Smart Street Light System

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We propose a smart street light system using IOT. This paper represent that the street lights ON detecting movement of obstacle and turn OFF for a specific time period and become turn ON when obstacle is detected. It automatically controls the street light i.e., off during day time. It controls the intensity of street light by dimming and brightening the intensity on detection of any object with the help of LDR sensor. At the night time lights on highway always remain ON, So there is large amount of energy get wasted and there is no movement of obstacle.

When some object is detected, street light is ON at their brightness mode, either they stay in dim mode at the night time. The control of street light is most important in developing country like India which decreasing the power. A method for changing street light illumination by using sensor at less electrical energy consumption.

Keywords - Arduino UNO, Sensors, LED, Internet Of Things.

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Smart street lighting system using IOT can conserve energy more than 50% as compare to other system like using Zigbee, RFID reader or any other system. Smart street light system is a system that automatically adjust the output that is based on use. This system is base on wireless which has control by mobile or also monitor and which is control the energy consumption. The street light controller place underground of road and it will control LED street lights which is locate on the pole based on traffic flow and hand over data of street light with each other.

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Street lights are the more needed in day to day life of transportation for safety purposes and avoiding accidents at night time. Against that in today's life no one bothers to switch it OFF/ON when not require.

The project establish here gives solution to this by remove human energy and power consumption is decreases. This system need three basic components i.e. LDR, Arduino microcontroller, sensors. At the day time there is no need of street lights so the LDR keeps the street light off until the level of light is low or the frequency of light is low the resistance of the LDR is high. This prevents current flowing from the base of the transistors. Thus the street lights is not ON. In smart street light system the street light is designed in such a way where the street light automatically switches OFF and ON based on the sunlight. The proposed system uses the new technology for the sources of light as LED Lamps instead of generally used street lamps.


The system garnish the design and construction of automatic light control system. The elaborated electronic system eliminates the limitations of the existing system. The circuit uses LDR sensor to sense the light. With the help of this system we reduced manual work. In that system lights will automatically switch ON when the sunlight goes below means there is a darkness. The light automatically turn OFF when the sun rises. This is done with the help of Light Dependant Resistor which senses the light.

The Internet Of Things is new communication model that develops a near future. In this scenario objects will be implemented with microcontrollers. Internet Of Things will advanced development of large amount of applications which use huge amount of data created by object use by monitoring sensors, actuators, displays, vehicles, surveillance cameras, etc. to supply new services to citizens, industries and public administrations.[2]Road light frameworks are freely open electrical bits of gear out of the physical control of who works possesses them. Road lighting frameworks ordinarily incorporate low-voltage loads, circulated in a substantial region, and are by and large ensured by a similar gadget. Under blame conditions, risky possibilities may show up on the metal walled in areas of these frameworks, and open individuals to stun dangers. To diminish the hazard to an adequate dimension, diverse answers for the holding and establishing are accessible. Class II parts, for example, the wiring frameworks, the light installations, and so on., have twofold or strengthened protection.

In this paper, these creators dissect specialized choices to ensure against aberrant contact in light of the IEC principles. So as to raise the dimension of well being offered by Class II metal shafts, the reception of uncommon hardware and holding associations with consistently screen the twofold protection of metal posts is proposed.[5]In light of the natural effect of environmental change, green house gas emanation decreases has turned into a typical worldwide objective. This has LED to strategies and measures to meet GHG decrease focuses at nation levels absent much achievement. We suggest that the money related reserve funds accomplished utilizing LED road lighting be utilized to enhance the personal satisfaction for populace bunches in territories of the city that are most in danger.

The system architecture of the smart street lighting system consist of different parameters like IR sensors, LDR sensor ,Arduino UNO microcontroller, relay, UART and Wi-Fi module. During the operation 230V AC supply is get converted into 3.3V DC supply which is required for arduino UNO. LM1117 is a variable power supply IC. If different power in different circuit is required, it is using IC LM1117. ESP8266 is a Wi-Fi module which connected to Wi-Fi network for internet access. LDR is light dependant resistor which is the resistance decreases when light come falls on them and increases in the dark. When a light dependant resistor is kept in dark, its resistance is very high. The vehicle which passes by the street light is detected by IR sensor. Relays are use as a switch to switch ON/OFF the street light LEDs.

