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Sales and Inventory Management System Software

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 10 (2480 words)
Categories: Business, Computer, Management, Sales And Marketing, Technology
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In this age, the effectivity and accessibility of a system is extremely essential in businesses. This will significantly impact the success of the business. The used of manual procedures in business has decrease considering that the increase of computerized and automated systems. And in reality, nowadays, the usage of computer-based organisation system has ended up being widespread all throughout the established and developing countries around the world due to the increased performance and performance of data processing. In the matter of Andok’s Litson Corporation, particularly in take-out outlets, they are presently using the manual sales and stock system wherein computing and saving for these are done manually.

But in handling these deals, accuracy, reliability, and efficiency in performing these transactions are limited because clerical errors are typically inescapable. By that reason, we proposed to produce a system that can perform this task: the tracking of sales, controlling of inventory, recording of products, determining of mathematical data and searching, arranging and filtering of item will equated into an automatic procedure which thinks about speed precision, orderliness, maintainability and efficiency of the system.

Company Profile

ANDOK’S is primarily participated in the service of selling litson manok (roasted chicken). Gradually, ANDOK’S had actually developed and added a brand-new principle to its primary organisation of providing roasted chicken, and that is the concept of specialized supermarket using a host of products, consisting of beer, a variety of beverages, rice, sugar, and other grocery items.

ANDOK’S offers its patrons the best quality litsonmanok (roasted chicken) and dokitofrito (fried chicken). In addition, ANDOK’S also offers wide variety of choices namely litsonliempo (roasted pork belly), bangus (milk fish), pork barbeque, porkcharap (fried pork chop), lechonkawali (deep fried pork belly), kawaliroyale, crispy pata (deep fried pork leg), pork sinigang, beef steak rice, beef rice, chicken leg quarter, pork sisig, chopsuey, all-day breakfast meals such as beef tapa egg rice, bangus fish egg rice, corned beef egg rice, tocino egg rice, and langganisa egg rice and desserts such as banana con yelo, mais con yelo and leche flan. It also offers soft-served ice cream and frozen drinks. ANDOK’S now has approximately 150 SKUs(Stock-keeping unit) offered in the market, and is likely to grow in order to meet the demands of its valued customers. ANDOK’S main business thrust has always been to provide high quality products at affordable prices.


– To be acknowledged as a Homegrown Legend in the Filipino food tradition. – To be globally recognized as the Supreme Leader in the Roasted Chicken industry. – To be the most loved and popular Filipino food brand in the Philippines and abroad through aggressive expansion and continuous innovation in terms of product development and service excellence. – To be the leading quick service restaurant by continuously providing our customers the best quality food, value for their money and excellent customer service. – To provide every Filipino home the joy of family ties by giving them convenience in the availability of all-time favorite Filipino dishes.

Objective of the Study

The general objective of this study is to design sales and inventory system using proponents’ knowledge in system programming. This project aims at producing a reliable system that will alleviate the performance and service of Andok’s Litson Corporation as well as to provide a solution for inaccurate outputs caused by manual sales and inventory scheme to make the task easier, faster, relevant and more efficient.. The ultimate goal is to develop a systematic point of sale system that enables accuracy and reliability in performing basic transactions.

This study pursued the following specific objectives:

  1. Implement appropriate computing system.
  2. Provide information assurance to organization’s management, staffs, and salespersons.
  3. To develop a system that has the capability to make company transactions lighter and easier by incorporating point of sales
  4. To design a prototype that will help them ascertain their goods on hand at any given time, and will compute and automatically update databases for each sales transactions and inventory details with more accuracy and less time-consuming process.
  5. To test and evaluate the acceptability and effectiveness of the system in terms of functionality, reliability, usability, and accuracy by gathering feedback from prospective users and technical experts.

Theoretical Framework

Conceptual Framework

Input Process Output

Figure 1.1 Existing System
Figure 1.1 above is entire conceptual framework of the manual process of Andok’s Litson Corporation.

