Unequal Pay for Women: Causes and Consequences

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The United States has made exponential changes in the past century in terms of women’s rights. Styles have changed, women can wear what they want, they are able to get any job they want and parent at the same time, and have many more freedoms than they did years ago. More women than ever are getting college degrees and making their own living. So why do women have a smaller salary than men in the same profession? Korva Coleman evaluates the causes and consequences of women not receiving equal pay in her article “Equal Pay For Equal Work: Not Even College Helps Women.

On average, women earn eighty-two cents to every dollar a man makes. The American Association of University Women performs this study and this statistic is between a man and woman who picked the same major and have relatively the same job. It would seem as if men and women would be treated equally in the workplace in this day and age, but women still have a ways to go.

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The audience is able to decide the author’s stance on the issue based on her diction and tone throughout the article. Coleman describes women as having to jump a “hurdle when entering the work world” and mentioning “Congress should adopt more laws beefing up equal pay laws.” It allows the audience to see her point of view of women and the work force and ultimately to sympathize with the situation.

Coleman directs her article to professional men and women, particularly managers and bosses.

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She wants to alert people to the hidden realities of the inequality present in the work force. The facts and statistics she uses throughout the article solidifies her point of view and gives evidence of women’s lower pay.

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