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Company’s protection
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Employees are supposed to use encryption to protect the privacy of their electronic mail. Encryption involves scrambling the message at the sender's terminal, then unscrambling the message at the terminal of the receiver. This ensures the message is read only by the sender or intended recipient. This prevents co-workers and industrial "spies" from reading ones electronic mail, the employer must not have access to the scrambled messages unless though court orders. Electronic mail systems retain messages in memory even after…...
Planning for Assessment
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When planning an assessment, the assessor needs to be clear what is being assessed and the requirements for the successful completion of the assessment. Failing to do so may result in a wrong assessment with an undesired outcome. The learner must be academically, physically, and emotionally ready to undertake an assessment. Assessors, through observations in lectures, questioning or informal testing should ensure that a learner has made sufficient progress and is ready to be assessed. The environment where assessment is…...
The influences of financial crisis in Auditing
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The mission for effective auditing is the methodology of applying the procedural processes that identifies discrepancies that causes negative exposure as well as positive attributes that management can utilizes. The crisis auditing is more geared towards identifying the after-effects of a negative impact for a needed immediate response from management to issue a remedy that fixes the deficient. The important of information gathering and analyzing in the crisis mindset provides the auditing to successful account for internal departments role in…...
AuditAuditingInfluenceProject ManagementThe Financial Crisis
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Strategic audit
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Organization Mission and Vision. The company’s organizational mission and vision is not expressly stated in their website, although from their purposes and values, it can be asserted that Gap’s most basic mission is to make it easy for customers to express their personal style throughout their life. The company is, as quoted in their official website, ‘committed to serving the needs of our customers while delivering quality earnings and long-term value to our shareholders’ (Internet, 2008). Their vision is to…...
Why auditors exists in the world?
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This paper will discuss professional responsibilities and ethical obligations in auditing by understanding why auditors exists and analyzing the need for professional ethics in auditing, their duties and their powers on their issuance of their opinions on financial statements, their report on the internal control. The paper will likewise connect their auditor’s responsibilities and ethical obligations with the nature and objectives of financial statement audit. 2. 1 What are professional responsibilities and ethical obligations of auditing? Professional auditors Auditing as…...
Financial analysis for General Motors
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Pages • 11
Introduction: This paper seeks to make a financial analysis supplemented by research for General Motors and answer the following questions: the type of business of company General Motors, any significant recent events affecting the company's operations or financial position. Discuss the auditor's report and the role of the auditors. How many shares of common stock did the company (General Motors) have outstanding? Does the company have any preferred stock outstanding? What is the company's total paid-in capital? What was the…...
AccountingAuditBusinessFinanceFinancial Analysis
Threat and treatment for fair value accounting and accounting information system
Words • 143
Pages • 1
Threat and treatment for fair value accounting and accounting information system. 1. Introduction to threats to accounting information system and fair value accounting: Threats as clear from the word signifies the harm that a person or an organization is expected to get from the other person or an organization.  Actually the risks on the life and survival of both the person and the organization is called threat. An accounting information system is developed in the businesses to stay in touch with…...
AccountingAuditInformation Systems
The Role of an Internal Auditor in Risk Management
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Pages • 5
Introduction An internal audit is a complete evaluation of the company’s functions in terms of risk management; that is, the internal auditor monitors the organization for the risk of monetary loss or lower-than-expected earnings due to unforeseen circumstances. In fact, the Position Statement of the international organization, the Institute of Internal Auditors (2004) states that the enterprise-wide risk management tasks performed by these individuals assist the organization by improving the understanding of the risk that the organization faces, by improving…...
AuditBusinessInternal ControlRisk Management
Systemic Corporate and Individual Issues with Enron
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Pages • 3
This case discusses the story of Enron, the infamous American energy company that December 2, 2001 filed the largest bankruptcy case in US history, totaling losses around 66 billion US dollars, forcing 4,000 unemployed, and bringing down Arthur Andersen,  its auditing company. For many of the “bad” and publicly convicted Enron executives it has been the worst nightmare come true, a personal travesty. Cliff Baxter, an Enron executive, has committed suicide and Ken Lay, after being found guilty of conspiracy…...
Removal of Auditor
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Introduction Currently, an auditor may only resign if he is not the sole auditor of the company and his resignation must be made at a general meeting of the company. If an auditor gives notice in writing to the directors of the company that he wishes to resign, the directors shall call a general meeting of the company as soon as it is practicable. This is for the purposes of appointing an auditor in place of the auditor who wishes…...
AuditCorporate governanceGovernmentJustice
Purpose of a Project Scope/Baseline
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Defining project scope is the process of developing a detailed description of the project and product. The processes used to manage project scope, as well as the supporting tools and techniques, vary by application area and are usually defined as part of the project life cycle. The approved detailed project scope statement and its associated WBS and WBS dictionary are the scope baseline for the project. This baseline is then monitored, verified, and controlled throughout the lifecycle of the project.…...
