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Postgraduate Public Health Personal Statement

My background in public health and interest in disease transmission and control motivates me to this course. Epidemiology and control of diseases is a public health concern. Mine has been an all-time dream to see the world free from the burden of preventable diseases. To see this dream come true, I need to further my studies to specialize in this area. During my pre-university period, I realized that many people in society are ailing from both communicable and non -communicable diseases such as malaria, stroke, and cancers.

I thus found myself a place at State University, Maryland to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Public Health which I have successfully achieved.

During my undergraduate research project, I identified a need to study why one of the hospitals in Maryland experienced more adverse pregnancy outcomes. I found that the majority of adverse effects were due to late pregnancies, poor nutrition and poor health-seeking behaviors. These factors can be prevented and thus enhance the health of the mother.

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I presented my recommendations to the Hospital Management who promised to implement them. They then recommended me to a partner interested in the Management of Devolved Health Systems in the US. I have been working there and I can identify some gaps related to epidemiology and disease control that needs to be addressed.

Thus I would like to equip myself and get back to offer expert support in such matters. I’m now able to join dots on patterns of disease, disease causation, and control.

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I can relate well on how a necessary cause could be removed ending the cycle of disease. If I am given this opportunity through the Scholarship, it will be helpful in my current and future career plans. The bit about having to take my studies at Mount Kenya University even excites me more due to its extensive international collaborations both in East Coast, US, and other parts of the world. I realize that I will get a holistic education shaped by international best practices and tailored to bring out the best graduates. It dawns on me that this is a competitive opportunity, and indeed I’m confident that my capabilities and experience meet the standards required. I am hardworking and I finish all my assignments on time. I graduated with a First Class Honours and I have been looking for opportunities to further my studies in order to serve the society better. A while ago I came across the advert about this opportunity and I am confident that I have the perseverance and resolve to be the best student. Once I finish this course, my plan is to help the society understand the cause and control of disease and also through my workplace, bring about policy, policy changes, or implementation related to epidemiology and disease control. I would also like to study for a Ph.D. program in epidemiology in the future.

I shall be most grateful for your response and for the scholarship.

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