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How to Get a Stress Free Financial Life?
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Pages • 3
In our 21st century world, it’s not astonishing to have a debt. We are constantly submerged in EMIs, credit card and bank loans. Taking loans is not a sin but your approach towards paying off the debts really matter. Because let’s admit, debts haunt us forever. Life is full of stress. Why increase another pressure! In this article we will provide you some pro tips to change your approach to debts so that you can lead a debt free happy…...
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Role Of Financial And Managerial Accounting
Words • 388
Pages • 2
Financial accounting pertains the preparation of an organization’s financial statements. The role of financial accounting therefore is to come up with information that can help the users of financial statements in making decisions. Some of these users include employees, shareholders, suppliers and financial Institutions. Managerial accounting on the other hand aims at providing information that is u7sed by managers in the planning and controlling functions of the organization. In an organization therefore, financial accounting plays the role of analyzing and…...
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Business combinations
Words • 330
Pages • 2
The US Financial Accounting Standards Board (which issues the U. S. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) and the International Accounting Standards Board (which produced the International Financial Reporting Standards) signed a Memorandum of Understanding in 2002 aiming to provide a joint effort in aligning the two standards. The IASB said that the parties were developing compatible standards that can be utilized for domestic and cross-board reporting of financial results (IASB, pp. 2, 2005). In April 21, 2005, the Securities and Exchange…...
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Australian Accounting Standards
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Pages • 5
Introduction The Australian Accounting Standards Board (2013) makes the Australian Accounting Standards, including Interpretations. The neutral Standards was adopted when AASB merged with Public Sector Accounting Standards Board and it is now to be applied to all types of entities that are required to prepare financial reports by the Corporations Act 2011, the General Government Sector (GGS) and entities in the for-profit or not-for-profit private or public sectors that are reporting entities. However when the first standards came out it…...
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WIN Plc and its recent performance
Words • 767
Pages • 4
Introduction This report analyzes WIN Plc and its recent performance through interpreting information from corporate financial statement as well as several external sources. There will be an elaboration of corporate performance through interpreting financial ratios and corporate position and prospects from management and external observers. Background WIN is a technology company performing business activities in the mobile data market. The company provides customers with technology solutions for mobile messaging, mobile content and mobile internet. The services provided by the company…...
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The profitability of the company
Words • 850
Pages • 4
In the context of public company activities, stakeholders are those affected by the outcome negatively or positively and those who can affect the outcome of a proposed intervention. And in this case financial statement is regarded as "Report Card" of a company which details its performance for a specific time period. In most cases the time frame known as accounting period is usually one year. In this respect the stakeholders of Five Star sales and Services Company Limited are as…...
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John Lewis Partnership Organization Analysis
Words • 1869
Pages • 8
The organisation chosen in this paper entails John Lewis Partnership. This is a well established firm, which is ranked as one of the top ten retail business in the United Kingdom. During the year under review, 2008, John Lewis had 69 department stores and 187 Waitrose supermarkets (John Lewis 2009, p 1). The competitor selected in this financial analysis is Debenhams, which is an organisation also engaged in the retail industry. This firm specialises in clothing, health and beauty and…...
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Lone Pine Cafe
Words • 792
Pages • 4
VCase2-3 e Lone Pine Cafe. (A)* On ~arch 31, 2006, the partnership that had been orgamzed to operate the Lone Pine Cafe was dis­ solved under unusual circumstances and l'n nectio . h' . ,con­ n WIt Its dIssolution, preparation of a bal­ ance sheet became necessary. • Based on a case decided b th of Oregon (216 p. 2d 1005) ~ Pe ;upreme Court of the State Harvard Business School. ' ro essor Robert N. Anthony, f The partnership…...
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Importance of Bookkeeping
Words • 519
Pages • 3
In business, there are many factors that must be considered in order to ensure that they business is on the right track, specifically in financial matters. One of these is the aspect of bookkeeping. This paper discusses the importance of bookkeeping and will discuss laws that govern accounting aspects. Importance of Bookkeeping Bookkeeping is one of the most important aspects in financial management. It is the process of recording the financial transactions made by the company and considered as the…...