AuditBusinessProjectProject ManagementPurposeTechnology
Project Management Experience
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Pages • 10
Introduction Project Management is a specialized area of management, which is applied to projects especially in cases whereby there are limitations of resources as well as constraints of time and money.  Unlike other areas of management, Project Management is concerned with specific objectives, which must be accomplished within a given period of time. Unlike conventional management, Project Management lays emphasis on the utilization of resources to meet goals in a given scope (Nicholas, 2004). Time management as it applies to…...
AuditBusinessExperienceProject Management
Process control at Polaroid
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Pages • 2
Polaroid's R2 factory at Waltham, Massachusetts manufactures integral film. Project Greenlight, an initiative to make quality control process more effective, has been introduced at the R2 building of Polaroid during the first six months of 1985. The Project aims to reduce quality-monitoring costs while maintaining or even improving upon the present level of product quality. The conceptualizers of the Project, George Murray and Joe O Leary, hoped to devise a method to make quality control process more effective, beyond merely…...
Nike and Wal-Mart Comparison
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Pages • 2
1. The supplier monitoring programs at Nike and Wal-Mart are both very important to the ethical operating practice of both these organizations. Both of these companies implemented supplier monitoring programs during the early 1990’s, and since then these programs have been improved and expanded. Nike had a four point scheme for approaching monitoring of factories, basic inspections, in depth audits, MAV audits and independent external monitoring. Wal-Mart on the other hand had a wider range of supplier factories, 9000 compared…...
AuditComparisonNikeWalmart Pros And Cons
Internal Audit of Ryanair
Words • 1400
Pages • 6
This paper is to examine the key potential drivers within the present internal environment. Several models would be applied to support the answer and they are Stakeholder Power/Interest Matrix, Cultural Web, Resource audit, Value Chain, and threshold and core competences. With using Ryanair as an industrial example, this essay would talk about how important strengths and weaknesses are to be used in designing strategy. Ryanair was founded in 1985 by Tony Ryan who already died in 2007. It was originally…...
Goodner Brothers Audit Case
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Pages • 5
The Goodner Brothers, Inc. audit case is based off the story of two men who have been friends since their childhood: Woody Robinson and Al Hunt. Now as adults, Mr. Hunt works for an auto supply store while Mr. Robinson works for Goodner Brothers, Inc. , a tire wholesaler in Huntington, West Virginia. In the Goodner case, internal auditors were conducting their annual inventory counts of Goodner Brothers, Inc. and determined that their numbers were lower than the book inventory…...
AuditBusinessInternal Control
Financial And Management Accounting
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Business accounting serves the duty of providing the organization with relevant and up to date information pertaining the financial performance of an organization. This information helps the company in making decisions and coming up with long term strategies for the company’s operations. “Accounting is the art of organizing, maintaining, recording, analyzing financial activities and translating the accounting information into meaningful terms that are used by interested parties” (Peter Eisen, 2003). Management on the other hand are activities which include planning,…...
Ethics in Auditing
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Pages • 14
Abstract Auditors play an important role in the financial world.  Their knowledge and skills are crucial in the decision-making process of the government and business sectors alike.  Even in simple household scenarios, there is no denying that sufficient financial intelligence is a necessity in the proper investment of hard-earned funds.  In this way, more time and energy is saved rather than wasted and a better future is created for all the members of the family. It is for this basic…...
Environmental And Energy Management Systems Environmental Sciences Essay
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Pages • 4
Both the ISO 14001 and the EN 16001: Energy Management systems provide a set of controls that are to help organisations better on energy efficiency. They are guidelines that set out to help organisations to cut down the emanations of green house gases, cut down costs associated with energy usage, and overall assist them to come up with a system that will assist in energy direction. These guidelines will besides assist the organisations to come up with policies and aims…...
AuditEnergy And EnvironmentEnvironmentManagementPolicyScience
Effective Tax Management
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There are different perceptions to the auditor's duty guarding fraud. In today's technological age, fraud has become very complicated, and Increasingly difficult to detect, especially when it is collusive In nature and committed by top management who are capable of concealing It. Consequently, auditors have argued that the detection of fraud should not be their responsibility rather the auditor sees financial statements of an enterprise by an appointed auditor in pursuance of that appointment and compliance with any relevant statutory…...
AuditDataFinancial StatementManagementScientific methodTax
EBay Strategic Audit
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Pages • 3
The given research paper deals with the strategic audit for EBay organization. The paper examines the diverse strategies implemented by this organization in its business processes. The paper appropriately follows the pattern adopted for strategic audit and discusses about the three types of analysis, the SFAS (Strategic Factor Analysis Strategy), IFAS (Internal Factor Analysis Strategy) and EFAS (External Factor Analysis Strategy). These analyses are based upon the examination of the internal & external environments of the organization. Subsequently, the paper…...
