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My Investigation Related to Truth About What Happened on 9/11
...What I learned with my research is that I should not trust the government because they aren't really there to protect the people they aren't there to hold any justice or anything like, they are there for the people that are powerful and wealthy, they...
How Raising Minimum Wage Will Hurt The Economy
...The facts overwhelming show how an increase in minimum wage will affect everyone. Important jobs will be lost, economy will become devastated, inexperienced workers will not gain valuable experience, and everyone will feel the effect of it. Rich, poo...
In the Us, Explained Why Women Earn Less Than Men
...That is why many women want to close the gender wage gap, by implementing a new system or law, we should divide the way we hire people by executing sort of sections like education, evaluation, recruitment, retention, and advancement. By implementing ...
Why Equal Pay Helps Society More Than Minimum Wage Increase
...The idea of Capitalism is not for the many, but for the few. This gives some of the wealthy a way to justified their actions through laundering and extortion. An equal pay can help equalize for both sexes and all races. This decision helps increase s...
Why the Minimum Wage Should’nt be Increased
...All in all, while maybe appealing at first, an increase in the minimum wage will not have the desired effect and help no one. The process will even make things a lot worse for everyone as a whole. There are far better ways to better the wellness of o...
Why Minimum Wage is Not the Option
...In conclusion, raising the minimum wage has some benefits but, the consequences far outway the benefits. For instance it would only benefit those already working, and even those people might be fired because small businesses couldn’t afford to have...

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