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Rise in Consumer Sophistication
Words • 534
Pages • 2
Research suggests that by 2020, the income of more than half of China's urban households, calculated on a purchasing- power-parity basis, will catapult them into the upper middle class, a category that barely existed in China previously. The members of this group already demand innovative products that require engineering and manufacturing capabilities many local producers do not yet adequately possess. An executive of a Chinese television-panel maker, for example, recently confessed that his company cannot fully meet the requirements of…...
BusinessBusiness ManagementEventFinanceFive Year PlanIndustrial Revolution
Stalin’s Economic Policies
Words • 1950
Pages • 8
Stalin’s economic policies consisted mainly of two factors, Collectivisation and the Five Year Plans. Stalin’s economic policies were definitely a success to some extent, especially when referring to the increase in production and number of workers that were free to move to industry due to collectivisation. These were two of Stalin’s main aims, therefore economically and politically his policies were highly successful. However when judging the extent of this success we must consider the huge social suffering that was caused…...
EconomicsFive Year PlanJoseph StalinRussia
Second five year plan in 1958 by Mao Zedong
Words • 1078
Pages • 4
China is a gigantic country and historians can study and trace their civilisations as far back as five thousand years ago. The Manchu emperors had ruled China since 1644. At the end of the nineteenth century and leading up to the twentieth century the emperor of China, Guangxu, was dominated by his aunt, the empress Ci xii. For forty years she ruled for her nephew. China entered the twentieth century on a wave of reactionary terror, as the loose affiliation…...
Five Year Plan
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PUMA Marketing
Words • 729
Pages • 3
Executive Summary The multi-billion global sportswear industry is a highly competitive sector that is continually evolving. Two of the largest players in this industry are Nike Co., which holds 37% market share, and PUMA with 7% market share. Objectives To support its growth target to $23 billion by 2011, Nike intends to expand its market penetration in India, China, Brazil, and other emerging economies. To achieve this end, the company plans to create brands that are tailored-fit to different markets.…...
Five Year PlanMarketingMicroeconomics
First Five Year Plan
Words • 1283
Pages • 5
How far did the first five year plan differ from the second and third five year plans? The first five year plan of1928-32 was created by Stalin for the ideological reason of rapid industrialisation and to boost the Russian economy to catch up with and protect from western cultures. While the second plan of 1933-37 and third year plan of 1938-41 stayed the more or less the same in their social outcomes and success/failures and their poor implementation but differed…...
Five Year PlanPolitics
India’s First Five Year Plan
Words • 589
Pages • 3
At the time of India’s first Five Year Plan, the government focused primarily on the agriculture sector. A large part of capital and technology was devoted to increasing agricultural production. This was effective at the time and is now referred to as the green revolution. The success of this plan convinced the Indian Planning Commission to shift their strategy. The NM strategy drew inspiration from the USSR and suddenly focused on rapid industrialisation in the second Five Year Plan rather…...
Five Year PlanIndia
What Impact Did Stalin’s First Five Year Plan Have on the Economy and People of the Soviet Union?
Words • 703
Pages • 3
In 1928, Joseph Stalin developed his first plan that concentrated on the development of the Soviet Union in the global economic spectrum. Stalin proposed that electricity, coal, and iron production need be increased significantly in the following five years in order to compete with capitalist countries. This investigation will analyze the significance of Stalin’s first Five Year Plan in boosting the economy of the Soviet Union. The effects of his plan can be investigated through sources such as Stalin’s 1933…...
Five Year PlanJoseph StalinPeopleRussian Revolution
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What Impact Did Stalin’s First Five Year Plan Have on the Economy and People of the Soviet Union?
...Although Stalin’s plan was successful in increasing several industries immensely, he did not reach his ultimate goal. Stalin originally ordered a 200% increase in iron production and 335% increase in electrical power, which were unrealistic goals f...

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