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The Controversy of the Government’s Money Spending in the United States and the NASA’s Poor Handling
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One of the most prominent controversies of government spending in recent years has been the funding of space exploration. Space exploration requires substantial costs and commitments, which are certainly enough to put a country in serious debt if budgets are handled poorly. With other domestic issues becoming more prominent and requiring more funding, NASA has become something of an afterthought. At first glance, space exploration funding seems like a waste of time and money that would be better off invested…...
EconomySpace Exploration
The Positive Impact of Controlled Casino Gambling in Singapore
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Pages • 11
Controlled casino gambling in Singapore will positively impact their economy, strengthen their social culture, and benefit other countries as well. Singapore announced 18 April, 2005 that it would allow construction of a pair of Las Vegas-style casinos, giving two gaming operators a potential for a significant revenue jump by the end of the decade (Rahil 18). The fact that the famously conservative Singaporean government is allowing its first ever casino, proves the gambling industry is hot indeed. Singaporean Prime Minister…...
A Study on Market Structures in Economy
Words • 1728
Pages • 7
Market structures are the "organizational and other characteristics of a market" (Riley, 2012). These characteristics include: number of firms, the nature of costs, product differentiation, barriers to entry, and economic efficiency. Market structures are used to classify firms within the forever-growing market. There are four main market structures: perfect competition, monopolistic competition, monopolies, and oligopolies. All of these structures are alike and different in many ways and they all have various advantages and disadvantages. Perfect Competition Perfect competition occurs when…...
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Brazil’s Economic Relationships Foreign and Domestic
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Brazil Economic Uncertainty South America is one-eighth of the Earth’s land surface. Brazil is the fifth largest country in world. (Central Intelligence Agency, 2018) Occupying half of South America’s landmass, it is geographically the largest country on the continent. Brazil has a population of 211 million 418 thousand and 244 people, which is equivalent to 2.76% of the total world population. (Central Intelligence Agency, 2018) Brazil was at the forefront of the emerging-country movement to transform the global order, and…...
Economic Downfall in Dagestan
Words • 1842
Pages • 8
Dagestan loosely translates as the “land of the mountains” and this aptly describes the geography of this country. The country is located in the turbulent region of the North Cuscuses and borders Georgia, Chechnya, Azerbaijan, and the Caspian Sea. Some of its mountains are so high that one could only access them by helicopter. The country has linguistic and ethnic diversity with a sizeable number of Muslims. The region has vast reserves of oil and gas and has the potential…...
Economic Situation in World during Pandemic
Words • 841
Pages • 4
Besides that, this pandemic also causes people to be cautious of traveling and the tourism industry will continue to suffer because most of the nations had banned their citizen to travel. In February 2020, the passenger for airline fell 14.1 percent which is considered to be the steepest fall since the terrorist attack of 9-11 (Sidhu, 2020). Large declines in passenger number caused aircraft to fly empty between airports and flight cancellations. This also will cause airlines suffering from the…...
Economic Situation of Venezuela
Words • 891
Pages • 4
Venezuela is known for its abundant oil reserves, but somehow it is on the brink of economic collapse (Forero, Juan). The recent Venezuelan economic crisis has led to massive hyperinflation, as well as an increase in unemployment and poverty nationwide, and many citizens are blaming President Maduro's socialist regime for these issues (“From riches to rages: Venezuela’s economic crisis”). These issues have caused unhumanitarian living conditions for the Venezuelan population, and it is effectively increasing the total of lives being…...
Comprehensive Forecast for a New Building Hardware Store
Words • 1300
Pages • 6
Based on the readings of Everyday Economic Statistics, a primary text for Managerial Economics course, a detailed plan of indicators and web resources to develop a new start up hardware store will be discussed in this essay. The indicators used in this essay will scan for total output and income, economic production and growth, investment and capital expenditures, total employment and consumer spending (Clayton, Giesbrecht & Guo). Specific economic indicators will provide a forecast enabling sound decision-making in order to…...
Devolution: Reasons and Examples
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Pages • 5
If your region is part of a state and has been for an extensive amount of time, what circumstances would cause you to want to deviate? This process of diverging from a state and in order to gain political strength and /or autonomy from that state is referred to as devolution (de Blij & Muller, 2010, p. 61). Devolution can come in the form of full of limited autonomy based upon the desires of the separating region. Europe has been…...
Critiques and Responses Regarding Modernization Theory
Words • 2009
Pages • 9
Most critics of the modernization theory, namely Theotonio Dos Santos and Ivan Illich, have remained skeptical of the general claim that economic growth results in shared prosperity. Walt Rostow outlines in his work, The Stages of Economic Growth, the five essential stages of economic growth that lead to a nation's modernization. His claims have become one of the main components of the theory of modernization for societies, and Rostow is now vastly considered the grandfather of modernization theory. Although the…...
