Personal Statement CELTA TBI Essay

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Personal Statement CELTA TBI

I would like the opportunity to partake in the CELTA course at TBI, so I am able to increase my knowledge and experience, whilst simultaneously being able to assist students’ in their own understanding of the English language. By gaining the CELTA qualification at your institute, I will be equipped to continually encourage my students’ towards reaching their language goals by building on the foundation of knowledge they already have. My future aims and intentions are to train to be a teacher of extremely high standard, and once I have obtained my CELTA certificate and gained some more practical knowledge within schools; I am particularly interested in completing my Post Graduate Certificate of Education (PGCE). The CELTA course would be greatly beneficial in helping me gain valuable experience in preparation for my future PGCE. Having lived in Jakarta for a few years, I am able to empathize with some the hardships involved in learning a new language. It is important to build rapport with the student whilst still maintaining professionalism.

As I am able to appreciate the difficulties each student may face, I feel this would contribute towards creating an enjoyable, yet fulfilling, learning environment. Allowing the students to see you (the teacher) as approachable and encouraging, whilst still upholding a professional relationship is a key aspect of encouraging students’ to pursue their language goals. I am a confident, hardworking, highly motivated team player, able to make decisions in a high pressure environment. I understand the importance of diligence and role versatility when tailoring lesson plans to suit the strengths and weaknesses of each individual student. It is of great significance that these individually tailored lessons do not impact the whole class negatively, but rather, enable interaction between those students of a similar skill level. My previous involvement completing my bachelor degree and distance learning diploma, shows that I am able to complete assignments to the highest standard I am able to achieve.

For the distance learning Diploma, it was essential to organise and manage my time productively, to ensure sufficient researching, planning and writing time were allocated accordingly, enabling me to complete each of the necessary components on schedule. Throughout my time at both University and College, I was a member of the student representative committees, liaising between the student body and departmental teams. This has helped me gain confidence and familiarity when dealing with my peers and those in higher authority positions alike. I have learnt how to be patient and diplomatic when the need arises, as well as being able to ascertain when to use my own initiative. The opportunity to undertake studying my CELTA with your institution, allows me to not only better myself, but also the students that I will be teaching. I feel it is an extremely rewarding course, and the large array of possibilities that open up on completion of the CELTA, is endless and exciting. The knowledge and practical experience I would gain from obtaining a CELTA qualification is vast and would enable me to kick start my teaching career.

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