AccountingBooksBusinessFinanceFinancial Statement
IFRS and International Diversity in Accepted Corporate Practices
Words • 852
Pages • 4
Introduction Increasing globalization has led to the need o harmonize the world economy and this has been the case with financial standards. COSO (2009) considers monitoring of internal control as the best way to produce the most reliable information which is why there is need to control financial reporting according to certain standards. International Finance Reporting Standards (Formally known as International Accounting Standards) are a set of standards specifying rules and treatments of various financial and accounting reporting standards. The…...
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Asset of a ‘Home-Grown’ Football Player
Words • 1169
Pages • 5
Word Count: 990 Give an example of an asset that is not recorded on a balance sheet, and critically evaluate why it is not, before developing an argument for the inclusion of the asset. Whether or not certain assets and liabilities should be placed on a balance sheet is a much talked about subject. The accounting equation, Assets – Liabilities = Ownership Interest, represents the balance sheet; which is produced each year in a Public Limited Company’s financial statement; which…...
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Financial statements: Presentation, Structure, Concepts
Words • 992
Pages • 4
Accounting is viewed as a language that is utilized by organisations in decision making. Thus, accounting has continued to exist due to its usefulness in to the society at large and to a narrower context, to the users of accounting information. The users of accounting information can be divided into two; internal and external users. The management and employees are the internal users of accounting information; they use it for operational, administrative and strategic purposes. External users are; investors, suppliers,…...
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Financial Statement of Advice case study
Words • 1203
Pages • 5
Thank you very much for choosing our service, and spending your time to let me have the opportunity to discuss your financial situation during our interview. This is the Statement of Advice (SoA) that you required me to provide to you, will provide the information and recommendation to maximise your wealth and achieve your financial objectives. In this SoA, there are 7 main parts that will guide you to maximise your wealth and achieve your financial objectives. In this SoA,…...
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Financial Reporting Problem
Words • 211
Pages • 1
In its Annual Report 2007, Microsoft Corporation presents its financial reviews for the current year including its Balance Sheet. The Balance Sheet is a statement of the company’s financial condition position in which the corporation’s Assets, Liabilities and Stockholders’ Equity. At the end of the most recent accounting period, which is year 2007, Microsoft reports its Accounts Payable amounting to $ 3, 247 (in millions). This is the ending balance of its Accounts Payable for the fiscal year ended June…...
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Financial Management Assignment
Words • 765
Pages • 4
UNIVERSITY OF SUNDERLAND LEVELM MODULE:FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT & CONTROL ASSIGNMENT CODE:PGBM01 TUTOR:Mr. Sum DUE DATE:20/01/2012 Return date:20/01/2012 Assessment weight:100% of module Outcomes Assessed: All module learning outcomes, knowledge and skills, are assessed in this assignment. This assessment is in four parts, please answer all elements. Please note that this is an individual assignment and the policy of the University on “Policy on Cheating, Collusion and Plagiarism” applies.Please write your Tutor’s name clearly on the front of the assignment. Part A Prospect…...
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Financial Accounting vs. Bookkeeping
Words • 528
Pages • 3
Accounting is the art of recording financial or business transactions in a methodical manner. So as to show their relation to each transaction and the state of the business in which they occur; summarizing, analyzing, verifying, and reporting the results. Accounting is the art of keeping accounts. It is a ridged definition, but it is exactly what accounting is, it is more than just memorizing terms and procedures; it's a whole new way of thinking about finances, "The person who…...
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Effective Tax Management
Words • 1549
Pages • 7
There are different perceptions to the auditor's duty guarding fraud. In today's technological age, fraud has become very complicated, and Increasingly difficult to detect, especially when it is collusive In nature and committed by top management who are capable of concealing It. Consequently, auditors have argued that the detection of fraud should not be their responsibility rather the auditor sees financial statements of an enterprise by an appointed auditor in pursuance of that appointment and compliance with any relevant statutory…...