Evaluation of China’s Open Door Policies
Words • 1700
Pages • 7
Summary: Lawrence and Cheng in their book of U.S. Direct Investment in China examine a very significant point in analyzing China’s open door policies, which is China’s institutional and legal framework of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). This shows the trend of continuous reform and implementation of new incentivizing policy and protectionist regulations forming a zigzag towards the goal of the industrialized and liberated Chinese market. A significant policy outlined in their book for FDI attraction is the reduction of tax…...
Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach
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Pages • 6
INTRODUCTION The 18th and 19th centuries saw the rise of the Classical period of art in Europe, concentrated in areas such as Austria and Germany. The composer, Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, better known as C.P.E. Bach, rose to prominence during this time. Although his name in modern times has often been overlooked or disregarded in favor of his famous father, Johann Sebastian Bach, during his time, C.P.E. Bach was regarded as the superior member of the Bach dynasty. As a…...
Classical MusicMercantilism
Early Modern Period of Europe and Russia
Words • 1000
Pages • 4
Everything changed when the early modern period started because this is where every region starting to develop. It led new discoveries and different ideas to take toll in Europe and Russia for example It also started to focus on science, more than religion and types of power shaping their empire. The period began in 1500 and ended at 1800. In this period different changes start to happen for example in Europe they had an Age of Enlightenment, religion, rights, politics,…...
The Issue of Mercantilism in IKEA
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Pages • 5
IKEA may be an overall association celebrated the world over for its arranged to-accumulate DIY furniture. IKEA was the supply of enthusiasm, relentlessness and advancement of Swedish creator Ingvar Kamp. He was considered on March thirty, 1926 in P.d (now a district of Ä.Municipality, Sweden), and was raised at a farm named E.d, that is found in Associate in Nursing going by no town insinuated as A.d. In reality, even once he was so far energetic, Kamp understood that the…...
The Idea of Mercantilism
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An entrepreneur is defined as “someone who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise...” (Kumar, 2017). According to Hur (2018), entrepreneurship is seen as the cornerstone of a capitalist economy. He states that historians have traced the first entrepreneurs back to almost 20,000 years ago in New Guinea where locals would trade hunting tools for other goods. This was expanded during the medieval period where large marketplaces were available for trading or purchasing foods, clothing, or services.…...
Bank Negara Malaysia and Mercantilism
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Pages • 7
Bank Negara Malaysia law 1959 that built up the Bank Negara Malaysia was actualized on twenty six Jan 1959. The establishment of Bank Negara Malaysia in 1959 are frequently fundamentally ascribed to the prominence then for the necessity for purposeful administration of the money and credit situation inside the nation. Bank Negara Malaysia is depended with the errand of supervising the country's financial and national economy. Focused on elevating monetary solidness and to cultivate a sound and dynamic cash division…...
Society`s Issue in Jonathan Swift`s Works
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Pages • 4
Born in Dublin of the year 1667, Jonathan Swift was a well-renowned satirical writer of his time. Swift wrote many different kinds of poems, compositions, and essays that are well known even to this day such as: Gulliver’s Travels, A Modest Proposal, Stella’s Birthday, A Tale of a Tub and many more. Each one of Swift’s work contained a political nature with satire as the main theme. In these different works, he showed his readers the economical, political, and scientific…...
Jonathan SwiftMercantilism
Worst Problem of Modern Society
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Pages • 4
This article shows the issue of a modern society – change in people’s relations. Yes, technologies have its own advantages. For example, thanks to progress in technologies, today I can talk with my family and friends, who are in another part of the world, without no issues. Decades ago, it could have been much harder. The value of virtual communication is that it allows people who live far from each other to keep in touch, it facilitates and helps people…...
Comparison of Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton
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Pages • 5
In the history of the United States, Politics was always complicated. It is to be expected. After all, this was when the government was just starting to come into its own. As it started to grow, the country got more complicated. There were different people debating on how this country should be run. Some of these people were Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton. These founding fathers had many different opinions on political and economic philosophies as well as domestic and…...
Different Types of Mercantilism in 1800`s Society
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Pages • 6
Mercantilism was a huge part of the societies in the 1800’s. The trading of one good for another made a huge impact on the societies. The triangle slave trade is a good example of mercantilism. They would transfer slaves for sugar, and then go get rum, then repeat in a triangle. A lot of farming was happening during this time. Tobacco was a giant cash crop for the societies, and it was a huge part of slaves and indentured servants.…...