Input Process Output

Figure 1.2 Proposed System
Figure 1.2 above is the entire conceptual framework of the proposed system of Andok’s Liston Corporation

Significance of the Study

The result of this study will help them realized the importance of having an effective system in their business process. It will benefit not only the company but also the staffs and sales personnel who will gain more knowledge about the system’s usage. It will make them more productive and less stress in their work. The study will also provide faster sales transaction with the use of Point of Sale system and will translate more accurate generation of reports.

The project goal is to help the company in their customer service by aiding them a system that will make their time more efficient and effective. The research would be able to provide them the needed information about the system’s processes.

For administrator or supervisor, it allows them efficiently modify available products by adding new ones and removing and editing existing ones. They will easily monitor the stocks. For cashier or sales personnel, it allows them to easily compute the total price, tax and the change after receiving cash from customers. It also allows them to save, print well-documented receipts.

Scope of the Study

The proponents will focus on the development of Sales and Inventory System which will be conducted at Andok’s Litson Corporation. The proposed system can store, view, update, edit the current stock of the company and can also generate a list of available items. It can inquire availability and provide sales report. The system can automatically compute the total sales of the outlet which will be used to manage the stocks. It provides the capability record, modify and remove an inventory stock with data sorting and data browsing capability. It has a secure log-in for the authorized personnel only.

The system does not involve the use of credit cards during transactions. The system is limited to its point of sales functions such as order acquisition and order reporting. As for the sales and inventory system it is limited to quantity manipulation and item tracking. The system can print sales and inventory reports. The system is intended for sales and inventory use only. The system does not include solving problems hardware problems and malfunction. The proposed system will be using Visual Basic.Net together with SQL Server.

Definition of Terms

The Sales and Inventory System have some terms which are technical and difficult to understand for some people that are not familiar with automation. This section will help user to understand terms easily that the proponent used. Computer – is a general purpose device that can be programmed to carry out a set of arithmetic or logical operations automatically. Since a sequence of operations can be readily changed, the computer can solve more than one kind of problem. Current stock – pertains to the actual quantity of stock on hand. Database – collection of information that is organized so that it can easily be accessed, managed, and updated. Inventory – a n itemized catalog or list of tangible goods or property. The value of materials and goods held by an organization and must be accurately counted and valued at the end of each accounting period to determine a company’s profit or loss. Sales Report – A record of calls made and products sold during a particular time frame kept by a salesperson or their management.

Sales – The activity or business of selling products or services.

Inventory Management – Activities employed in maintaining the optimum number or amount of each inventory item.

Chapter II

System Plan

Problem Definition

Problem Definition

The manual system doesn’t work well anymore because of the legitimate repercussions that it may cause like time consuming and being susceptible to errors. It is through this real-life situation that the researchers want to focus on putting up a system that will unload the work and definitely help the company save files and process transactions, specifically in the preparation of sales and inventory reports, in a more convenient way. The system used by Andok’s Litson Corporation should aim to get the sales reports and inventory record quickly, efficiently and accurate.

The process of updating, checking and recording should be optimized for time-efficiency. However, the current practice of the company is an inefficient use of employee’s time and resources by doing a manual process of recording sales and checking and monitoring of inventory. The process of finding and handling data and information takes a lot of time and errors are inevitable during this process. The data management is ineffective and inefficient. It also affects the service rendered to the customers or clients.

Other problems that the company encounters are the following: Inability to monitor product availability, inconsistent recording of reports, shortages and over with regard to the cashier or sales person.

Based on this problem, the proponents recommend a system that will make the company’s sales report and inventory records accurate and up-to-date. By applying a sales and inventory system with through P.O.S, the productivity of the business process will be evident and it will make the work easier and more manageable.