Delima Summary
Words • 532
Pages • 3
ACC 4291 Integrated Case Studies DELIMA ENTERPRISE SDN. BHD. 1. 0CHARACTER: 1. Encik Zayed- Principal shareholders- Managing Director 2. Puan Hashimah- Principal shareholders-Chief Operating Officer 3. Puan Balqis- Operations Manager 4. Encik Salam- Human Resource and Administration Manager 5. Cik Amy- Finance Executive (from May 2006)-no working experience 6. External Auditor- Auditor Aziz & Co- to perform statuary audit (2003-2006) 2. 0OVERVIEW OF THE PROBLEMS: ? May 2006-they secured contract worth RM 750,000 to be implemented over 6 months. Due…...
Confirmation as Auditing Evidence
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Pages • 5
The confirmation in the auditing process is a technique for obtain and evaluate a communication from a third party in response to a request for information made by the auditor. The request of the information can be both written and oral communications. According to Aldhizer and Cashell (2006), the auditor controls the initial mailing of confirmation requests to the client’s banks, debts of their customers and others. Prasad (2007) described, that the purpose of the confirmation is to bring more…...
Coke Marketing Strategy
Words • 974
Pages • 4
Coke Marketing Strategy Introduction This study will develop the understanding of the implementing Strategies: Marketing, Finance/Accounting, R&D, and MIS Issues. Basing on market activity for Coca-Cola Company and the corporate strategies developed in the parts of the Individual Project propose functional strategy of the company analysis will be properly discussed. Further more, the paper should develop discussion on marketing strategy, including marketing segmentation and 4 P`s (Product, Price, Place, and Promotion). It also aim to develop a financial budget for…...
Auditing Chap. 5
Words • 1149
Pages • 5
5-52 Trend analysis, common-size financial statements, and ratios are presented for the Brody Corporation in Figure 5. 4. Assume that you are auditing Brody's financial statements for the year ended 12/31/X8. You have performed tests of controls over the recording of gross sales and believe that the system is operating effectively and that 7 percent represents an accurate estimate of the increase in gross sales for 20X8 over the amount for 20X7. You should also assume that the financial statements…...
Report on Apollo Shoes Inc Auditing
Words • 692
Pages • 3
Anderson, Olds, and Watershed (AOW) has completed the audit of the financial statements for the year ended December 31, 2007 for Apollo Shoes, Inc. The financial statements include the balance sheet, the income statement, the statement of retained earnings, and the statement of cash flows. The audit has been performed in accordance with generally accepted auditing principles in the United States. AOW has also reviewed Management’s Report on Internal Control Over Financial Reporting and have concluded that Apollo Shoes, Inc.…...
anchoring audition script
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Pages • 2
Today is the big day, To think of how far-flung we have come, And how afar we have to go? There is much more to thrive and much more to show. Let’s rejoice the majestic journey, This establishment had had up to now, Let’s raise a toast to make it even better, Let us take a vow! Let us all drift in the flow of PRAVAH 2K18……… Utsav: A very good evening to one and all present here,our hon’able director,well…...
Analysis of the Need for Professional Ethics in Auditing
Words • 1402
Pages • 6
Given the need for auditors as explained earlier, it would not be difficult to understand the importance of code of ethics for the professionals or public accountants who will discharge the power and functions of said audit. As a way to understand the need of ethical requirements for auditing or public accounting profession, one needs to view auditing compared with other professions to determine any similarity. Since there is no universally accepted definition of what constitutes a profession, it sounds…...
AccountingAuditAuditingProfessional Ethics
1 .How you can conclude that q
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1 .How you can conclude that quality plays an important role in the overall project performance? Ans. Great expenditures of time, money and resources, both human and material, are wasted each year because of inefficient or nonexistent quality management procedures. Specially, the construction industries during the last decades has been heavily criticized for its performance and productivity compared to other industries. It is necessary to investigate the importance of quality for construction project success. Quality can be defined as meeting…...
Enterprise Risk Management
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Pages • 4
Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is only as effective as the amount to which the methodology has been adopted holistically by a business. The adoption of risk management throughout a business becomes increasingly difficult as the a business grows and becomes more complex. It is clear that Unilever is a complex business with global operations, this necessitates a potent and successful risk management presence within the company. A key strength of Unilever's approach to risk manangement processes is the level at…...
