Local Community and Local Government

Local Citizens want to be more involved with their community's financial budget. Due to paying taxes and fees, the local citizens feel more comfortable if they were aware of expenditures and revenues in their community. There are some fears that an average citizen may not be able to understand such complex operations that the local government works with. Costly problems can occur if the financial books are open to citizens.


In my research, I came across a few local community websites that provided budget and finance reports.

I was able to access the information fairly easily on the community website. Each community displayed the information differently. One community had the budget and reports as a pdf download. The City of Pinellas Park provides the community’s financial budget and reports online for all citizens. Another community provided information on the community website under budgets and reports. Sloan Finance department provides all financial data while allowing the department to monitor the budgetary requirements.

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After reviewing a Few local community websites and getting an understanding of how they present the financial statements to the locals. I would say the best way to present the financial information to all citizens is on the local community website. This way the financial budget can be more accessible to all citizens.

Decision making is essential to any local government budget, although numbers are an important component of the decisions. Decisions are influenced by the actions of the people and organization in the external environment also by the actors within the government.

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Government budgeting occurs in a multi-layer operation both external and internal forces come into play. When combining the two types of environmental influences on the local budget, helping set limits on the amount of money the government will spend. It Will also help guide decisions on how the money will be spent. When looking into chapter 6 in our book I found that many governments gather information about sincere preference and willingness to pay by developing budget stimulations. The budget simulation requires participants to make multiple decisions about revenue and expenditure in the budget. This simulation scenario is automatically updated to reflect on the impact of revenue and expenditure.

The budgeting simulation gives the local government access to view the local citizens' choices each time a decision is made. The overall impact on the comprehensive budget is made available to all participants. This dynamic budgeting simulation system allows participants to view how their preference translates to the local budget.

In conclusion, local government budging is complex to understand you need to have a grasp on the role of the budget as a decision-maker. The local citizens want to become more involved with their community's finances and budget. Allowing the local citizens access to the financial and budget report presented on the local community website. Offering budgeting simulation for locals to become educated and involved in the process of financial decision making. Using both methods will increase the comfort of the locals and the local government when it comes to financial statements.

Updated: May 19, 2021

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