Anticipated Business Benefits

With the development of system, it will permit the company to group inventory by various fields. This advantage permits easy look up and allows you to sort your merchandise. It will provide better record keeping by having a record of daily sales that is organized and easy to understand. The other benefit involves purchasing. In terms of purchasing, this system will help the business restock items effectively and negotiate low vendor costs. The company can rapidly produce purchase orders and add items. The other benefit is that the system permits the business to decrease pricing errors and hasten checkouts. The business transaction processed will be more efficient by cutting down or eliminate human errors that occur in every transaction by the sales person.

System Capabilities

The proposed system has the capability to track daily sales report of the company, monitor the stocks in the inventory and gives an alert if a specific product reaches the minimum allowance stock amount. The system can record sales when it happens and the inventory will be up-to-date. It is capable of producing receipt for the customer. It has a user-friendly interface.

Project Feasibilities

Risk Analysis

Doing the system takes several risk, first the submission of letter proposal to a prospect company. Second the time that the proponent will allocate to achieve the creation of proposed system, is the time table were followed. The proponents also site some risk or problem that the system might encounter. Specifically with regard to security, unauthorized access and/or intrusion to the operator’s computer system, this include viruses that might pop in the system. The deliberate loss of

Economic Feasibilities

Technological Feasibilities

The process of the company does not use computer or technology, they manually record their sales in a piece of paper. With the implementation of the proposed project, the company will be using a computer, they will only install the system with a high memory capacity and can operate the application. This will require technical expertise or knowledge by the user so that the system will run fluently. The computer should have 1.6GHz, 2Gigabit of RAM and 1GB available hard disk. The proposed system will be using Visual Basic.Net together with SQL Server.

Schedule Feasibilities

Operational Feasibilities

The current process of the company is manual computing specially in their take-out outlets. They record sales and monitor inventory manually, with this, the operation is less efficient, less secure and time consuming. It makes the company’s performance slow and inaccurate. But through this proposed system, the current flow of the business will change dramatically and will give the company better process of transaction. The users can easily identify items because of the detailed information the system has. Also, the company should know and learn how the system works by conducting tutorials in their salesman or clerks to gain knowledge on how to use the proposed system.

Human Resource Feasibilities

The company does not need too many men to use this system. One person can easily perform the task the system requires and can understand the system in a short period of time. It will be very useful not only to the company but also to the clerk or salesman assign because of the work load will be lessen.

System Analysis

Information gathering tools and techniques


Questionnaire is a research instrument consisting of a series of questions for the purpose of gathering information from the respondent. It is often designed for statistical analysis of the responses. Direction: Please check the column corresponding to your response:

A.Problems of existing company

  1.  The current consumes time for calculating data.
  2. Manual recording consume a lot of time
  3. Recording of data lead to loss or misplacing of data.
  4.  Redundancy and Mismatching of data occurs

2. InterviewGuide

a. What is your business about?
b. Why do you feel that you need computer technology?
c. What kinds of task do you perform in daily basis?
d. What do your need to make your work easier and faster?
e. How do you think, development of new system will solve your problem? c. What kind of data do you work with?
3. System Documentation

System Requirement Model

1. Event Table
Employee/sales person
EventEmployee/sales person will receive the order of the customer and check if the item is available TriggerTo inform and give the order of the customer SourceFrom the inventory items

Response The customer will pay for the item and the cashier will print a receipt for the customer Destination

Customer or client


Event Administrator will check and update the stocks in the inventory TriggerTo know the current stock, if an item is out of stock SourceFrom the deliveries

ResponseThere will be a control in the inventory so that out of stock or over stock will be avoided DestinationEmployee/sales person and eventually to customers

Use Case Description

ScenarioCashier will take the order of the customer, after that he will check the status of the item

Trigging event

To record the sales and update the stocks in the inventory

Brief Description

In the use case – the cashier will take the order of the customer, and then he will check the stock if the item is available. After that, the cashier will compute the item sold and print a receipt for the customer.

Pre – Condition

The system will add the data in the database.

Post – Condition

The system will save the transaction processed and the database will be updated.

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