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Masters' degree with a Focus on Financial Technology

I seek to continue a path on which I started years ago, by contributing to my country’s development through continuous legal education and advanced skill development. To achieve my goal, I desire to develop my legal, problem solving and other cross cutting skills to deepen my capacity to deliver excellent results, create exponential growth within my sphere of influence, and transfer knowledge to the next generation through mentoring. Therefore, I am motivated to pursue my Masters’ degree with a focus on Financial Technology (Fintech).

My exposure to different industries in the law firm and as an in-house counsel in Nigeria, has given me insights that careers in law require people to deeply understand assignments embarked on, with the ability to introduce different perspectives and approach issues from an international perspective. Nigeria is increasingly becoming an African hub in Technology and requires skilled lawyers in Financial Technology, Cybersecurity, blockchain transaction management, financings amongst others. I am convinced that in order to equip myself to become the kind of lawyer which my country sorely needs, I would need to deepen my technical skills, gain experience from collaborating with brilliant minds within and outside my classroom, and build the network required to tackle the skill gap challenges in Nigeria.

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I have experienced personally, the evolution of Banking from Traditional methods to Digital Bank and first -hand as a professional in the Banking industry, the intricacies associated with Digital Banking and Financial Technology as a disruption. I have practiced as a lawyer over the last nine years, and six of which have been in the Banking industry.

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I am passionate about Fintech as a means of promoting Financial inclusion and have advised on collaborations with Fintech companies where they have a regulatory gap. I wish to build a successful career by merging my experience from these transactions with the unique culture of rigorous attention to detail, and relentless innovation in the United Kingdom.

Thus far, I have built foundational skills for a successful career as a lawyer. My skill set has aided me in offering top-rate advice that has contributed to the growth of the banking industry in Nigeria, particularly Union Bank, which offers a portfolio of banking services to individuals, Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs) and corporate clients. As an in-house counsel, I am involved in the provision of Nigerian law legal opinions to Union Bank, United Kingdom, to aid its decisions and approval processes. Working closely with the Retail, Commercial Banking, Treasury and other units within the bank, I have a unique understanding of the financial services sector and I have over time gained the hands-on skills required providing legal support in a financial institution. Working in a financial environment, recurring issues such as cyber security, distractive technology, amongst others pose as red flags. This is because there are no unified polices or minimum standards in place to mitigate these Risks.

In my role, I am required to provide solutions to these issues whilst assuming an entrepreneurial role to provide strategic advice as an essential part of the job. I believe studying for my Masters will help me identify strategic solutions to improve the country’s economic landscape and provide an indebt understanding of ways to tackle the issues in the economic sector. Accordingly, I am convinced that pursuing the Masters’ program in my chosen schools of study will advance my career on a more significant scale.

During my research of the required and optional coursework, it became clear to me that I had found the institutions which conceptualizes my educational needs into academic modules as a pathway to my career growth. I have chosen to study for my Masters degree from any of the under-listed schools in London which are:

London School of Economics (LSE); is one of the world’s elite law schools and is recognized for its range of resources and services to help students make the most of their studies, from support for IT and learning technology to the world-renowned British Library of Political and Economic Science, as well as the LSE Language Centre and an academic mentor. One unique factor about LSE is the fact the Fintech society is open to all students and it is very active in the Fintech space. I have been actively involved in conversations about Fintech in Nigeria with a global approach. I look forward to being a member of the Fintech society. I look forward to bringing to the table my first-hand experience with the Fintech space, and my role as an Advisor in transactions within the Fintech ecosystem in Nigeria.

I look forward to engaging with Chevening scholars all over the world on this. I was privileged to present recommendations from group discussions at the recently concluded National conference organized by the Chartered Institute of Bankers which was a thought-provoking conference on Fintech issues. The conference was to educate Judges on the recent developments in the Fintech space. which aims to spark interest in the financial technologies industry through a selection of panel discussions, workshops, mentorship programs amongst others. Global Fintech & Blockchain Conference 2019 is the largest university-led blockchain and financial technology conference in the world.

The teaching mode is classroom based and I look forward to the independent study which involves spending a significant amount of my time reading, note-taking, thinking and undertaking research. I look forward to collaborating with fellow students in this regard as we explore means and are engaged in thought-provoking discussions on Fintech around the world. LSE hosted students from 140 countries, while our staff come from over 100 different countries as well. I look forward to discussing important, global issues with people from all sorts of different backgrounds and, gaining a truly international outlook. I am a keen proponent of guidance and mentorship and LSE gives each student a personal tutor that monitors development and provides academic and personal support.

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