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How to Write San Francisco University Essay

A university application letter requires more than just writing. The applicant needs to have the required skill and knowledge and, of course, a unique essay. Our platforms have multiple University of San Francisco essay samples that will guide you into writing yours.

We also have skilled writers on deck for an amazing essay. However, we have put together some tips that will guide you in writing a well-structured essay for your application.

Be intentional about your essay

Your essay should not be written just because you have to write it. It should be written because you want It written. You cannot hide your well-formed intentions away from your reader. You should be clear on what you want to write.

You can decide to give it some thought before attempting and map out a clear structure of what you want to write about. You should have a clear direction on what you want to write about. Your intention about your essay makes it stand out amongst the thousands of applications that come with yours.

Writing a rough sketch of your intended essay will help you streamline it and get to a good point. However, you can write more than one first draft, compare them together and choose which would make a great application essay.

Let Your Essay Answer Specific Questions

Students are mostly confused about how to answer questions that come with their essays. However, it is as simple as it gets. You only have to give a clear and simple answer. Avoid generic and robotic answers. The admission officers don’t want another generic answer that they’ve read in several other applications.

Giving personal replies to the questions make your application stand out among many others. Your institution wants to know more about you, who you are, and what you seek to achieve. Tell them what you can do or notable things you have done in the year.

Identify with the Jesuit Culture

The Jesuit culture at San Francisco University has been since its creation. The tradition is upheld from one generation to another, and as an applicant of the university, you must be aware of this and reflect it in your essay.

This lets them know that you are well invested in your research about the school. You should also know that your program in the school will revolve around the already established Jesuit tradition. You can then write about your knowledge of the Jesuit program and your will to volunteer and partake in giving back to the community you now find yourself in.

What Are University of San Francisco Supplemental Essay Topics?

There are several supplementary essay topics you can choose to write on. The most basic thing is to follow the tips we have provided. Also, the most important of it all is to answer the basic question that the essay requires.

Q: “Why Did I Choose the University?”

As simple as that sounds, you need to be careful not to sound so mechanical. While, this essay question asks you to write about what makes the university special out of the hundreds of universities you could choose from. You should answer this question with utmost sincerity. Make your answer personal and relatable. Tell the story that revolves around your decision to choose the university. Also, your research should be evident in your essay.

Aside from the number in ranking they have, what else interests you in the university. Pointing out your interest in the school’s clubs, extracurricular activities, research, classes, and programs they offer will let them realize that you have done your part of the research on the school. You can also have your research done on the people who are alumni of the university and how the projects they have done have impacted your choice of the university. Most importantly, how you want to continue the project from where they have stopped.

An essay on your impact on your immediate community. The University of San Francisco holds the Jesuit culture up high. This culture revolves mainly around the university’s impact on the immediate community. Your essay on what you can do to continue this undying culture is a plus to your application. However, several applicants will also write their essays on the Jesuit program. However, your unique and different project on giving back to the community ranks your application higher.

For better knowledge, you can have your research based on the San Francisco communities, what is lacking, and how you can step in. Nevertheless, your giving back project may be more humanitarian than materialistic. Make emphasis on education, social justice, and all that Jesuit stands for. But finding this need is the most important thing. Also, you can decide to complete projects that are not completed.

Q: In case of a humanitarian crisis, how will you use your knowledge in your course of study to help get the community back in shape?

This essay question takes us back to the foundation of the university. Never forget to make the school’s mission and values clear in your essay. Note that the school centers itself around humanitarian matters, and most of the courses offered are required to take on research on how the world can be a better place. And to start with the world, you can start with your immediate community.

You can give instances of humanitarian help that came to your community when you needed it the most, how it shaped your community and how it affected you also. Then, emphasize that you want to return the favor to whomever you can; however you can.

University of San Francisco (USF) Admission Requirements

The University of San Francisco holds a top position in universities in America and the world. It is one of the most sought-after universities in the world, and its admission process is as tough as you can imagine.

However, the admission process is not something you cannot crack. So far, you have written a great essay and have the requirements for the university; you are food to go. Here is a look at the straightforward and uncomplicated admission process of the University of San Francisco.

For Undergraduate Application

Pick up an undergraduate application form on the university’s website. Create an account on the Common App portal to start your registration at the University of San Francisco.

  1. Submit Official Transcripts: You must submit your official high school transcripts and your secondary school testimonial. These will be submitted by your school’s counselor.
  2. Submit Essays: You must write an essay that answers an important question about your application to the university. This essay lets the university know more about you and your school choice.
  3. Submit Standardized Scores: Applicants can use the ACT or SAT examination score for admission. Anyone you choose to use, make sure that you score up to the required grade for admission.
  4. Submit a Letter of Recommendation: Students must submit a letter of recommendation. This is an endorsement letter from a high school teacher who teaches a course related to the program they are applying for at the university.
  5. Submit Supplemental Documents: The applicants are required to submit program-specific documents.
  6. Submit Application Fee: At the end of the registration, an application fee of $70 is required to be paid. This application fee is non-refundable. However, students who meet the benchmarks for financially weak applicants can request a fee waiver.

For Graduate Application

Applications to the University of San Francisco are based on each department. The GPA required is decided by the department your program falls in. However, students are to inquire about this and know what their courses require.

About the University

The University of San Francisco is a private institution whose legacy precedes it. Its history as a private institution since 1855 forms the foundation upon which it is now being built. To date, the University of San Francisco has close to six thousand undergraduate enrollment in a year. It has a land mass of about 55 acres and a modern university setting.

Although the university was established in the 19th century, the management takes it through regular innovations and generations. Its academic calendar is semester-based, and students must pay up to $53,472 per year. The University of San Francisco ranks a hundred and third among the best national universities, 2022 edition.

San Francisco University is well known for its Jesuit mission, one of the prominent foundations on which the university is built. The institution is based in California’s Bay Area, and its Jesuit mission is emphasized in every program the university offers.

Students of the University of San Francisco take compulsory service-learning courses alongside the academic coursework and complimentary volunteer work in San Francisco. The university has a long history of serving the community. This includes getting along with local organizations and other international volunteer groups. The university also invests greatly in the school’s research centers and institutes.

The university provides live-in housing for more than ninety percent of fresh students. It also provides for about a hundred curricular and extracurricular clubs, sports, and organizations on campus. Students are also liable to create new clubs and organizations with the institution’s permission.


The University of San Francisco is among the top 100 universities in the United States. USF is relatively selective and has a 65% acceptance rate, making it competitive and difficult to get accepted. Therefore, your student application essay need not be just like the rest. What gives you an edge over the thousands of applicants is your unique way of essay writing. Your essay broadens your personality. It reflects the side of you that your application form couldn’t ask.

The school enrols over five thousand undergraduates from different parts of the world, with a live-in facility for all freshmen. The school’s Jesuit tradition is highly prestigious, and students are expected to follow suit.

Due to this great reputation, students with low or no writing skills can turn to us for an excellent supplemental essay. We deliver within hours of our contact with pocket-budgeted prices. We help you with your essays and let you focus on the other parts of your application.

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