NFC-Based Smart Restaurant Ordering System


This paper proposes the food ordering System in restaurants using Near Field Communication(NFC) Technology. NFC, as suggest it enables short range communication between two compatible devices. Another form of contact-less communication is QR codes. The user can scan a QR code and can open related website or app. NFC and QR codes are similar but yet QR code has certain limitations which NFC can overcome. QR codes are generated in the form of a image which consist of certain link to perform a particular function and if the QR code generator wants to change the link for the image then they have to generate a whole new QR code image.

The major advantage of NFC is it flexibility. One can store different information and can overwrite the information without creating new NFC tags. The second major advantage of NFC is that the user waves the phone near NFC tag and the information gets instantly transferred. Whereas QR codes take time to analyse the data.

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Restaurants have many limitations that can be resolved through automation and NFC. This food ordering system helps customers experience a new way of dining ,where no paper menu is required and the customers need not to wait for the waiter for ordering the food or paying the bill . This system motive is to eliminate the waiter and let the customer use NFC based app.

Keywords: NFC (Near Field Communication), NFC card, Encryption.


With the increase of mobile devices people are also using Mobile applications also known as app, to perform actions and has made life easier.

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Apps are used to store data in mobile Devices[1] . The apps can be easily downloaded from Google Play store and iOS, where some apps are Free to download and some are paid. Application Provide A function such as game calculator and browsing facility who thought that one day we would sit at home and shop online? Today we have got so Many applications for shopping. An app is smaller when compared to a mobile website and provides more interactivity and present the information in a more systematic way[1]. The Entertainment Apps which has made life joyful .And of course Going cashless bought us to different era . The apps Like Paytm, Google Pay has made us save time . These apps helps us to make Transaction faster. Nearly 40 percent of all smart phone users make use of mobile Apps[2]. Also, every business firms and educational institutes have their own applications which Increase their business. Apps do not provide a single function but provide various functionality.

From the figure it shows that the mobile applications are more convenient to use. Applications are faster to use and gives better experience . Hence here we include user applications for our food ordering system , which gives the user a better experience . The traditional food ordering system consumes lot of customers time and hence we propose an easy solution to come over this using NFC. NFC is an emerging technology.

Each full NFC device can work in three modes:

  • NFC card emulation. Enables NFC-enabled devices such as smart phones to act like smart cards, allowing users to perform transactions such as payment or ticketing making the smart phone a credit card [3].
  • NFC reader/writer. Enables NFC-enabled devices to read information stored on inexpensive NFC tags embedded in labels or smart posters. For instance one can tap on a NFC based movie poster and play the trailer of the movie , can see the timings for the movie and get the location of theaters and so on [3].
  • NFC peer-to-peer. Enables two NFC-enabled devices to communicate with each other to exchange information in an adhoc fashion. This can also be used for creating an enhanced multiplayer gaming experience[3] .

NFC can be used in every field whether it is in metro where we use smart cards to enter and exit the metro stations. The delhi Metro Rail Corporation is trying to eradicate the smart cards and let the people use the NFC feature in their mobiles, These smart phones acts as the identity or smart cards for the metro stations .Many smart phones like samsung A7 , moto g5 plus, LG contains this feature and reportedly many mobile developers are keen to introduce NFC feature in the smartphones . Not only in India , Dubai and Singapore is also trying to introduce this system of replacing smart cards with NFC devices[4] . Also NFC is used for door unlocking system which is a secure way of unlocking . As the NFC is gaining interest of many users and developers because of its low cost and easy usage , We have used a NFC based app for the restaurants which is a initial step towards smart dining . Using NFC in restaurant not only benefit the customers but also the hotel management to make food ordering system faster ,easier and systematic.

Literature Survey

In this section we will brief out the survey of the various Literatures, which has certain drawbacks which motivated us to develop a NFC based Restaurant Ordering system.

NFC in hospitals and various other system.

An efficient discharge management system is proposed to minimize the time required for discharging a patient in a hospital. This system is notification based where the nurses and the housekeepers can send notifications once the bed is cleared. System also shows the status of the bed when a patient leaves the hospital [5].

The other existing applications of NFC also include NFC controlled door lock systems. With the use of NFC technology this system provides entering door hassle-free without using keys and simply by taping the card any door can unlocked [6]. Zay, et al., [7] focused on implementing the NFC technology for attendance monitoring system .

Menu Based Ordering System.

