Studying locally and studying abroad: Pros & Cons

No1) “Studying adroa is better than studying in local universities.” Do you agree with the statement? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

In Malaysia, there are many local universities that have a good quality and students have a variety of choice that they can choose. In my opinion, I disagree that studying abroad is better than studying in local universities. This is because studying in local universities can save the cost and it is as good as universities abroad while students who study abroad are exposed to culture shock and they will not have communication barrier.

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First, studying in local universities can save the cost compared to studying in universities abroad. The different countries have different currency rate. Usually, when we convert our currency to other’s currency, our value will become smaller. So, we need more money to study abroad. The students need a lot of money to pay a fee if studying abroad compared to studying in local.

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as the further the country is from our country, the higher the price of flight ticket is. So, much money is needed to buy the flight ticket to and fro. If they are in emergency cases, they cannot go home immediately because they have no money to buy flight.

Next, local universities also provided the qualified lecturers including lecturers who from overseas. All the lecturers are hired based on their experiences which must be at least 5 years in education field. Furthermore, most of the academic programs are received full accreditation from Malaysian Qualifications Agency who formerly known as National Accreditation Council.

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Thus, our local universities actually have the capability in producing many successful students like doctors, teachers, bankers, lawyers, architects, and others.

After that,studying in local universities can avoid our children from culture shock .As if they are in overseas,they have to get used with the new environment and cultures.If they cannot assimilate to the foreing cultures,it will effect their study. Not only that,the education systems also different with education systems.Their systems are more to independent learning which the lecturers expect the undergraduates to survive on their own.So,this may not be so helpful to students who are used to being spoon fed.

There are possibilities to be influenced by the western culture and lose certain local cultural values if they pursue their studies in overseas.When they are come back to Malaysia they might oppose family customs and traditions which may lead to family fights,conflicts and unity disintegrates.This because,after years of studying abroad,the family relationship no longer the same and lack of parental guidance which make them easily fall prey to peer influence.Even worse,some of them do not return to Malaysia at all after graduation.

Thus,I stand strong that it is much better to study in local universities that study in overseas.Since,local universities have the same quality like the overseas universities and we can avoid an financial problems and cultural differences which make the undergraduates feel more secure. We also should stop the trend of sending bringt students overseas under scholarships because they could also excel locally .

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