. There was no spot-welder machine in my lab. Thus, I tried to use metal strips but later I found the solder can not be attached to the surface of batteries. And then I chose another method: using electric types and solder a dot on the strips to form a contact point. It works, but a new problem coming: the batteries are in serious and when I type them together and measured them with the multimeter, I got some unexpected zero values which indicated something wrong between the battery cells. And so, to make the battery pack tightly, I used hot glue to stick them together and finished the task. Although it is a little part of the capstone project, I did really enjoy the processing of exploring. No one can imagine how excited when I got the value of forty-two voltages except myself. That feeling is amazing. Progress is essential. Getting to know what I need to do in the next steps through the formal steps is a way of exploring. Even though the beginning is always hard and depressed, the result proves all is worth it when I achieve what I was planning to do. Try new, different strategies and response to failures with tenacity and resilience.

Basically, when I was thinking about my major when I was in high school, I said this would be what I like doing in my whole life. It is something I was interested in work. In my opinion, I treated myself as an artist when I am doing a project. The soldering iron in my hands is like the brush; the heat is like the dye; the data sheets are like the drawing guides. The PCB design is exactly the painting work. Electrical Engineering (EE) Projects are like masterpieces. Using different components to make new magic is a wonderful thing. Working in EE is such a wonderful thing to make the world a better place.

People always ask me why this has to be XXX University. Apart from the fact that it is the best, I love the way it makes me feel. I love how passionate and hardworking people are at XXX University. They do things they love. They work hard for it. They believe in what they are doing. They get inspired and inspire each other at the same time. I love that positive energy around the school. It urges me to make something useful, to contribute to it. I think it is the perfect place for people who are forever passionate, curious about life. Just thought of becoming a part of this lights me up. The love for Electrical Engineering and XXX University is the very belief that got me through all the hard times. I envision myself as a young researcher pushing the frontier of control methods in the years to come. My enthusiasm for EE, love of challenges, and a solid background in both mathematics and electrical have been excellent preparation for the research world. I would love to attend the Electrical Engineering PhD program at XXX University and work with world-leading experts in this field. If possible, I am excited to work with Prof.XXXX and Prof.XXXXX. I plan to connect my interests with their expertise in XXX Models and Computer Vision. I believe XXXX will give me the tools, values, and supervision to fully my research potentials. Learning is a long journey, and I have not reached the destination. I do want to further my study and start the exciting new chapter of my study journey in the U.S. at XXX University. I would like to be a professor in the future. I live for what I love and work hard for it. Nothing makes me happier than devoting myself to my love and passion. After all, it’s all that matters.

My experiences in publishing a paper gave me an opportunity to study other control methods, such as XXXX AND XXXX. They possess incredible expressiveness in machine vision and natural language processing tasks. Meanwhile, the traditional probabilistic method has its own advantages, such as handling uncertainty systematically and expressing models interpretively. I believe that by combining these two approaches, we can develop exciting new techniques that can help to solve many real-world problems.

With such hopes, I joined University of Missouri for undergraduate study in EE. Among other courses, I was attracted to XXX(Major) through the XXXX course, where I wrote an XXXX classifier for forum texts. Almost immediately, I could not wait to get hands-on experience from a lab in the area. Thus, in the second year, I joined Prof. XX’s XXX group for further studies. I read Pattern and Machine Learning, where I was introduced to the XXX methodology and fascinated by its flexibility in modeling, care for uncertainly and the generality of inference. During weekly meetings, other topics like large-scale learning in high dimensions also captivated me – dealing with big data seems to be a key challenge in the field today, and it has become one that captivates me.

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