The American Dream: Importance of a College Degree

The United States of America is a place where one can have the possibility to attain the normal "American Dream", a family of 4, a two-story home, and a white picket fence with a rich green yard. Although America might be called the land of the totally free, there are no complimentary handouts for this particular success. Today, in order to attain the "American Dream", greater education is the key to that success. Education after high school is more than necessary in order to harness what most from other countries desire, the chance to be successful no matter what class, caste, religious beliefs, race, or ethnicity one may be.

Students are offered an opportunity to live and take pleasure in the American dream through greater universities and must use the resources provided to them at their maximum level. These resource and indicates would permit a greater knowing, high paying job, contribute clinical research study, innovations and making a notified choice. Students are provided a complimentary public school education from kindergarten through completion of high school.

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Upon finishing a high school's education, students are offered the chance to continue their education in advanced instructional institutions.

In order to more academic quality, a post high school education is required. For this, there are 2 alternatives awaits students after out of high school whether to continue to enhance on their academic methods or file an application for a task. Although a high school diploma shows that a person has the minimum academic requirements for awe-inspiring tasks such as truck driving or carpenting, it also indicates that one has the capabilities to begin a profession at a university.

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If a young person wants a shot at success, she or he has a better possibility for accomplishment if registered into a university.

The great author Marty Nemko, writer of four books, including the All-in-One College Guide: A Consumer Activist’s Guide to Choosing a College, stated “Colleges should be held to a much higher standard, as a higher education requires years of time, and has so much potential impact on your life” (Nemko 562). An author whose avocation of college work-affairs far precedes him states that a college education can impact student’s life to a degree where one may even achieve the goals of the American Dream.

College for young adults should be more than just a suggestion after high school especially for those who seek success in their own future. Money is the motivation for everyone in society, especially for young adults and it is only appropriate to plan about a successful future as early as possible.

In reality, turning college from a suggestion to a requirement for students after high school will most likely deter the majority of young adults. Instead, there should be more emphasis put on to students during high school towards their attendance of a four or two year university. The importance of a college education guarantees specific benefits that one cannot obtain without a degree of any sort.

Marcelina Hardy writer for Yahoo! Education and publisher of 7 Benefits Of Earning A College Degree states that there are several main components as to why a college education will benefit everyone, especially young adults coming out of high school. Some examples of the benefits are higher earning potential.

According to Marcelina Hardy’s research, the 2010 Educations Pays report from College Board states that “The median earnings of bachelor's degree recipients working full-time year-round in 2008 were $55,700". Those who decided to skip college and go straight to work makes $21,900 less than those who graduated college with a bachelors degree. Another benefit of education is making healthier lifestyle choices.

Marcelina Hardy states, “The health benefits don't stop at lower blood pressure and stress. College grads are also less likely to smoke and more likely to exercise compared to high school grads”. This shows that miscellaneous objectives have tremendous benefits along with the attendance and completion of a university rather than making money. It does not matter where or which college one may attend but it is of importance that a student does attend a college.

In today’s technological civilization, a higher education contributes for the betterment of our society. For example, the creation of apple computer systems makes our large world a more closed environment with fast and speedy communication. In order to maintain and even advance with these technological innovations, new generations need to be able to maintain what has been provided to society. This cannot be done with just a simple high school education.

This requires a more progressive advancement towards education and colleges have the capabilities to produce such young thinkers who are continuously making the world a better place. In addition, the environment in which people live in is in extreme damage because of man-made disasters such as pollution. Brilliant thinkers all with an education beyond high school, brainstorm of creative methods in order to bring solutions to the damage at hand such as creating solar panels. These panels are designed to absorb the sun's rays in order to generate electricity or power.

Such innovations have the ability to substitute clean power like electricity instead of fossil fuels which is the main source of pollution. Colleges continue to create these brilliant minds and by having the opportunity to receive a college education, these innovations can become a reality. Having a higher education also means research. By research, educated minds can find solutions for cures, preventive medicines, and create a healthy living. For example, the innovation of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) allows doctors to detect diseases such as cancer at an early stage. With this doctors are able to pin point the cancer and limit its growth by creating a particular life-saving treatment.

A student with a college education is more capable to under go this complex research rather than a student with just a high school’s education. In the book Scientific Research in Education developed by the National Research Council states, “one cannot expect reform efforts in education to have significant effects without research based knowledge to guide them. Scientific research in education can shed light on the increasingly complex and performance driven U.S. education system” (National Research Council 1). Research based knowledge is what future generation of hopeful college students need to expand on.

The result will help to change lives by bringing simple solutions found through complex research. Not only does college benefit a student through higher education, but it also helps one grow as a person. A college environment makes a student become informed, enhances awareness of other cultures, religions, traditions, and overall can eventually make one a well rounded person. College encourages students to come together in unity to not only learn, but to voice their opinions. Unfortunately in this cruel world, opinions only matter for those who are educated in society therefore if one wanted to get his or her’s opinion across, college may be the route to partake.

Obtaining a college education can also help a student make an informed decision. For example, knowing the pros and cons of an objective will allow a student to make what might be a life changing decision based on supported facts rather than guesstimating and making rash decision. This makes a person develop a strong mentality as they progress through college. Gary Gutting a journalist for the New York Times and writer of What Is College For? states, “college is to nourish a world of intellectual culture; that is, a world of ideas, dedicated to what we can know scientifically, understand humanistically, or express artistically”. College has the capabilities to mold a student to being a well-rounded citizen and this does not only benefit the students but also benefits society as well.

In conclusion, one can argue that the American Dream can be obtained even without a college degree, but at what costs? Struggling with an underpaid job and no education may take years before accomplishing the goals of a college-educated student that has obtained a bachelors degree and professional job. These professions are acquired through higher education, research facilities, and the college environment. A student has a greater opportunity to excel in life and then giving back to society if they choose to simply attend a college, whether it is a two or four-year university, a degree in higher education can be life altering.

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Updated: Jul 06, 2022
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