Should University Education Be Made Compulsory? Essay

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Should University Education Be Made Compulsory?

Competitions exist in every modern city. It is of no doubt that you will have a better working environment if you have a university degree. Those, who are only graduated from high-schools, are more likely to be employed as industrial workers or to be doing some manual jobs. That is how the real world works. If the government forces all high-school graduates to go to university, inequality is then caused to the ones who have the real ability to enter university. Therefore, university education should not be compulsory to all students.

Not every student is eager to go to university as some students lack the learning incentive and are more interested in earning money by going to work. Extra burden is put on their shoulders because they do not have the interests and ability in learning. Besides, the government has to access huge assets to provide financial subsidies to all poor students who cannot afford the expensive university tuition fees in Hong Kong.

Of course, many people still want to study at university. Making university education compulsory seems to be a good idea. However, that is not true. If all people get a university degree and work in an office, then who will work for the industries or restaurants? The society may be messed up. The only solution is to raise the job requirement because everyone holds a university degree. As a result, only the ones who are graduated from overseas universities, have a master degree, or even have a doctor degree can work in an office. But it does not make sense at all. Does that mean that those who have the talent and potential and are graduated from local universities do not deserve to get a better job.

In fact, making university education compulsory is a waste of time and money. As we know, not all students have the ability to enter university. The universities may have to adjust the admission requirement to cater for the needs of all students in Hong Kong. Then, a university degree no longer represents a high standard of education. It seems to be a paper near your feet that everyone can easily get it. It is useless.

In conclusion, making university education compulsory is not fair to all students as different students are good at different fields. Going to university is not the only choice. More importantly, our society needs a balanced proportion of blue-tie workers and while-tie workers. Although it is cruel to some students, that is how the world works.

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