Pancit ng taga Malabon Online Ordering, Sales and Inventory Management System

I. Company Background
Pancit ng Taga Malabon is a family-owned fast food chain managed by the nine grandchildren of Emilia Buntan. Presently, it operates 34 branches nationwide. . The company duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission on May 30, 1988 with registration number 151743. The main branch of Pancit ng taga Malabon is located in Shopwise Araneta Center Cubao, Quezon City.

It was conceptualized seeing that people have grown to love the so-called “pancit bame” now commonly known as pancit malabon. The “NG TAGA” at the middle of its name signifies that we offer fresh, clean, safe and affordable food.

Filipinos being influenced by Chinese tradition have made it a part of their tradition to eat long noodles during celebration symbolizing long life and good fortune. Nowadays, pancit malabon is not only a food during gathering but part of merienda choices.

Filipinos being close knit, loved to eat with families and most of them love to take home different food for the family to share with.

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With the changing lifestyle of the new era, where people are so busy and wanted to eat fast yet convenient, we have reinvented ourselves and came up with a new concept. Thus, we opened kiosks and stalls where we offer not only our pancit malabon but also other products fast, easy yet affordable.

It was established since 1965 as a renowned Filipino fast food chain serving food with their unique and exceptional taste of their delicious pancit and other related products.Their pride lies predominantly on the most celebrated and lavish Pancit Malabon in Bilao.

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Today, the company is not only selling pancit but they also offer an array of sumptuous food packages like the Fiesta Meals and Binalot Festival. They also expand their branches in order to fully systematize and established a stronger footing.

II. Problem Definition
Now a days, computerized system is most commonly used in business and apparently it has a big contribution in our society. In order to know the problems encountered by the staff, we conducted an interview and the following problems they present are: lack of technology in processing their usual transactions, no back-up of records, manual recordings of their inventory, tracking of records is time consuming; in addition to, slow processing of transaction due to manual processing that affects the customer service they are offering and errors in making an inventory report. .

III. Solution to the Problem

Upon analyzing the problem we’ve been gathered, the proponents came up with a solution to the problem of the company which is thru the use of computerized system that will help the company to eliminate slow processing of orders and automatically generate receipts and reports needed by the management. It will also maximize their time and avoid loss of data. The system will also promote backup and recovery of files for business information security purposes. The system will serve as the permanent storage of data of the supplies in the inventory for it will monitor the critical level of each supply and also the quantity of supplies used in each product that have been produced.

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