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Thesis statement

SMART technology devices can help improve the over-all health, security, safety, and convenience of human life. It has been believed that computers can never rival the human brain. But with the development of SMART (Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology) technology devices, a system that functions like the human nervous system, it is becoming more possible. The purpose of this paper is to give a sufficient study about the possible discovery, benefits, and usefulness of SMART technology to human beings.

As stated above, SMART technology functions like a human brain would. It is basically a system that can detect failure of future hard disk drives. The SMART system monitors the drive for anything that might seem out of the ordinary, documents it, and analyzes the data. If it detects a problem, it is capable of notifying the user (or system administrator).

SMART monitors disk performance, faulty sectors, recalibration, CRC errors, drive spin-up time, drive heads, distance between the heads and the disk platters, drive temperature, and characteristics of the media, motor and servomechanisms by itself.

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Currently, the SMART can detect 70% of hard drive errors. The research paper will focus on how the system can improve human life once it is infused into other forms of technology such as cars, fire detection alarms, among others.

Since the system can predict problems before or during it happens and immediately provide solutions to them without consulting the user, it can be highly beneficial in everyday human life. For example, a car using the SMART system can detect if it is about to bump to another car and hit the brakes automatically.

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It can also detect a virus, find the appropriate program to eliminate the virus, and isolate or eliminate them. Furthermore, in a household, it can determine if you’re eating healthy or not.

Updated: Jun 05, 2020
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