AuditDataFinancial StatementManagementScientific methodTax
Economics and Politics of Accounting
Words • 1284
Pages • 6
INTRODUCTION: International Accounting Standard no. 39 concerns the presentation of financial instruments. This includes lease receivables in terms of derecognition and impairment. It also concerns lease payables in terms of derecognition. Lastly, it affects financial presentation of derivatives that are embedded in leases ( A financial instrument will give rise to a financial asset like cash, an equity instrument of another company, or a new contract to receive or pay cash in the future. A financial liability is a contract…...
AccountingEconomicsFinanceFinancial StatementPolitics
Corporate Compliance Plan in Business Management
Words • 1703
Pages • 7
Abstract The global economic meltdown has made more important the role of corporate decision makers in strictly and religiously adhering to the ethical standards which companies must embrace in their domestic landscape and in the international stage. Economic and financial scams and other ugly schemes could not have come into the fore if the men at the top of the participating, coordinating and enforcement sectors were prudent enough to have deterred deceitful and fraudulent transactions. (Jill Schlesinger. 4 Ways to…...
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Compare and contrast Accrual Earnings Management
Words • 399
Pages • 2
This fact always shows unusually more production costs (overproduction method and sales level method) and less discretionary expenses. Needs to find more information in paper. 1. Institutional ownership negatively relate to real earnings management. 2. Growth opportunities positively relate to real earnings management. 3. Real activities manipulation among firms trying to avoid negative annual forecast errors. (page 365) Accrual Earnings Management: a. Managers are unwilling to only depend on accrual manipulation. . Managers are able to manage earnings at year-end…...
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Case study of British American Tobacco
Words • 619
Pages • 3
Financial Analysis covers a very broad scope and while one aspect looks at the general (qualitative) factors of a company, the other considers the tangible and measurable factors (quantitative) This means that there is need to analyse the numbers from the financial statements. Ratio analysis is not about comparing different numbers from the balance sheet, profit and Loss account and cash flow statement but rather comparing numbers against previous years. Background On 29 September 1902 the UK's Imperial Tobacco Company and…...
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Comparison of Amgen and Gilead Companies
Words • 666
Pages • 3
Both Amgen and Gilead are fully disclosed the income tax information according to GAAP requirements. Both companies recorded income tax in financial statement such as income statement and specified the detailed components of income taxes. Amgen recorded income tax based on pretax income, applicable tax rate and tax planning opportunities available in various jurisdictions. Gilead’s income provision was computed under liability method. Both companies is using single-step format and specified the operating income, but Amgen was recorded in millions while…...
CompanyComparisonFinanceFinancial StatementIncome TaxTax
Accounting Standards In The World
Words • 648
Pages • 3
Accounting practices in different countries differ from the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. In this paper, accounting aspects from one country in Asia, South America and Europe are compared. The chosen countries are Japan, Brazil and the United Kingdom. In Brazil, Accounting principles are contained in the Brazilian corporate law and the Brazilian institute of independent auditors provides the interpretations. Rules and regulations for companies are issued by the Brazilian securities commission (CVM). The Brazilian economy has been greatly improving globally…...
AccountingFinanceFinancial StatementWorld
Accounting process
Words • 597
Pages • 3
Financial statements are the end-products of the accounting process which serve the financial information needs of various interested parties. The financial statement should be a faithful representation of the economic activities of the business. While a full description of the actual economic activity of the organisation is not possible, the financial statement should contain as full and as faithful a representation as feasible. The report should be accurate and timely, consistent with preceding statements and containing the adequate amount of…...
AccountingBalance SheetFinancial Statement
Accounting for Non-Accountants Course
Words • 1646
Pages • 7
Generally accepted accounting principles Generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) provide guidelines for financial accounting and reporting. These accounting principles are prepared by Federal Accounting Standards Board and SEC authorizes companies to adhere to GAAP while reporting their performance in the shape of their financial statements (Carmichael, Whittington & Graham, 2007, p. 28). It is because of following these principles that there remains uniformity in financial reporting for all the companies; hence when third parties analyze the companies’ performances while comparing…...
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Financial Statement Analysis of IJM CORP BERHAD
Words • 975
Pages • 4
In the year ending March 21, 2018, IJM Corp Bhd is targeting RM1.6 billion in property sales. Here, its chief executive and managing director, Datuk Soam Heng Choon, said in a group interview at Invest Malaysia 2018 that this was higher than its total property sales in the previous financial year, which was RM1.4 billion. "We are quite confident that, given the sales we have already achieved in our first half ended September 30, 2017, we will be able to…...