AuditBusinessInternal ControlRisk Management
Article 148 to 151 of Indian Constitution
Words • 291
Pages • 2
The constitution through articles 148 to 151 in Part V makes provisions for a Comptroller and Auditor General of India for checking the accounts and assessing the soundness of the financial transactions of the executive. The fundamental basis of the parliamentary system of the Government is the responsibility of the executive to the legislature for all its actions. The legislature is able to enforce this responsibility only if it is competent to scrutinize the activities of the executive. Types of…...
AuditBusinessIndian ConstitutionJusticePolicy
The issue of music generation
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Pages • 10
Audit spam can likewise contrarily sway organizations because of misfortune in shopper trust. The issue is extreme enough to have pulled in the consideration of prevailing press and governments. For instance, the BBC and New York Times have announced that "phony surveys are turning into a typical issue on the Web, and a photography organization was as of late exposed to several slanderous purchaser audits" [1.]. In 2014, the Canadian Government issued a notice "urging customers to be careful about…...
Artificial IntelligenceAuditInformationMusic
Hospital Accreditation Process
Words • 1533
Pages • 7
Practical advice and tips for successful audit outcome Accreditation is a third party review for the benefit of organization for multiple purposes or stamping of quality standards which are practiced in day to day service to the patients. There are multiple agencies for accreditation and in India; we have NABH and NABL under the quality council of India. Other international accreditation agencies are JCI for hospitals and CAP for laboratories. I belong to a tertiary care organization and we are…...
AuditGovernment HospitalHealthMedicineSafety
Reflection on Economics and Society
Words • 899
Pages • 4
1 A. There is some factor for the decision of Greenfield's Landscaping Company. The owner of the Company considers a comparative advantage of resources that expressed the efficient utilization of the lower imputes (overhead and labor costs) to produce products or service for maximize the company profit or to optimize the operation costs. The efficient utilization of resource with effective productivity increases the production of goods or services. It also reduces per unite of costs which are used to the…...
Sonar technology for commodity codes
Words • 453
Pages • 2
Less than a year ago, Deloitte's management had been contacted by a major client. The client owned a retail business which involved over 30,000 products. One of these products are batteries with specific commodity codes provided by suppliers. These codes had to be checked manually for around 600 new products every month. Adding to that, other information needed to be added as well, such as such as the battery tax that applies in Belgium for products containing batteries. therefore, the…...
Business Analysis of ChanghongRuba Company
Words • 1872
Pages • 8
Executive Summary The main reason I'm doing internship in such outstanding and expert organization because it is a part of my degree and also I want to apply my knowledge which I get from my books. It is a chance for me to apply that theoretical knowledge in my future practical field work. My report includes the financial statement, Vision and Mission. The period of my internship got started from3 June, 2019 to 15 July, 2019. In this internship period,…...
AuditBusinessCompanyFinancial Statement
Access controlSOC authority is in charge of giving physical
Words • 855
Pages • 4
Access control/SOC authority is in charge of giving physical security through the administration of work force access to limited zones and offices. Screens caution frameworks and Close Circuit Televisions (CCTVs), keeps up proper mechanized and manual logs and PC databases, in charge of playing out the above undertakings and may perform other related obligations as assigned by the FBI. Work assignments incorporate however are not restricted to: Implementing, observing and working access control frameworks. gets, reacts and coordinates crisis work…...
AuditAuthorityContractInnovationKindredRisk Management
ABC Project
Words • 1014
Pages • 5
BACKGROUND ABC Project started a year prior, and it is at present two months behind timetable because of the postponement in conveyance of study hardware which further deferred different exercises that pursued. Besides, environmental change think about has been included as an extra degree which if not appropriately arranged, will frustrate the undertaking progress further. In spite of the fact that an extra time of one month has been allowed for the extension creep, if the task isn't property arranged…...
Financial Issues in Business
Words • 1439
Pages • 6
We are going to explore the relevant facts from the case study on Auditing (Confidentiality, Misrepresentation of Facts) as is concerned between Jennifer Grace, the engagement manager, Coshocton National Bank (CNB) who observed something curious about the financial documents submitted by Tom Ward, the CFO of Fantastic Development (FD) also a client to Jennifer Grace's company for a loan at CNB. This false and misleading financial records of Fantastic Developments is unknown to CNB. In this paper we shall find…...
In recent times there has been a lot of discussion regarding the
Words • 1941
Pages • 8
In recent times, there has been a lot of discussion regarding the Auditors independence; the leadership of the auditing standards board, the general public oversight board, the independence standards board, and of late the planned independence rules publicized by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) have all tried to clarify and strengthen auditor independence. Furthermore, within the medieval era monetary statements were not necessary and so financial statements were neither prepared nor used as a resolution.. However with the recent…...
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Why auditors exists in the world?
...In summary, it can be asserted that unaudited financial statements will be considered less reliable than statements that have been audited by independent auditors. While accidental errors, lack of knowledge of accounting principles, unintentional bia...

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