Adidas History
Words • 1804
Pages • 8
Adidas was founded in 1924 in Germany by two bothers Adi and Rudolf Dassler. The company was first named Dassler shoes and later became Adidas. By the Dassler shoes being seen in the Olympics this really helped the company get its name known. However, in 1948 Rudolf Dassler leaves to start his own company which is now known as Puma. Once Rudolf left his brother came up with the famous three stripes logo and changed the name to Adidas. The…...
Major Causes of the Great Depression
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Pages • 3
Introduction It all began, October 29th, 1929, the Stock Market come to a seizing halt and crisis began. America’s economy was sustaining itself on money that wasn’t there from the stock market and it finally broke them to the point, at what the time felt like, of no return. The Great Depression swept the country and very soon people started to lose everything. Margins, people not buying American goods, and overproduction were some of the major contributions to the Great…...
Al CaponeEconomyGovernment SurveillanceThe Great Depression
Macro Economic Factors Affecting the Video Game Console
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Pages • 5
Demographic Factors: Age is the main demographic factor affecting the market for video game consoles although common misconceptions are that the market is mainly comprised of teenagers. Recent Studies shows that the largest market sector of video game console purchases are teenagers or young adults. ESA demographic data shows that America's average game player's age is 34 and the average age of game purchasers is 40 (see article x) Generational factors play a big role in the market sector of…...
BusinessDemandEconomicsEconomyIntellectual PropertyVideo Game
Indian Economy: Overview, Market Size, Growth
Words • 2842
Pages • 12
India has emerged as one of the fastest growing major economies and is expected to be one of the top three economic powers of the world in a little over a decade. Over the years, India has slowly formed into an open market economy which has propelled it as an economic powerhouse. For starters, India is the second most populated country in the world with a little more than 1.3 billion people, which is a lot of potential customers looking…...
EconomyInternational BusinessOur Country India
The Impact of Illegal Immigration on U.S. Economy
Words • 1264
Pages • 6
The United States has always been perceived as the land of opportunity, a place where people can achieve prosperity and move up financially. People around the world have been attracted to that and would come here whether it was legally or illegally. People might of came to visit with a visa and overstayed their visit, came by boat, or crossed over. Both in the past and today, United States citizens have expressed concern that immigration lowers wages and that new…...
EconomyIllegal ImmigrationImmigrantsImmigration In The Us
The Problem of Price Regulation in Oligopolistic Markets
Words • 605
Pages • 3
​The main problem of the Oligopoly issue, is that there is only recognition of the market being taken over by a few large firms that are working together to dominate an entire industry. ​When an industry is taken over by a few large firms and has only few sellers, it is called an Oligopoly. These come about when the larger firms change their prices, quantities, and/or qualities of their product and the other larger firms react to those changes. These…...
The Oligopoly Market: Characteristics and Features
Words • 455
Pages • 2
OM is also the main market in structures. These kind of market very rare to find because info and data not available and it’s really hard to find. It actually need a huge amount of capital to start a new business. Therefore whoever enter to this kind of markets earning huge amount of profits and their products and competition really high. It drives them for innovation. Because of that they are having power to set a price for their products.…...
China as Traveling and Living Place
Words • 837
Pages • 4
In this essay I will be talking about china. But mostly I am going to be pointing to their economy, population, ecosystem, and food. First, I am going to be talking about their economy. China is growing three times the rate of the 19 euro nations. All of Asia's economy surpasses all of the Americas. China is one of the riches places in the world. China is an economic powerhouse and they cannot be touched by anyone. We are in…...
Government Intervention in Canada and the United States
Words • 715
Pages • 3
The 1920s were a time for major change in social and political factors in the United States. More Americans were living in big cities rather than farms, the nation’s wealth doubled and more throughout the decade, and nationwide advertising made it possible for companies to boom; thus, leading to a boost in the nation’s economy as well. For the younger generation (those that listened to the same music, did the same dance moves, and talked with the same slang language)…...
Impact of Brexit on UK Future
Words • 1071
Pages • 5
David Cameron, the man who will be formally recognized as prime minister of the UK from 2010-2016 and the face behind Brexit. For the 2015 election, Cameron based his campaign on the idea of a renegotiation amongst the UK and the EU relationship. Cameron also promised a referendum, whether the UK should leave the EU after the new negotiations have been established. Cameron was reelected as the Prime Minister of the UK for a second term, and the government was…...
Brexit: the Solution with the Potential Economic Impacts
Words • 1061
Pages • 5
Introduction British people had voted for a leave in the Brexit referendum back in 2016. As time pass by, now in 2018, the deadline of the EU withdrawal is about to come. The UK government is made clear that the country will be leaving EU on 29 March 2019. And by now, UK and EU were not reaching any agreements on the arrangements for the UK’s withdrawal from the EU. (House of Lords, 2017) The UK is facing a situation…...
