Master's programme in electronics and communication engineering

I wish to pursue my graduate studies at your esteemed institution, as I believe that a Masters degree will help me to realize my ultimate goal, which is to develop myself as a well educated electrical engineer and promote my existing career in related industries.

As a high school student we had an electricity lesson in which we had to make a simple motor using wooden board, nails and coated wire and battery. After assembling the materials when I connected the system to the 3 volt battery, the rotor, made by winded nail, started rotating suddenly .

it was incredible for me and I always remember it as a dream. This phenomenon motivated me to opt electrical engineering for my higher education. I attended the entrance exam and by Ranking in the top 0.5% of participants, I entered Khaje Nasir Al-din Industrial University of Tehran which is one of the Iranian's top engineering universities. I studied Bachelor's of Science in electrical power engineering.

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In addition to the courses relevant to power, I have undertaken various courses such as mathematics (basic and engineering), physics, basic computer programming, electro magnetism, electrical circuits, electronics (basic, intermediate), Signals and systems analysis, Telecommunication, Micro computers principles, linear control, which have introduced me to various theoretical concepts and methods that I experimented with in labs.

In the meantime, during the years of study I found a job in liquid packaging Industry which led me to practice my knowledge in this field on different types of machinery.

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Nevertheless, this overlap of working and studying led to some disturbances in my studying and caused the bachelor period to last longer than normal. After finishing my Bachelor's, I became familiar with one of the PLC(Programmable Logic Controller) integrators in Iran, a company called Neda Industrial group which is active in different fields of Iranian industry such as cement, oil, gas, petrochemical and energy. This was my real approach to the field of electronics and network communication.

During 4 years of active work in different projects I achieved a practical knowledge in different kinds of electronics modules such as CPUs, analogue and digital signal modules, signal interfaces, field bus (profi-bus) , communication processors of different protocols such as industrial Ethernet, serial (RTU and TCP/IP) and different kinds of sensors, switches and transducers. Years of working in this field, made me so passionate about electronics. Although I always have been trying to keep myself updated by reading the latest control and electronics publishes, the lack of in-depth knowledge in this area has made me to think about academic studying.

The perspective I have drawn in my mind is to achieve analytic supervision over the electronics and communication and then go back to industry by a high quality back ground. I am sure that exposure to cutting edge facilities, interaction with renowned faculty at your institution will help develop my knowledge and versatility and help me to face stiff global competition. It would be a great privilege to be able to do my graduate studies, and I am quite confident that I will match the high standards set by your program.

Updated: Jan 11, 2021
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