A UART is the micro chip with programming logic which control computers interface to its attached street light system. Arduino UNO Arduino is a microcontroller board dependent on the ATmega328P. It has 14 advanced input/output pins (which is 6 can be utilized as PWM outputs),6 simple data sources, a 16 MHz quartz gem, a USB association, a power jack, an ICSP header and a reset catch. It contains everything expected to help the microcontroller. Arduino Software (IDE) product the reference adaptations of Arduino, presently advanced to more current discharges.

The UNO board is the first in a USB Arduino sheets, and the reference show for the Arduino stage for a broad rundown of current, past or obsolete sheets see the Arduino file of sheets. The Arduino UNO is an open source microcontroller board depend on microchip ATmaga328P microcontroller and create by Arduino. The board is outfitted with sets of computerized and simple info/yield sticks that might be interfaced to different extension sheets and different circuits. The board has 14 computerized pins, 6 simple pins, and programmable with the Arduino IDE by means of a sort B USB link or by an outside 9 volt battery, through it acknowledges voltages somewhere in the range of 7 and 20 volts. It is additionally like the Arduino Nano. Design and creation documents for a few adaptations of the equipment are additionally accessible. The Uno board and form 1.0 of Arduino programming were the reference presentation of arduino, presently advanced to fresher discharges. The Uno board is the first in arrangement of USB Arduino sheets, and the reference display for the Arduino stage.

Light Dependant Resistor A Light Dependent Resistor (LDR) or a photo resistor is a gadget whose resistivity is an element of the occurrence electromagnetic radiation. Hence, they are light sensitive gadgets. They are additionally called as photo conductors, photo conductive cells or basically photocells. They are comprised of semiconductor materials having high opposition. A light needy resistor chips away at the standard of photo conductivity. Photo conductivity is an optical wonder in which the materials conductivity (Hence resistivity) lessens when light is consumed by the material. With the assistance of LDR road light is ON when there is a darkness and it is OFF when there is a brightness. Fig 3. Light Dependant ResistorC.

Infrared Sensor An infrared sensor is an electronic instrument that is utilized to detect certain qualities of its surroundings by either producing or potentially distinguishing infrared radiation. It is likewise equipped for estimating warmth of an article and distinguishing movement. Infrared waves are not noticeable to the human eye. In the electromagnetic range, infrared radiation is the locale having wavelengths longer than noticeable light wavelengths, yet shorter than microwaves. The infrared area is around delineated from 0.75 to 1000јm. IR (infrared) sensors identify infrared light. The IR light is changed into an electric flow, and this is identified by a voltage or amperage identifier.

ESP8266 offers a total and independent Wi-Fi organizing arrangement, enabling it to either have the application or to offload all Wi-Fi organizing capacities from another application processor. At the point when ESP8266 has the application, and when it is the main application processor in the gadget, it can boot up straightforwardly from an outer glimmer. It has incorporated reserve to enhance the execution of the framework in such applications, and to limit the memory necessities. On the other hand, filling in as a Wi-Fi connector, remote web access can be added to any microcontroller based structure with straightforward availability through UART interface or the CPU AHB connect interface.


Smart street light system using Internet Of Things introduced automatic street light which is cost effective and best way to conserve power. Hence we can use it in urban area and town. Power of LED changes as per LDR sensor causes energy saving. The LED has long life, it release cool light. This project presents an idea of reducing power consumption in the old street light systems. This system is well implemented with the old technologies.


To develop an android apps to evaluate the traffic load monitoring evaluating. This app will be able to show us the traffic jam status of every single streets in a city. The project has scope for improvement and many enhancements can be done to make it more reliable and interesting. For example, when a vehicle or a person meet with an accident street lights remains ON, a system can have introduced to inform the respective authorities.

Updated: Apr 12, 2021
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