Economy of Sex Industry: Prostitution
Words • 1195
Pages • 5
The economy is an area of ideas that represent the production, distribution, and trade of agencies throughout the world. The economy lists numbers according to the consumption of goods and services around the world. For example, the economy lists the stock market, unemployment levels, capitalism, and other major groupings. The economy is a broad word to describe the many things that affect inflation and economic growth like pollution, capitalism, and even prostitution. Prostitution is said to be the occupation or…...
Essentials of Accounting Finance and Economics
Words • 1525
Pages • 7
When it comes to Morgan Stanley (Stanley, 2017) their financial success comes from the great numbers that they manage. You have to understand that when numbers are being crunched up to visualize the revenue of a company/business everything has to line up correctly so that the math adds up and the numbers make sense regarding the gross percentage or even the EBIT percentage. This is how they benefit from making all this revenue add up correctly. The main reason is…...
CorporationEconomyFinanceGreece Economic Crisis
Economic Growth and Development
Words • 1575
Pages • 7
Demographic transition is the phasing-out process whereby population growth rates goes from a stable or slow growing population as a result of high birth rates and low death rate, to a stage characterized by modernization associated with better public health delivery, higher incomes, healthier diets among other along with a significant reduction in mortality rates and thus increased life expectancy and to a final stage where the influences of modernization and development caused a decline in fertility levels along with…...
EconomicsProductivity And Economic Growth
The Macroeconomic Flow in Social and Institutional Economics
Words • 1647
Pages • 7
Introduction Over the past centuries, the United States has incorporated the world economy intensely. The international transactions share in the US national economy has tripled over the past years. This is because the United States depends on the external economic developments of the country. Unlike other high income earning countries such as Japan who have thrived in the global competition than the United States. Further, the United States allows Capitalism whereby private individuals have control over the trade and business…...
EconomicsEconomyMicroeconomicsSocial Institution
Foundations of Modern Macroeconomics
Words • 502
Pages • 3
Macroeconomics is defined as the branch of economics that studies large-scale economic phenomena, particularly inflation, unemployment, and economic growth. The prefix macro means large, indicates that it has something to do with the larger side of economics. The main problems in macroeconomics include unemployment causes, inflation, and the living standards changes. Many people think Macroeconomics and Microeconomics are separate, but they are really not. Macroeconomics phenomena inflation represents the results of millions of choices about the goods and services prices.…...
EconomyMicroeconomicsProductivity And Economic Growth
What Is Economic Recession and How Does it Happen?
Words • 2137
Pages • 9
The Great Recession of 2008 had a lot of people questioning what a recession was—and why it happened in the first place. History provides invaluable lessons to economists who study upturns and downturns, but it is also important for the average citizen to understand how consumer behavior may impact markets, especially those that end up in a significant decline. What Is a Recession? A recession is a slow down or contraction of the economy over a business cycle. The period…...
Economic RecessionEconomyFeature Of Economic Recession
Unemployment and Economic Issue of Cyprus
Words • 694
Pages • 3
There have some economic issue has occurred in Cyprus. By Stock Watch article, unemployment rate of Cyprus had decreases to 7.6% on fourth quarter of 2018 compare with 7.8% unemployment in third quarter. According to Labor Forces Survey was done by Statistical Service of Cyprus, total labor force was amount 440,765 people or 62.5% in 2018 compare with total labor force which about 428,291 people or 61.6% in 2017. Moreover, total number of employee person was 407,382 people or 57.8%…...
Achievements and Challenges in the Process of Economic Development of Bihar
Words • 1533
Pages • 7
Bihar is the twelfth biggest and the third most populous state in India, right behind the states of Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra. It is widely considered to be the least developed states in terms of economy and sociology by most social scientists and economists. For instance, according to the 2011 Census, it was found that 89% of the state's population lived in rural areas and that it has the second-lowest urbanization rate in India. According to the Annual Report of…...
GovernmentIndian Science Achievements And ChallengesProductivity And Economic Growth
Overview of Macroeconomics Theories
Words • 703
Pages • 3
Throughout macroeconomics 202 I came across many different macroeconomic theories that I found intriguing an interesting on how our economy is running. Especially the climate in the political stigma with a lot of misinformation is important for me to know the actual facts. So, when I'm reading something that it has a substantial base of correct information. Majority of media outlets and other sources that report the news to want the most clicks but not the relative information that is…...
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What Is Economic Recession and How Does it Happen?
...In 1998, however, the Japanese economy hit the Zero Lower Bound following the collapse of their stock and real estate markets. The Japanese economy become ensnared in a liquidity trap. The Bank of Japan, Japan’s equivalent of the Fed, attempted to ...

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