Earlier when we used visit restaurants a paper based menu Was given to us for ordering food .The usual process that takes Place is entirely manual which contains several staff members-Including chef and waiter to co ordinate a customers process[Nfc sensor and clod based]. Here in this system the waiter has to provide the customer with paper menu for ordering the food.The customer then needs to confirm which dish is available , and The waiter needs to clarify it with the chef which consumes time.Then once the food is ordered the waiter has to interact with the Chef to tell him the order . This process is not only length and time Consuming but also error prone. If the restaurant is crowded then Waiter ends up giving wrong bills and also customers has to wait for the waiter in order to receive the bill and pay the bill.

Though these days Tabs and iPads are being used in order to Eradicate the human errors of giving wrong bills but the process is Cost-effective ,the hotel needs to spend money on tabs and the wait For the waiter remains same.

This process has following limitations:

  • The restaurants has the should spend on tabs as well as the Waiters has not even ending up eradicating the limitations like Time Consumption and chef waiter interaction.
  • If there is modification in the dish or the dish is not Available Or the manger wants to change the menu then the restaurant Should print the menus again and again.
  • Also the dining experience of the customer will not be good if The food is not on time which ends up in a bad feedback of the Restaurant.

In order to overcome these limitations we have come up with an easy solution which completely eradicates the waiter and the Customer has no need to wait for the customer for food ordering or Paying bill , the customer can have best dining experience with our NFC BASED SMART RESTAURANT ORDERING SYSTEM.

Proposed System /Technology

NFC-Based Smart Restaurant Ordering System is a system which helps the customers and the staff experience a best and smarter way of dining . The earlier method of food ordering was time consuming where the customer has to wait for the manager to come and write down the order or take the order in their tablets. Everybody these days have a smart phone , so why not make complete use of it . This system allows you to order your food through your cell phone . The Manager does not have to worry about printing the menus again and again as every time he modifies the menu . The proposed system allows the manager to modify , add, delete or change the menu any time without wasting money.

NFC card

The android application will be built using Java. The customer can just tap the mobile on the NFC tags present on the tables and on the door. When in big hotels , sometimes it becomes difficult to identify the empty table. The NFC tag on the entrance door can tell you this. Once the customer taps the tag he can see the table number of the table which is empty. This solves the problem of finding a table. The NFC tag present on the table helps the customer to view the menu, order the food, see the status of food after ordering and pay the bill as NFC is a secure way of payment. The customer selects the food he likes and orders for it without the help of the staff. Once he finalizes the order, the order is sent to the website that is displayed in the kitchen. As soon as the cooking of the order starts, the chef can change the status of the order using the website and the customer can view it in his personal phone. Only the Manager or the authorized staff person can modify the menu. Once the meal is ready, it is served and then time for the payment. The payment process is secure using NFC. Using a MD5 Algorithm this process is made secure for the customer and the staff. Hence the proposed system has lots of advantages as it is cost effective and time saving method.

Modules of the Project

Admin web Application:

In this module Admin can login and add chef details. Admin can edit and delete support users details.Admin can add categories of the food menu and items of the menu and can modify according to the dish availability.

Chef / Support User Web Application

Support users has to login with the user id and password, As the customer orders the food from our application the chef can be able to see the particular table orders and can update the status of the order as well .Once the food is ready the chef can inform the customer that the order is ready. And then total amount is calculated .After bill payment he can clear the table order details .

NFC Writing with Encryption Android Application

In NFC tag we are dumping the data such as name, phone, address anything as a encrypted format using Encryption key and dumped into the NFC tag. This application is used by the manager in order to provide the NFC card for the customer .Once the customer enters the hotel, his/her details are dumped into the NFC card and table number is provided .

NFC Reading with Decryption Android Application

In this module we are reading the data from NFC tag, when we are tapping the NFC card into the android mobile encrypted data has to read and it has to decrypt and it will display the original data.

User Android Application

In this user module user has to verify them and at the food ordering time they will tap the NFC card on the mobile and they will get the menu, from that menu they can order food.


As technology is growing rapidly, it is saving our time and money. NFC is one such technology which saves our money and time. In these busy days, everyone wants to save time and get things done fast. The proposed application not only saves money and time but also reduces man work. It completely eradicates the waiter(one who takes order). The customers once entering into a restaurant does not have to wait for the waiter to take the order . Neither the customer will have confusion that a particular dish is available or not, because the manager can easily modify the menu as when needed. The customer can use our NFC based application and can order the food instantly. Making the dining experience better by saving time of customer is the main aim of our project. The NFC system can further be enhanced for a NFC based parking systems where people can know the empty place for parking just by tapping their mobile on the NFC tag present at the entrance.

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