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Business Analysis of ChanghongRuba Company
Words • 1872
Pages • 8
Executive Summary The main reason I'm doing internship in such outstanding and expert organization because it is a part of my degree and also I want to apply my knowledge which I get from my books. It is a chance for me to apply that theoretical knowledge in my future practical field work. My report includes the financial statement, Vision and Mission. The period of my internship got started from3 June, 2019 to 15 July, 2019. In this internship period,…...
AuditBusinessCompanyFinancial Statement
Data analysis report of PTB Group Limited from 2015 to 2018
Words • 1607
Pages • 7
Executive summary The company named as PTB group limited given to me to analyse its financial statement by measuring the trend analysis and ratio analysis. The work of the company is to provide the range of engine parts and also it repairs the different parts. It also offer following engines for lease, rental, sale or exchange. By analysing all the information which is providing in the company. I have to analysing trend analysis and ration analysis. However, Trend analysis is…...
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Consolidated Financial Statements Of Parent Companies
Words • 1856
Pages • 8
Part A Question 1. Nike Inc.'s. Corporate mission and vision explanations advance to precisely speak to the organization's situation as the main athletic shoes and clothing provider in the worldwide market. An organization's corporate statement of purpose characterizes the principal goals of the business, particularly as far as its motivation. In this organization examination case, Nike's statement of purpose prompts the business to help the undertakings of competitors. Then again, an organization's corporate vision proclamation gives an image of an…...
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FINANCIAL STATEMENT ANALYSIS10 LIQUIDITY RATIOSLiquidity ratios measure the extent to which a
Words • 738
Pages • 3
FINANCIAL STATEMENT ANALYSIS1.0 LIQUIDITY RATIOSLiquidity ratios measure the extent to which a firm has adequate cash flows or liquid assets. 1.1 Current Ratio Current ratios is one seeks to look at the firm's assets that are relatively liquid in nature and match them to the short-term liabilities of the firm. Current assetsCurrent ratio = Current liabilities Years 2016 (RM'000) 2017 (RM'000)Current ratio = 1 ,336 ,738690 ,909= 1.93 times = 1 ,251 ,356795 ,738= 1.57 times1.2 Quick RatioQuick ratios or…...
Financial StatementInventoryRatio Analysis
Define financial accounting Finanacial accounts records all the financial reports of
Words • 1043
Pages • 5
Define financial accounting: - Finanacial accounts records all the financial reports of an organisation for a limited period of time. It is known as business language. Decision in an organisation are taken on accounting record basis. tools of accounts are balance sheet, profit and loss account and cash flow statement, etc. accounting shows the financial position of organisation. Accounting is complete procedure which starts from recording transactions and ends on reporting financial statements at the end of the financialyear. In…...
AccountingBusinessFinancial Statement
CSC Steel Holding Berhad is a company incorporated and domiciled in Malaysiapublic
Words • 2642
Pages • 11
CSC Steel Holding Berhad is a company incorporated and domiciled in Malaysia,public limited liability company and listed on the important market of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad.CSC stands for China Steel Corporation.Date of incorporation of the company are 20 January 2004.At 180,Kawasan Perindustrian Ayer Keroh ,Ayer Keroh 75450 Melaka is the principal place of business of the company.The CSC Steel registered office is located at 49-B,Jalan Melaka Raya 8,Taman Melaka Raya,75000 Melaka.The company is principally involved in investment holding and provision…...
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Politics and Economy of Kazakhstan
Words • 985
Pages • 4
Because we are on the threshold of a revolution that will fundamentally change the way we live, work and communicate with each other. The scale, volume and complexity of the fourth industrial revolution is unparalleled in all previous human experience. We will see stunning technological breakthroughs in a wide range of areas, including artificial intelligence, robotics, robot cars, 3D printing, nanotechnology, biotechnology, and more. Keywords: reform, economy, democracy, investors, statistics, technology, industry, budget. As we stand on the threshold of…...
