Sop for Mha - Health care initiatives and institutions

Wanting to become a manager for health care initiatives and institutions is very much a  product of my multi-cultural experience and the people’s desperate need for health care that  I was so very aware of growing up in my native Morocco. As a young Berber woman  raised in Casablanca, I was in an excellent position to appreciate the vast need in Africa for  improved health administration services, especially at fees that are accessible to the poor  majority, women in particular.

As a cosmopolitan person who has also lived in France for 2 years and now the United  States, I find hope for my native Africa through international development organizations that  have developed missions dedicated to the improvement of health care administration in the  Third World, Africa in particular. I think that I am a natural for health care promotion on an  international level because of my high level of motivation, dedication to my studies, and my  multi-lingual ability.

I speak and write French very well and I am also a strong speaker and  average writer in Arabic—in addition to English and the tongue of my native heritage,  Berber.

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My long term professional goal in life is to some day be able to harness my passion for a  more just and humane world to the practical skills that will enable me to make a significant  contribution, especially to the medically underserved members of our global human society.

I look forward to working on an international level for a government agency or global non- profit organization dedicated to the promotion of health care in Africa.

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XXXX is my first  choice for study towards the MHA because I so deeply respect the ideals of the program  and appreciate the diversity of the XXXX campus, with one of the highest percentages of  international students of all U. S. institutions of higher learning.

I look forward to a rigorous and in-depth exposure to a range of health-care issues, policy,  ethics, organizational behavior in public, private and nonprofit institutions and their  interactions. I feel strongly that XXXX is the best place to prepare myself to be a truly  creative and visionary health care administrator who is able to lead and inspire effectively,  operating upon the firm foundation that I will attain in your distinguished program.

Updated: Jul 20, 2021
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