AccountingFinancial StatementPolitics
Accounting for Decistion Makers
Words • 256
Pages • 2
The Question: Charlie and Maribelle Brown have owned and operated a retail furniture store for more than 20 years. They have employed an independent CPA during this time to prepare various sales tax, payroll tax, and income tax returns, as well as financial statements for themselves and the bank from which they have borrowed money from time to time. They are considering selling the store but are uncertain about how to establish an asking price. Prepare a brief written answer…...
AccountingFinancial StatementTax
Aci Financial Statement
Words • 5236
Pages • 21
The companies are now preparing this statement as an integral part of their financial statements. This paper examines empirically the current practices followed by sample companies in preparation of cash flow statement and concludes that the sample companies are in line (with few exceptions) with the requirements of International Accounting Standard (IAS)-7 or Bangladesh Accounting Standard (BAS)-7. It also proposes some suggestions for improving the presentation of the statement Key words: Cash flow statement, IAS/BAS, Listed Company, Disclosure. Introduction The…...
AccountingBankCash FlowDebtFinancial StatementInvestment
Comparative Annual Report
Words • 281
Pages • 2
All listed companies must prepare and publish their annual report for each end of every financial year. Bursa Malaysia Berhad and Central Bank of Malaysia require business entities to submit annual report. Annual reports are intended to give shareholders and other interested people information about the company’s activities and financial performance. It is general documents that give shareholders an idea of the condition of the company as a whole. The Securities Commission makes public companies disclose certain information to the…...
Financial StatementInformationOther
Ethical Dimensions of Preparing Two Financial Reports
Words • 437
Pages • 2
Ethical dimensions of financial accounting with respect to keeping of two sets of records, one for internal purposes only and the other for internal taxation purposes. Financial accounting, as stated by Garrison, is concerned with providing information those people outside an organization. This includes preparation of financial reports showing the company’s past financial performance which will be the basis for additional investments for stockholders, capacity to pay off loans for creditors or banks, imposing correct government taxes as mandated by…...
AccountingEthicsFinancial StatementTax
Financial Statement Analysis of Square Pharmaceuticals
Words • 564
Pages • 3
I hope and elieve that you will be kind enough to consider any types of mistakes that occurred at the time of preparing this proposal. Thank you. Yours sincerely, Roll : 24040 Executive Summary A few comments on the organization and content of the report may be helpful to reader. In doing so, we realize that some topics may be more important to some reader then to other. For that reason we some advanced material (e. g. questionnaires) appears in…...
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Henry Jekyll’s Full Statement of the Case
Words • 2871
Pages • 12
'The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde' was written in 1886 by Robert Louis Stevenson. The story derived from one of Stevenson's many adult nightmares and raised questions about Society and Religion that was debated by many people. The story was about the duality of man and how Dr. Jekyll tried splitting the good and evil. A result of this was Mr. Hyde and his pure evil personality. In the novel, the last chapter 'Henry Jekyll's Full Statement…...
Dr. JekyllFinancial Statement
Leslie Fay Case
Words • 2633
Pages • 11
The use of financial ratios assists the auditor in analyzing any unusual deviations from the expected results, (Gupta, 2004). The financial ratios are then compared with the entity's ratios for prior periods as well as with ratios for other businesses in the same industry. A comparison with the industry ratios would have warned BDO of some irregularities in Leslie Fay's financial statements. BDO Seidman should have been interested some important ratios that would help in determining the accuracy of the…...
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How to Get a Stress Free Financial Life?
...While this is indeed a great psychological strategy from the shop owners’ side, you should stay cautious of it. Though apparently it seems to be very cheap expenditure every time you drop by the shop, but just add the total amount you spend on thes...
FINANCIAL STATEMENT ANALYSIS10 LIQUIDITY RATIOSLiquidity ratios measure the extent to which a
...FINANCIAL STATEMENT ANALYSIS1.0 LIQUIDITY RATIOSLiquidity ratios measure the extent to which a firm has adequate cash flows or liquid assets. 1.1 Current Ratio Current ratios is one seeks to look at the firm's assets that are relatively liquid in nat...

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